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Sears Canada Certified Real Estate Services ~ Help take the edge off the recent increase in taxes!

Friday, July 30th, 2010


With HST now fully put into action by the gov­ern­ment, one of the things that is get­ting a lot more expen­sive is real estate. All the ser­vices involved with buy­ing or sell­ing a home are now more expen­sive.
Con­sider this!  Sears is offer­ing a real estate pro­gram that can really help take the edge off the recent increase in taxes – Sears Cer­ti­fied Real Estate Ser­vices.  This pro­gram is a refer­ral ser­vice that con­nects you with qual­ity Real­tors and allows you to earn thou­sands of dol­lars in Sears Gift Cards (at no cost to you)!
Here’s how the pro­gram works: you sign up on line or by phone, and if you’re ready to start.  You will be intro­duced to a Real­tor before you know it.  These Real­tors are from brand bro­ker­ages, such as, RE/MAX, Sut­ton Group, Royal LeP­age, etc.  The Real­tor will help you with any ser­vices you would need in the buy­ing or sell­ing of your home, and after the prop­erty closes, you receive 0.6% of the property’s value back in Sears Gift Cards. This 0.6% is a lot of money for some­thing you are going to do any­ways – for exam­ple a pur­chase price of $400,000, you will receive $2,400 in Gift Cards!
After all the expenses of mov­ing, the Sears Gift Cards can cer­tainly come in handy.  It can help replace those old appli­ances or buy some­thing spe­cial you always want to make your new house a home!  Not only do you get Sears Gift Cards, you will also receive a Home Sav­ing Book­let that gives you more sav­ings on pur­chases through­out the home!  The only catch is that you need to use their selected Real­tor to buy or sell. 
Take advan­tage of this offer­ing, it will help reduce the impact of the HST!  What are you wait­ing for, check out their web­site, have some fun on the calculator!


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