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Condoms ~ The Importance of Using a Condom

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012



Pretty much since puberty I learned the birds and the bees from my older sis­ters and my close friends. Talk­ing to my mom about this embar­rass­ing sit­u­a­tion (as it was back then) was not even an option. I just did not feel com­fort­able dis­cussing these kind of top­ics with my par­ents at all, holy awkward!!

Today, it’s of upmost impor­tance talk­ing with your ‘tweens’ or teens about all of the STD’s out there and how to pre­vent con­tract­ing them, as well as the prob­lem of unwanted pregnancies.



Yes I am fully aware that STD’s existed in the 80’s when I was a teeny-bopper and extremely promis­cu­ous! I also knew the dan­gers of unwanted preg­nan­cies and how eas­ily get­ting preg­nant was, but I was totally invin­ci­ble back then and did not use no pre­cau­tions at all, despite it being my worst fear!! Young, naive, stu­pid. That was me to a tee!

For­tu­nately, I made it through my teenage years with­out get­ting preg­nant, nor did I get any STD’s which are so easy to get when not using pro­tec­tion such as that of a con­dom!! Like myself, I know of some of my friends were weren’t as for­tu­nate as I, and wound up either being stricken by an STD, or preg­nant. So young, gullible, une­d­u­cated. Yes, they were still babies and hav­ing their own babies.




Using a con­dom is VERY impor­tant for those hav­ing sex, period. Unless you are mar­ried and trust your part­ner 100%, a con­dom is totally necessary!

Sex­u­ally trans­mit­ted dis­eases (STDs) are infec­tious con­di­tions trans­mit­ted through sex­ual activ­ity — vagi­nal, oral or anal. Some of the STDs can be eas­ily treated but unfor­tu­nately there is no cure for many of them, and these incur­able STDs tend to be the most com­mon and longest last­ing. Some, for exam­ple HIV and hepati­tis B, can have seri­ous health con­se­quences. Also, using a con­dom (sheik, rub­ber as oth­ers may call them) helps pre­vent any unwanted pregnancies.

A per­son can have any of the STDs with­out any symp­toms. They may there­fore be unaware that they have an infec­tion and may be pass­ing it on each time they have sex. I shud­der at that thought!!




At you will find an exten­sive array of many dif­fer­ent types of condoms.

Eden­fan­ta­sys car­ries lubri­cated con­doms, non lubri­cated con­domsvivid stud­ded con­doms, ultra ribbed con­doms, extra thin con­doms, extra sen­si­tive con­doms, and so many more for your com­plete plea­sure and added protection!

They are all very rea­son­ably priced, and order­ing these con­doms from the Eden­fan­ta­sys web­site is a extremely easy as every prod­uct that they sell is so neatly cat­e­go­rized to make shop­ping from the pri­vacy of your own home a com­plete snap! Dis­cre­tion is also 100% assured when deliv­ered to your home also so rest easy know­ing this.




As per, Con­doms should be stored in a cool, dry, place. Don’t place con­doms where they can be in con­tact with direct sun­light, or other tem­per­a­ture extremes such cold.

Do Not Place Con­doms in your Back-pocket or Wallet.

If there are con­doms in your back pocket and they’ve been there for more than a day or so, toss them out. Never carry a con­dom in your wal­let, pocket or purse for longer than a night. The fric­tion and/or body heat, or even expo­sure to win­ter cold over time will make latex con­doms weaker. As a result, the con­dom may not actu­ally break dur­ing sex, but there could be lit­tle breaks large enough to let HIV/AIDS, STIs and even sperm to squeeze through.


Make your one-stop sex shop for awe­some high qual­ity sex toys and more, out­stand­ing cus­tomer ser­vice skills, and extremely speedy delivery!!



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