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Think Outside the Bucket with the New Family Dinner Box From KFC Canada

Monday, March 19th, 2012



The Colonel is think­ing out­side the bucket with the new Fam­ily Din­ner Box from KFC.

It’s the first time in 50 years, the chain has intro­duced a new family-style package.





The Hottest Din­ner Tote This Sea­son: KFC Canada Fam­ily Din­ner Box

A Deli­cious and Con­ve­nient Alter­na­tive to the Iconic Bucket



Get a han­dle on din­ner with KFC Canada.  For the first time in more than 50 years, the Colonel is offer­ing an alter­na­tive to KFC’s world famous bucket ¾ a styl­ish, easy-grip din­ner box that serves four.






The new KFC Fam­ily Din­ner Box arrives in stores on March 19, 2012 — and caters to the whole family’s taste buds. Now, KFC Canada fans can pick and choose from an array of sig­na­ture sand­wiches and wraps, famous Orig­i­nal Recipe chicken, Mini Breast Fil­lets and an assort­ment of sides to cre­ate four cus­tomized meals all in one box! As an added bonus, the KFC Canada Fam­ily Din­ner Box is com­pact, easy to carry, and includes free pop­corn chicken for sharing.


End­less Pos­si­bil­i­ties in One Box

“Our new KFC Fam­ily Din­ner Box is all about offer­ing vari­ety to fam­i­lies,” says Tatiana Car­ras­cal, Senior Mar­ket­ing Direc­tor, KFC Canada. “The abil­ity to cus­tomize meals means that the whole fam­ily can enjoy time together and their own per­sonal KFC favourites – with no com­pro­mises.  It’s a com­plete fam­ily meal that’s com­pletely up to you.”


Chose from five main items includ­ing KFC famous sand­wiches, wraps, and Orig­i­nal Recipe® chicken and four clas­sic sides ¾ the din­ner com­bi­na­tions are end­less!  Adven­tur­ous flavour seek­ers can savour a hot and spicy KFC Zinger® chicken sand­wich with a side of zesty coleslaw, while purists can enjoy two pieces of Orig­i­nal Recipe® chicken and tra­di­tional fries – and the kids can munch on juicy, ten­der, white meat Mini Breast Fillets.


Only in Canada

Car­ras­cal says the KFC Fam­ily Din­ner Box is mak­ing its first North Amer­i­can debut in Canada – after block­buster sales and suc­cess in Aus­tralia, where it was recently intro­duced. Cur­rently, KFC Fam­ily Din­ner Box is not avail­able south of the border.


While Car­ras­cal expects the new Fam­ily Din­ner Box to become a pop­u­lar menu addi­tion in Canada, she says the iconic bucket is here to stay.


“The bucket is a true clas­sic – it’s orig­i­nal, just like KFC.  Noth­ing pleases a crowd like a bucket of fresh, deli­cious KFC Orig­i­nal recipe® chicken and KFC’s Fam­ily Din­ner Box is a new twist on a favourite clas­sics that cre­ates more options for vari­ety and con­ve­nience when you have four to feed.”


Bucket Back­ground

Orig­i­nal Recipe® chicken was first per­fected and intro­duced by KFC founder Colonel Har­land Sanders more than 50 years ago in Corbin, Ken­tucky. The famous 11 herbs and spices recipe remains a secret to this day, hid­den in a high-security, top-secret vault located in Louisville, Kentucky.


When it was first intro­duced in 1957, the KFC bucket became an instant pack­ag­ing clas­sic that rev­o­lu­tion­ized take-out din­ing. Since then, the trade­mark red and white KFC bucket has been embraced by coun­tries around the world.


The new KFC Canada Fam­ily Din­ner Box is avail­able for both take­out and deliv­ery at par­tic­i­pat­ing KFC loca­tions across Canada.   Visit to find the KFC near­est you.


About KFC Canada

KFC is Canada’s largest quick ser­vice chicken restau­rant chain with more than 674 KFC restau­rants across Canada.


Since KFC opened its first Cana­dian restau­rant in 1956, KFC cooks have been freshly prepar­ing its famous, irre­sistible Orig­i­nal Recipe® chicken every day.


KFC uses only trans fat free cook­ing oils — and offers a deli­cious range of fam­ily meals and pre­mium sand­wiches. To learn more about KFC Canada, visit our web­site — or join our com­mu­nity on Face­book at









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KFC Canada Heats Up Double Down

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012





For as long as I can remem­ber, our fam­ily has thor­oughly enjoyed grab­bing a sup­per meal from KFC {or Ken­tucky Fried Chicken} at least once every 2 weeks or so. It is still a meal that my fam­ily still enjoys to this day! We were always excited to be able to go and pick up a KFC Fam­ily Meal which included a full bucket of their mouth-watering hand bat­tered {too-die-for} chicken, yummy french fries, (not to men­tion their delight­ful gravy) and a huge selec­tion of deli­cious sal­ads such as potato, mac­a­roni, and of course their very famous cole slaw!

My fam­ily has always enjoyed the KFC orig­i­nal recipe chicken, while oth­ers enjoy their new extra crispy chicken. When din­ing alone, I opt for a yummy “Big Crunch” combo, which includes the absolute best chicken sand­wich, fries, and a dip­ping sauce that is phenomenal!




Colonel Sanders was the extremely bril­liant man behind the tasty orig­i­nal recipe, and cre­ator of the world’s most famous Orig­i­nal Recipe for their scrump­tious chicken.




I’ve got really excit­ing news!! Their famous Block­buster, bun­less sand­wich called the Zinger Dou­ble Down returns – with a hot and spicy twist on March 12th, 2012!!







Behold, Canada.  KFC reveals its new hot and spicy Zinger Dou­ble Down sand­wich on Mon­day, March 12th — avail­able while sup­plies last.




The new Zinger Dou­ble Down fea­tures two pre­mium sea­soned chicken breasts, mar­i­nated to per­fec­tion in KFC’s sig­na­ture hot and spicy sea­son­ing.  Next, it’s double-breaded by hand for extra crunch — and lightly fried to golden KFC splen­dour. Finally, the bun­less won­der is topped with spicy may­on­naise sauce, processed Pep­per Jack cheese and two pieces of crispy bacon.




Those who pre­fer to Dou­ble Down with­out the added heat can still enjoy the Orig­i­nal Dou­ble Down, which is also back for an encore per­for­mance at KFC restau­rants across the land.






The Heat is On


“No doubt about it, it’s def­i­nitely time to sched­ule lunch with the Colonel,” jokes David Vivenes, Chief Mar­ket­ing Offi­cer, Yum! Restau­rants, which owns the KFC brand in Canada.




“Start­ing March 12th, there are two ways to cel­e­brate the art of Dou­bling Down.  Purists and first-timers can enjoy our Orig­i­nal Recipe block­buster Dou­ble Down — while adven­ture seek­ers who’ve been there, downed that, can up the Dou­ble Down ante with the new, hot and spicy Zinger Dou­ble Down,” says Vivenes.




Vivenes expects Cana­di­ans to embrace Dou­ble Down’s return with the same enthu­si­as­tic glee that char­ac­ter­ized its first two appear­ances and the com­pany is ready­ing a high-spirited, fan cel­e­bra­tion on its Face­book page at






A Dou­ble Down Shared


Through­out March, KFC Face­book fans can win musi­cal t-shirts, snow­ball launch­ers, night vision gog­gles, KFC gift cards and other items devoted to mak­ing “man time” as awe­some as the mighty Dou­ble Down itself.




“Our fans tell us that the only thing bet­ter than a Dou­ble Down, is a Dou­ble Down shared,” explains Vivenes, adding that Dou­ble Down out­ings and bro downs have been part of Dou­ble Down’s magic ever since it was first intro­duced into Canada in Octo­ber 2010.  “It’s fun to see how much Cana­di­ans love to get together to Dou­ble Down and we want to thank our fans for all their support.”




To date, close to 2 mil­lion chicken con­nois­seurs have Dou­bled Down dur­ing two lim­ited time, Cana­dian appear­ances — and Dou­ble Down is KFC Canada’s best-selling new menu item of all time.  Vivenes says that despite its mythic sta­tus, Dou­ble Down actu­ally has less fat and calo­ries than many deluxe burg­ers and subs.




Accord­ing to Vivenes, there are still no plans to make Dou­ble Down a per­ma­nent menu item, as Cana­di­ans have indi­cated that they enjoy it best as a spe­cial, lim­ited time addi­tion to the cur­rent range of pre­mium chicken wraps, sand­wiches and Orig­i­nal Recipe chicken.






About KFC Canada


KFC is Canada’s largest quick ser­vice chicken chain with more than 700 KFC restau­rants across Canada.




Since it was founded in Canada in the early 50s, KFC cooks have been freshly prepar­ing and hand-breading our famed, irre­sistible Orig­i­nal Recipe chicken every day.  KFC uses only trans fat free cook­ing oils – and offers a deli­cious range of fam­ily meals and pre­mium sand­wiches, includ­ing Dou­ble Down.






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