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Canadian Coupon ~ Canada ~ Save $2.00 OFF when you buy 3 Maybelline Nail Polish

Monday, April 30th, 2012


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CoolCanucks Review of Dr.‘s REMEDY® new 2011 Holiday Nail Polish Collection!

Thursday, December 8th, 2011




Who doesn’t love pretty painted and man­i­cured fin­ger­nails? Your fin­ger­nails are viewed by numer­ous peo­ple daily while out in pub­lic places, and main­tain­ing them reg­u­larly is an absolute must!

Whether you are work­ing in a pub­lic sec­tor, or even a stay at home mother, sport­ing beau­ti­ful nails makes one feel so good! When they a nicely painted by n awe­some nail colour, it makes one feel that much more sexy!

I was beyond pleased when I finally found the best nail pol­ish out there today, and it is called Dr.‘s REMEDY® !



Based in Brook­lyn, New York, Dr.‘s REMEDY® is a line of doctor-inspired cos­met­ics that are aimed to please every­one! With a very exten­sive lineup of nail prod­ucts such as nail pol­ish, nail pol­ish remover, and nail treat­ments, you will never run short of high qual­ity cos­met­ics with every colour imaginable!!




“Why should your nail pol­ish be Enriched?
Health­ier look­ing, Stronger look­ing, more beau­ti­ful nails… It’s that simple.

Dr.‘s REMEDY® Enriched Nail Pol­ish is the only over the counter enriched pol­ish, cre­ated by doc­tors, designed to be free from harm­ful toxins.

Use Dr.‘s REMEDY®

•As a health­ier alter­na­tive to com­mer­cial nail pol­ish
•If you suf­fer from:
•nail fun­gus
•brit­tle, dis­col­ored nails
•have an allergy to chem­i­cals in com­mer­cial nail pol­ish
•are preg­nant
Dr.‘s REMEDY® is also great for kids!

Dr.‘s REMEDY® is Nat­u­rally Unique:
Free from tox­ins found in most com­mer­cial nail pol­ish
( DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde)

Devel­oped by Doctors



The very kind and gen­er­ous folks over at Dr.‘s REMEDY® sent me their new and very siz­zling 2011 hol­i­day colour col­lec­tion called Jolly & Joy and it is def­i­nitely amaz­ing! This col­lec­tion includes:


♥Revive Ruby Red

♥Pas­sion Purple

♥Essen­tial Emerald

♥Serene Sil­ver Glitter

♥Res­o­lu­tion Red Glitter


Sea­sonal shades to enchant, inspire, and ignite!



This nailpol­ish rocks!

The pol­ishes are enriched with nat­ural ingre­di­ents like tea tree oil, gar­lic bulb extract and wheat pro­tein. These sub­stances are nat­u­rally occur­ring, antibac­te­r­ial and health­ier for nails. The bril­liant idea for the line came about when the co-creator’s wife became preg­nant, sim­ply read more about it here.


You can pur­chase these awe­some nail pol­ishes and other excel­lent nail prod­ucts on their web­site, and these items are all rea­son­ably priced! Get a salon look at home, with­out the high salon prices!


You can ‘like’ the Dr.‘s REMEDY® Face­book page and/or fol­low them on twit­ter to keep up with all of the lat­est colours, hap­pen­ings, and promos!


Thanks again to Dr.‘s REMEDY® for let­ting me review their phe­nom­e­nal products!!








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CoolCanucks Review of Milani Cosmetics!!

Sunday, July 4th, 2010



I have been look­ing for Milani Cos­met­ics for so long. Beauty blogs from the US men­tion the brand often enough that it landed on my much-wanted list. The thing is I couldn’t find a store around here that sells them in Ontario! I decided to write them, and they agreed to a review here at Cool­Canucks which got me so excited!!

Cana­dian beau­ties are yearn­ing for Milani Cos­met­ics all over the map! Word has it that this year you will be able to find Milani Cos­met­ics at your local Sears, Loblaw Super­store, and Law­tons Drugs! (If any­one spots them, please let me know!!)


Milani Cos­met­ics has some really great stuff. Every­thing I’ve tried is super pig­mented, from their famous eye­shad­ows to their phe­nom­e­nal lipsticks.


Since 2001 Milani has been spe­cial­iz­ing in cos­metic col­lec­tions designed to work with all skin tones and pig­ments.  They are known for more intense color, higher lev­els of pig­ments as well as state of the art tech­nol­ogy & research.  Milani has defined “afford­able lux­ury”, because they believe that all women should be able to expe­ri­ence luxe lip­sticks, spec­tac­u­lar shad­ows, fab­u­lous foun­da­tions, mag­nif­i­cent mas­caras, per­fect pol­ishes and excep­tional eyeliners!


Milani Cos­met­ics sent me some amaz­ing cos­met­ics to review in my favorite stun­ning colours! I was blessed to review 2 of their 3D Glitzy Glam­our Glosses both in pink shades. One is called “40 Starshine” and the other is “39 Fash­ion Diva”. So many com­pli­ments come my way when wear­ing both of these shades, I love them sooooooooo much!! These glosses glide on smoothly and defi­nately do not feel heavy or ‘goopy’ like a lot of other glosses do!

I was also blessed to be able to review 2 of their won­der­ful Black Magic Liner & Eye Glim­mer — one in the colour “01 Black­ened Ster­ling” and “02 Black­ened Blue”. More amaz­ing prod­ucts from Milani — these rock!! They glide on smoothly and evenly. These liners/eye glim­mers amazed me and my girl­friends were ask­ing where I got them!

Lastly, I got to review the Milani HD Advanced Con­cealer! Just click, cover, cor­rect and pro­tect eye and face! This pro­vides per­fect cov­er­age for flaws and imperfections!

“HD Advance Con­cealer click pen cov­ers imper­fec­tions, dark cir­cles, with a weight­less, good-for-your-skin liq­uid for­mula that leaves a nat­ural fin­ish as it bright­ens with a soft focus for flaw­less skin.”


Be sure to fol­low @milanimakeup on twit­ter to keep up on all of the lat­est cosmetics!

I give Milani Cos­met­ics a huge thumbs up and rec­om­mend them to all of my gor­geous Cool­Canucks Diva’s out there!

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