Dec. 26

We as a Community must step up once again if we can?


Our ever pop­u­lar fel­low Cool­Canucks mem­ber nuts4purses (Lisa Brig­nall) had the worst Christ­mas today that any­one could ask for!
Her mother passed away on Christ­mas Day 2010 unexpectedly!

It is so sad and unex­pected, and on Christ­mas day of all days…

Lisa won’t be around much obvi­ously, but if we can all pool together a give just a few bucks, we can send this money to her to cover food, flow­ers, whatever.

Please pm me if you can help out? This is very impor­tant. I know it’s a bad time to ask any­one for any­thing — but even a toonie will help from each of you!

I feel this is nec­es­sary, and if you can con­tribute just a lit­tle for our Cool­Canucks fam­ily, you would make all the dif­fer­ence in the world in help­ing Lisa out dur­ing this sad and deves­tat­ing time in her life!!

I will ask that you send what­ever you can to me and I will put it all together and send it express to her once we have gath­ered it.

No one is oblig­ated by all means — but if you would con­sider donat­ing just a lit­tle, then please pm me for my address, etc.

Thanks and hugs again!
Heather (rox­xy­roller)


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