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The Importance of Supporting Local Music

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012




As many of you know, I am a huge fan of sup­port­ing any­thing Cana­dian.  Whether it’s Cana­dian busi­nesses, Cana­dian Actors/Actresses, Cana­dian Sports, Cana­dian made prod­ucts, or even Cana­dian Music, y’all know I am totally all for it.

You also know that I am a huge sup­porter of our friends on the other side of the bor­der as well mind you, as through my many reviews and give­aways, I have made an enor­mous amount of friends from com­pa­nies that sup­port Cool­Canucks from all over the world!





The Impor­tance of Sup­port­ing Local Music is an often spo­ken phrase that, to many fans and read­ers of this site, needs no expla­na­tion. The rea­sons for Sup­port­ing Local Music are instantly and painfully obvi­ous. But increas­ingly, the rel­e­vance of live kick­ass music is often ignored, and real music from amaz­ing breath­ing artists is dropped entirely in favor of much cheaper karaoke machines, DJs, and Juke Boxes which really is sad. The most excel­lent local tal­ented musi­cians are dropped in favor of machines. This makes me irate to be honest.





By fully under­stand­ing why peo­ple should con­tinue to patron­ize live local music at it’s core, the energy of a live show needs to be felt. All bands and artists pour all of their hearts and power into their live per­for­mances, and while the crowd is feed­ing off of that energy, the band is in turn feed­ing off of the crowd’s. As those that have been able to expe­ri­ence that cir­cle of ener­getic free­dom can attest; there is hon­estly noth­ing quite like it. Stand­ing in front of say Ozzy Osbourne after the 1981 release of his 2nd solo album Diary of a Mad­man, he bites the head off of a bat while the mas­sive music hun­gry crowd yearns for more, or lis­ten­ing to the awe­some gui­tar solo’s by Eddie Van Halen live is an unfor­get­table expe­ri­ence. The magic of live per­for­mances, while pos­si­ble to wran­gle onto a record, is much like cap­tur­ing mys­ti­fy­ing light­ning in a bottle!!





In mak­ing the deci­sion to see local live music, patrons are sup­port­ing both their local econ­omy and, often times, their local arts. Mak­ing the trip to a venue to see an artist or band play is telling that venue, and that artist, that you care about qual­ity in music. Com­ing to see an artist is sup­port, as well as necessary!

A friend of mine, Lor­rie Bolduc, is part of our local music scene and her tal­ent is absolutely amaz­ing! She is a 100% Cana­dian made musi­cian, and is from right here in Sault Ste. Marie, a smaller North­ern Ontario city with a pop­u­la­tion of approx­i­mately 75,000. Much like Sha­nia Twain who is from another North­ern Ontario city called Tim­mins and made it into the spot­light through tremen­dous sup­port through her local fam­ily and friends, Lor­rie Bolduc is also an absolutely tal­ented musi­cian who is on her very way of mak­ing it big! 

Play­ing in a local band called “Obses­sion” for quite some time, Lor­rie was con­tin­u­ously land­ing gigs all over this city and has played in many of our pop­u­lar bars and as well as at many hap­pen­ing venues that draws in huge crowds. Musi­cians are a healthy part of local economies. When we sup­port them, we are sup­port­ing a count­less num­ber of busi­ness own­ers and employ­ees: the local bars and venues, the screen print­ing com­pa­nies, the record labels, the record stores, etc.
Why would a band play in front of oth­ers, if not to enter­tain them? Those peo­ple are work­ing for your plea­sure. The least you can do is show up and have a good time and per­haps pur­chase some of their awe­some mer­chadise such as t-shirts or their very own awe­some CD’s!!

A lit­tle about Lor­rie: Info about me? Hmm, I love writ­ing, singing, play­ing music. I wake up at night to write lyrics down.  No mat­ter what I get to do in this life, hope it always has music in it.”

Lor­rie has been trav­el­ling back and forth from her home­town here in Sault Ste. Marie, to Nashville, Ten­nessee and has been Record­ing at High Demand Pro­duc­tion Studio.

Here is an uncut ver­sion and a small bit of video clip of the song enti­tled “Iron Cow­boy” both writ­ten and sang by Lor­rie Bolduc. She also plays the acoustic gui­tar here.

It was Pro­duced and engi­neered in Nashville TN, at High Demand Pro­duc­tion Studios:



Lor­rie Lynn Bolduc might seem like a star when on stage, but the real­ity is that she puts her pants on the very same way as you and I. Musi­cians are peo­ple just like you, and that means that they go through the same exact finan­cial trou­bles as you or I. When you pur­chase a t-shirt or CD, this helps her con­tinue pur­su­ing her musi­cal pas­sion, which in turn, ben­e­fits you because she is pro­duc­ing music for your entertainment.

The only obvi­ous solu­tion to me in my per­sonal opin­ion is for more peo­ple and ser­vices to take a chance and do so much more to pro­mote local music. Go see local bands. Buy and lis­ten to local music. You’ll feel a bet­ter sense of belong­ing to your very own com­mu­nity. You will also be sup­port­ing the local econ­omy. You’ll feel pride in sup­port­ing local artists. Plus, see­ing a local act is gen­er­ally cheaper than going to a nation­ally tour­ing show.

It takes time to change mind­sets, but if more and more peo­ple keep push­ing in the same direc­tion on this, we can def­i­nitely make change happen.




More about Mizz Lorrie:




Lor­rie Lynn Bolduc:
“Born and raised in a small North­ern Ontario town, Sault Ste Marie. A singer/songwriter and rhythm gui­tarist. Lorrie’s ear­li­est influ­ences came from her Grandpa Jule as he picked his gui­tar and sang songs from coun­try leg­ends, Hank William Sr, Fer­lin Husky, Hank Snow and many oth­ers. Although these weren’t the “COOL” songs or artists amongst Lor­ries friends as a kid, she says it didn’t bother her…Old Coun­try was her roots and she was and is PROUD of that. The song ” Im So Lone­some I Could Cry” by Hank Williams Sr. was the first song Lor­rie learned how to play on gui­tar, and she says is the dear­est song to her heart, still makes her cry. Music was a big part of Lor­rie and her fam­i­lies lives, as her par­ents, grand­par­ents, uncles and aun­ties (many of which are musi­cians too) sprin­kled her with a vari­ety of music from coun­try to folk to rock­N­roll and blues.
In Lorrie’s words,” Music needs soul” and she por­trays and presents this with every song she writes or sings. She has front­lined a local band “Obses­sion” for the past sev­eral years, throw­ing her heart, soul and pas­sion for music into every gig.
Now she has ven­tured out pur­su­ing her own dreams as a solo artist. Hav­ing just recently com­pleted her first CD in NASHVILLE TN  with the won­der­ful help and hard work of HIGH DEMAND STUDIO.
A com­pi­la­tion of 10 songs…all lyrics and melodies writ­ten by LORRIE her­self. Although all 10 songs orig­i­naly started in the stu­dio in Nashville, only  8 of the songs were com­pletely fin­ished there. They were produced/engineered in NASHVILLE TN at HIGH DEMAND STUDIOS by the Accom­plished Mr. Jason Mapes and the 2 other remain­ing songs which wer­ent fin­ished are being taken care of by DOO WHITE of THE GLASS POETS LYRICISTS  in SACRAMENTO CA. A big thanks to Mr Doug White. With his help we have been able to add these other two songs of Lor­ries, to the CD. Mak­ing for a great mix of sounds for every­one.
Lorrie’s own words sums it up, ” I have songs in me, I dream music, I wake up at night and write down lyrics. I feel in my heart that I have to keep writ­ing and per­form­ing as long as any­one will lis­ten. Smil­ing, happy and mov­ing for­ward — BRING ON THE MUSIC.”




Many would say that her music resem­bles that of Josh Stone, Bon­nie Riatt, Ste­vie Nicks, Pink ♫, and Ste­vie Nicks.






Hear all of Lorrie’s fan­tas­tic tunes at Reverb­na­tion, where they can also be pur­chased for only 0.99 cents per song!!


1. I Dont Care About You

2. String On My Guitar

3. The Way You Are

4. The Bottle

5. Alone

6. Iron Cowboy

7. Sing Me A Song

8. Any­way

9. High Road — orig­i­nal version





So the bot­tom line? Local music is what becomes big music. Every famous per­form­ing artist in the world started out as a local artist, per­form­ing in clubs and cof­fee houses.

Local per­form­ing artists become inter­na­tional per­form­ing artists with the help of their fans.

Local music can help sup­port tourism and raise money for cities, coun­ties, and townships.

Local music isn’t always ama­teur or less pro­fes­sional than larger media.

Local music is just gen­er­ally more fun!


Be sure to ‘like’ Lor­rie Lynn Bolduc’s Face­book Fan Page for all of her newest songs, venues, tours, and so forth! You won’t be dis­ap­pointed, that’s for sure!!






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