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CoolCanucks Blog Contest ~ Violight Zapi ToothBrush Sanitizer Review & Giveaway!!

Saturday, March 3rd, 2012



Did you know that the #1 tool most peo­ple use for clean­ing bac­te­ria from their teeth, gums, and mouth, {the mighty tooth­brush} already con­tains mil­lions, pos­si­bly tril­lions, of bac­te­ria? It makes me shut­ter at the thought!

There are many ways these bac­te­ria can eas­ily latch on to tooth­brushes:  Some of the eas­i­est ways are of sse from an infected user, spray from a flush­ing toi­let, a damp envi­ron­ment that allows the bac­te­ria to breed and grow, and just a gen­eral lack of over­sight.  Think about it for a moment; would you leave your eat­ing uten­sils in the bath­room, use them over and over again, and never wash them? UGH, Disgusting!!



The Zapi Tooth­brush San­i­tizer uses UV light to elim­i­nate 99.9% of germs and bac­te­ria (mak­ing us feel 100% bet­ter about brush­ing). These are super easy to use: You tap out the excess water from your tooth­brush, put it into the ZAPI, press the but­ton, UV light is acti­vated, the unit will auto shut­off in about 6 min­utes.
The tooth­brush remains in the san­i­tizer until the next time you brush.


The extreme ben­e­fits of the Vio­light Zapi Tooth­Brush San­i­tizer are:


♥Uses ger­mi­ci­dal UV Light technology

♥Kills germs by destroy­ing the DNA in bacteria

♥Works with both man­ual and elec­tric heads

♥Dou­bles as a san­i­tizer and a tooth­brush holder

Elim­i­nates E.coli, sal­mo­nella, strep, pseudomonas, H1N1, and other harm­ful microorganisms




“Bac­te­ria are intro­duced into your tooth­brush in many ways. Some come from your own mouth, oth­ers are air­borne, and still more sail to your brush on water droplets launched form the toi­let when you flush. How­ever they get there, you can bet that once they’ve found your tooth­brush, the germs are there to stay.

If left unchecked these bac­te­ria will mul­ti­ply, fill­ing your brush with colony after colony of poten­tially dis­ease caus­ing germs. By the time you are ready to toss out your brush you could be putting thou­sands, if not mil­lions, of bac­te­ria in your mouth every time you brush.

Vio­light san­i­tiz­ers use the same ultra­vi­o­let tech­nol­ogy found in hos­pi­tals and high-end water purifi­ca­tion sys­tems to hit the germs where they live—in your tooth­brush. The UV rays pen­e­trate areas that you sim­ply can’t reach when run­ning your brush under the tap, then safely and effec­tively oblit­er­ate up to 99.9% of disease-causing germs.

You could dis­in­fect all the brushes in your house by hand after every use, but that takes time. You could put your brushes in the dish­washer, and spend even more time wait­ing for clean, san­i­tized bris­tles. Or, you could sim­ply use Violight.”




Vio­light Zapi Tooth­Brush San­i­tiz­ers are avail­able to pur­chase (very inex­pen­sively) at the Vio­light Inc. web­site! They are also avail­able in all sorts of awe­some designs and colours which is awesome!

I was excited to be able to review one here at home, and they rock!!



Watch this video to learn more about what is on your toothbrush:


Pretty gross, isn’t it? That right there is a darn good rea­son to pur­chase a Vio­light Zapi Tooth­Brush San­i­tizer now both for your­self, as well as your entire fam­ily! I know that I will!!


♥→I received prod­uct for review.  The opin­ions within this post are of my own and I was not influ­enced in any way.  Please do your own research before pur­chas­ing prod­ucts.  Your opin­ions and results may dif­fer than mine.←♥


Buy It!! Avail­able online at Vio­light

Win It!! Enter my sweep­stakes give­away below for a chance to win this exact same Zapi Tooth­Brush San­i­tizer that I was sent to review! Open to Cana­dian and US residents.


How to enter: All entries must be sub­mit­ted using the Raf­fle­copter form below. After you com­plete the easy manda­tory entry, you can do as many bonus entries as you’d like to increase your chances of win­ning. I will be check­ing for dupli­cate entries to make sure it’s fair, and no cheat­ing will be tolerated!

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