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Friday, August 10th, 2012



As many women can relate, it’s so nice to be able to pam­per your­self at home and achiev­ing the salon look with­out pay­ing the hefty salon prices! After a very long day of run­ning around non-stop doing errands, or sim­ply chas­ing after your scream­ing cry­ing chil­dren … we all need time to our­selves just to relax, unwind, and free our­selves of stress. The best way to do so is to pour your­self a nice hot bub­ble­bath and choose some amaz­ing bath prod­ucts such as Milk made nour­ish­ing bath and shower bub­bles in a pleas­ant light aroma of vanilla and rasp­berry along with some awe­some Venus aro­matic bath salts in a pineapple/tangerine fra­grance! Move on over Cal­gon! You’re a thing of the past!






For a deeper sense of relax­ation, why not light some phe­nom­e­nal stress reliev­ing mas­sage can­dles and spread them out around your tub such as the Amorous mas­sage can­dle in the relax­ing Orchid scent and break free from every­thing and every­one while enjoy­ing your own lit­tle spe­cial and well deserved alone time!!




After that salon treat­ment in the pri­vacy of your own home, dry your­self off and be sure to lather your­self with some fan­tas­tic body butter’s like the Flirty lit­tle secret body but­ter with pheromones or the Whipped body creme in the Fra­grance of Grapefruit/Honeysuckle! You will def­i­nitely feel like a mil­lion bucks!!







Be sure to shop online at my favorite store,

At Eden­Fan­ta­sys you will find the best of the best Beauty and Body prod­ucts out there today! Be sure to check out their exten­sive array of prod­ucts avail­able, you won’t be sorry!



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Cake Milk Made Nourishing Body Butter Review!

Monday, April 30th, 2012




Sun, heavy exfo­li­a­tion and the ele­ments can leave your skin dry and cracked, and def­i­nitely in need of much hydra­tion. This rich but­ter melts in to restore skin’s nat­ural mois­ture levels.

Give your­self a lux­u­ri­ous spa treat­ment with this nour­ish­ing Milk Made Nour­ish­ing Body But­ter by Cake Beauty. This rich and lux­u­ri­ous cream is excel­lent for mois­tur­iz­ing dry skin, and the light rasp­berry scent will leave a fresh fra­grance that will delight your senses!!






I have used many body but­ters, but this is the best. It is not sticky and really smooths your skin. It has a won­der­ful light fra­grance. I highly rec­om­mend it’s use for soft skin results.


Expe­ri­ence the ulti­mate indul­gence of lux­u­ri­ously pam­pered skin with the Cake Milk Made Nour­ish­ing Body But­ter as it mois­turises, and con­di­tions your skin at the same time. Your nour­ished and replen­ished skin will be glo­ri­ously soft and glow­ing with vital­ity. If you require the same type of prod­uct to soothe your dry skin, you cer­tainly will not regret pur­chas­ing this. This prod­uct pro­duces amaz­ing results, and it can eas­ily be pur­chased at Eden­Fan­ta­sys online store from the com­fort of your own home!



This phe­nom­e­nal body but­ter soft­ens my elbows like noth­ing else, but I like use it on my legs, feet and shoul­ders as well. A lit­tle of it goes a long way. It has a non-greasy, silky tex­ture and smells sooooo good. Best of all, it doesn’t irri­tate my sen­si­tive skin like other scented prod­ucts tend to do. This is the best body but­ter that I have ever tried, and I highly rec­om­mend this prod­uct! I will def­i­nitely con­tinue to buy it as long as it’s avail­able at my favorite online beauty and body care prod­ucts site,

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Brand New Sex Toys that look just like Makeup at EdenFantasys!

Monday, April 16th, 2012



We are all adults here, and believe it or not, the major­ity of us enjoy sex whether in a monog­a­mous rela­tion­ship, or even rid­ing solo. There is absolutely noth­ing wrong with that fact, because after all, we are all human. (Even ani­mals enjoy it just as much as we do, although I shud­der at that thought!) lol

Dis­cre­tion is really impor­tant, (well to me any­how) so I am not one who enjoys hit­ting up the local sex shops, espe­cially in my com­mu­nity where every­body seems to know every­one. I really feel that what goes on in my bed­room with my part­ner and I is no one else’s busi­ness, let alone walk­ing into a local sex shop to buy a vibra­tor only to see that one of my neigh­bours is the cashier! That thought leaves me feel­ing ill, and I just could not see it hap­pen­ing, ever! There­fore, for this rea­son alone I find more and more peo­ple are lean­ing towards online sex stores where dis­cre­tion is absolutely assured! That is why I put all of my trust into Once you place an order, every­thing is shipped to you in just a plain box, with no indic­ta­tion what­so­ever of its con­tents and you can rest easy know­ing this!






Eden­Fan­ta­sys has just released its new and excit­ing col­lec­tion called “Scream­ing O Stu­dio Col­lec­tion” which are deli­cious sexy toys that look like makeup! I think these are tres cool, con­sid­er­ing this is a bril­liant way of car­ry­ing your sex toys around dis­cretely because of the fact that they look just like any of your ordi­nary cos­met­ics such as a tube of lip­stick, pots of eye­shad­ows, and even mas­cara! These are so damn neat and I am really thrilled with the Scream­ing O Stu­dio Col­lec­tion!! Yes Eden­Fan­ta­sys, here I come!





My hus­band get’s super excited when I tell him of a new toy or prod­uct that I ordered from, and since he knows from expe­ri­ence that their deliv­ery time is super fast to our doorstep, he waits eagerly for them to arrive.

Other pieces in the Scream­ing O Stu­dio Col­lec­tion include: Sexy Secrets Com­pact with bul­let, Vibrat­ing Makeup Brush, and a tube of Ogloss which is a Cli­max Creme that resem­bles a tube of lip­gloss! How sweet is that? Can’t wait to try them all!







I cer­tainly sug­gest that every­one check out Eden­Fan­ta­sys online sex store, you will hon­estly find every­thing you need and more!


Online Sex Shops ~ Com­plete Dis­cre­tion Assured!











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Saturday, March 31st, 2012



Every­one loves to save money, espe­cially in this day and age. The cost of gas has sky­rock­eted, and many ‘extra’ items have been cut out of the fam­ily bud­get as there is just no room in that bud­get for any extra’s.

The price of food has risen, among so many other neces­si­ties which makes so many peo­ple sad and depressed. Liv­ing from pay­check to pay­check seems to be a must now for many families.

There are so many prod­ucts that you so badly want to pur­chase online, how­ever you only have $100 extra to part with, and you choose to spoil your­self this time as you are for­ever spend­ing this lit­tle extra money on your fam­ily. We all know that $100 today does not go far, but rest assured, $100 will get you a ton of items over at Eden­Fan­ta­sys! Be sure to shop their spring clear­ance sale to get mul­ti­ple items such as sexy lin­gerie, lux­ury items, and a whack of their best­sellers! You will be so excited to know that one can save 70% off of 1000+ items now!!!!!





Eden­Fan­ta­sys has slashed their prices big­time on items such as vibra­tors, dil­dos, sexy lin­gerie, adult sex games, cock rings, sexy panties, lubes, health and beauty prod­ucts, con­doms, mas­tur­ba­tors, body creams and bub­ble­bath, and lit­er­ally so much more!!





If you want to turn up the pas­sion ten fold in your sex life, Sex toys are the key, and sex toys are dis­crete! Sex toys are excit­ing, plea­sur­able, and a very wel­comed addi­tion into the bed­room. Rela­tion­ships often end from lit­tle or no com­mu­ni­ca­tion between lovers not dis­cussing the things that actu­ally make them tick in the bed­room, and if your sex life is bor­ing right now and you are read­ing this, then I sug­gest that you try some sex toys or even some arous­ing body lotions or mas­sage oils! I will guar­entee that the bore­dom will end com­pletely. The best thing about order­ing these sex toys online is that you don’t have to be embar­rassed of actu­ally going into a sex store to pur­chase them, and they arrive at your doorstep in a reg­u­lar box with no indi­ca­tion of what is really inside!





Be sure to stop by Eden­Fan­ta­sys to grab every­thing that you can pos­si­bly dream of, and all at low unbeat­able prices! You just can’t go wrong shop­ping online at the phe­nom­e­nal Spring Clear­ance Sale that is hap­pen­ing right now!! Your part­ner will hon­estly thank you for it!!








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Monday, March 12th, 2012



As many women can relate, there’s a pretty fine line between beau­ti­ful vs scary when it comes right down to make-up.

Sci­en­tists have shown that not only does the right amount of makeup make all the dif­fer­ence when it comes to beauty, but it also affects judge­ments of com­pe­tence and trustworthiness!




I had to attend a social gath­er­ing the other night, and it was an occa­sion to dress up.

I applied my makeup, and we are talk­ing heavy blended liner, smoky shad­ows, luminizer, dark­ened eye­brows, matte skin and bright pink lips. I flat ironed my hair, and I thought that the per­son in the mir­ror looked alarm­ingly sexy and con­fi­dent, and it made me feel awe­some! I sud­denly felt trans­formed! Yes, makeup does wonders!!




I didn’t just choose my reg­u­lar brand of makeup though, I chose the phe­nom­e­nal makeup that I recently pur­chased from which totally deserves brag­ging rights!

Eden­Fan­ta­sys sells an exten­sive selec­tion of the best Face makeup, Lips makeup, and even body makeup that rocks!!!



A huge amount wear makeup because it gives them con­fi­dence, which is along the same lines as putting your best foot for­ward. The first thing a per­son usu­ally notices is a woman’s face. If it has been enhanced with skill­fully applied makeup, a woman often feels ready for the world and con­fi­dent in pro­ceed­ing through her day. This doesn’t mean that she couldn’t be con­fi­dent with­out the makeup; it sim­ply serves as a booster to her nat­ural self-confidence!!

I def­i­nitely rec­om­mend all of the excel­lent makeup over at where you can pur­chase high qual­ity makeup but only at low, unbeat­able prices!!







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Condoms ~ The Importance of Using a Condom

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012



Pretty much since puberty I learned the birds and the bees from my older sis­ters and my close friends. Talk­ing to my mom about this embar­rass­ing sit­u­a­tion (as it was back then) was not even an option. I just did not feel com­fort­able dis­cussing these kind of top­ics with my par­ents at all, holy awkward!!

Today, it’s of upmost impor­tance talk­ing with your ‘tweens’ or teens about all of the STD’s out there and how to pre­vent con­tract­ing them, as well as the prob­lem of unwanted pregnancies.



Yes I am fully aware that STD’s existed in the 80’s when I was a teeny-bopper and extremely promis­cu­ous! I also knew the dan­gers of unwanted preg­nan­cies and how eas­ily get­ting preg­nant was, but I was totally invin­ci­ble back then and did not use no pre­cau­tions at all, despite it being my worst fear!! Young, naive, stu­pid. That was me to a tee!

For­tu­nately, I made it through my teenage years with­out get­ting preg­nant, nor did I get any STD’s which are so easy to get when not using pro­tec­tion such as that of a con­dom!! Like myself, I know of some of my friends were weren’t as for­tu­nate as I, and wound up either being stricken by an STD, or preg­nant. So young, gullible, une­d­u­cated. Yes, they were still babies and hav­ing their own babies.




Using a con­dom is VERY impor­tant for those hav­ing sex, period. Unless you are mar­ried and trust your part­ner 100%, a con­dom is totally necessary!

Sex­u­ally trans­mit­ted dis­eases (STDs) are infec­tious con­di­tions trans­mit­ted through sex­ual activ­ity — vagi­nal, oral or anal. Some of the STDs can be eas­ily treated but unfor­tu­nately there is no cure for many of them, and these incur­able STDs tend to be the most com­mon and longest last­ing. Some, for exam­ple HIV and hepati­tis B, can have seri­ous health con­se­quences. Also, using a con­dom (sheik, rub­ber as oth­ers may call them) helps pre­vent any unwanted pregnancies.

A per­son can have any of the STDs with­out any symp­toms. They may there­fore be unaware that they have an infec­tion and may be pass­ing it on each time they have sex. I shud­der at that thought!!




At you will find an exten­sive array of many dif­fer­ent types of condoms.

Eden­fan­ta­sys car­ries lubri­cated con­doms, non lubri­cated con­domsvivid stud­ded con­doms, ultra ribbed con­doms, extra thin con­doms, extra sen­si­tive con­doms, and so many more for your com­plete plea­sure and added protection!

They are all very rea­son­ably priced, and order­ing these con­doms from the Eden­fan­ta­sys web­site is a extremely easy as every prod­uct that they sell is so neatly cat­e­go­rized to make shop­ping from the pri­vacy of your own home a com­plete snap! Dis­cre­tion is also 100% assured when deliv­ered to your home also so rest easy know­ing this.




As per, Con­doms should be stored in a cool, dry, place. Don’t place con­doms where they can be in con­tact with direct sun­light, or other tem­per­a­ture extremes such cold.

Do Not Place Con­doms in your Back-pocket or Wallet.

If there are con­doms in your back pocket and they’ve been there for more than a day or so, toss them out. Never carry a con­dom in your wal­let, pocket or purse for longer than a night. The fric­tion and/or body heat, or even expo­sure to win­ter cold over time will make latex con­doms weaker. As a result, the con­dom may not actu­ally break dur­ing sex, but there could be lit­tle breaks large enough to let HIV/AIDS, STIs and even sperm to squeeze through.


Make your one-stop sex shop for awe­some high qual­ity sex toys and more, out­stand­ing cus­tomer ser­vice skills, and extremely speedy delivery!!



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Adult Sex Games ~ Do you play them in Your Bedroom?

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012



Let’s go back in time for a moment. I want you to visu­al­ize how awe­some your sex life used to be when you were a teenager, or even in your early twen­ties. Just think about how your sex life was before your kids came along. Unfor­tu­nately the real fact is that many cou­ples lose inter­est in main­tain­ing a healthy sex life as we grow older, or we skip sex entirely for sleep due to a crazily busy lifestyle.





When you enter into a solid rela­tion­ship in your 20’s or 30’s, it’s extremely easy to let all the grown-up stuff push play­time to the back of the line. (Bad idea!!)

Bring back the fun and excite­ment you two once shared by intro­duc­ing adult Sex games into your bed­room! You can find many excit­ing adult games at Eden­Fan­ta­sys! is your num­ber 1 online sex shop for all of your adult plea­sures, needs, and wants!

Sex games not only add spice and totally break up that nasty bed­room bore­dom, but they also open up the lines of com­mu­ni­ca­tion and give you an excuse to expand your sex­ual reper­toire!! Also, adult sex games add a new mean­ing to unlim­ited fun between the sheets!!




If you crave more spice in your love life, adult sex games are truly the way to go!

This is cer­tainly an excel­lent way to get that fire burn­ing bright again with the adult sex games that are intended for cou­ples to play in the pri­vacy of their bed­rooms. Put the “play” back in your fore­play with these erotic mind  blow­ing adult sex games!



Why not order up an exten­sive selec­tion of bed­room sex games and present them as a gift to your lover? Then let the games begin!

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Calm, Relaxing Bubble Baths ~ Oh how I love them!

Saturday, January 7th, 2012



Noth­ing seems to de-stress more than that of a Calm, Relax­ing Bub­ble Bath. After a long crazy day, every­one needs that time to them­selves to reflect and unwind.

Give your­self a few min­utes a day of quiet time. Reflect, med­i­tate, unwind.




Run your­self a hot and sooth­ing bath with lots of bath salts, body scrubs, and bub­ble bath, espe­cially with those phe­nom­e­nal bath and body prod­ucts sold at Eden­Fan­ta­sys! Relax in this bath for about 10 — 20 min­utes. Avoid being in it too long as it gets cold (unpleas­ant) and energy-sapping (some­thing you do not need right now). Just long enough to refresh and restore a small amount of energy to get back to your own head space.

Be sure to clear your mind!!


If per­haps there are stress­ing thoughts both­er­ing you even in your quiet moments give your­self a break from them even if just for a minute or two. Do this by focus­ing on some very nar­rowly. Form a pic­ture, or a sound, or a smell in your mind. Some­thing sim­ple, like a cir­cle, trace the edge or the cir­cle with your eye, time the motion with your breath­ing. If you find your self still think­ing stress­ful thoughts resolve the image fur­ther with more detail and focus, let it con­sume your mind. Once your heart rate and temp have low­ered it should be eas­ier to stay calm.






Play soft music while you take your bath.
Light aroma can­dles near your bath tub. Laven­der works great for reliev­ing stress. Even if you don’t get laven­der you can go for your favorite choice of aroma. But make sure that you don’t arrange more than two dif­fer­ent kinds of aroma can­dles. If may not give the desired relax­ing effect.
Add some Epsom salts to the bath tub as well!




It’s phys­i­o­log­i­cally proved that dur­ing a bath our entire body sys­tem gets calm.

Sub­merg­ing in a bub­ble bath relieves your body from the con­stant pull of grav­ity, and heated water relaxes mus­cle ten­sion, improv­ing cir­cu­la­tion, range of motion and energy flow. Melt away your stress by cre­at­ing a mini spa in your bath­room. Turn on sooth­ing music, dim the lights, gather up some sooth­ing can­dles and pre­pare fresh tow­els. The music will drown out house­hold sounds that you may asso­ciate with every­day stres­sors, and relaxed light­ing can go a long way when cre­at­ing a peace­ful mood!!




So, if you really want to de-stress, close the door to the out­side world for how­ever long it takes to release all the emo­tional slights and hurts the world doles out in the course of a day. Lux­u­ri­ate in a hot tub or bub­ble bath. Relax. Visu­al­ize your­self melt­ing as ice melts into water, and water melts into vapor, imag­ine your stress evap­o­rat­ing like the soap bub­bles that bust and dis­solve into thin air.

Reflect, med­i­tate, unwind.


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What is a Massage, and What are the Best Massage Oils and Lotions?

Friday, January 6th, 2012



What is a Mas­sage? A mas­sage is basi­cally the rub­bing and knead­ing of mus­cles and joints of the body with the hands, espe­cially to relieve ten­sion or pain.

Mas­sages helps relieve mus­cle ten­sion, reduce stress, and evoke feel­ings of calm­ness. Although mas­sage affects the body as a whole, it par­tic­u­larly influ­ences the  activ­ity of the mus­cu­loskele­tal, cir­cu­la­tory, lym­phatic, and ner­vous sys­tems as well. Mas­sages can be used for any­thing from calm­ing your lover down from a tough day at work to get­ting them primed for some enthu­si­as­tic lovemaking!!


Mas­sages can be an excel­lent part of fore­play between cou­ples as well. A heav­enly mas­sage from the part­ner that you lust can ele­vate lev­els of extacy and explo­sive arousal!

Every­one yearns to be touched in that sen­sual kind of way. Mas­sages are always a bil­lion times more enjoy­able when done by a hot and sexy lover.  Be sure to invest in high-quality mas­sage oils.
The best mas­sage oils do not absorb into the skin too quickly so they last much longer while you’re softly caress­ing and knead­ing away. You should also be very con­sci­en­tious of the scents that you select. Overly scented oils have a ten­dency to be over­whelm­ing and can very well ruin the mood, so choose wisely.





Eden­Fan­ta­sys has an exten­sive lineup of mas­sage oils, mas­sage lotions, mas­sage can­dles, and even hand held mas­sagers to choose from! Sim­ply select which scents you and your part­ner would like since cer­tain scents pro­duce spe­cific effects.




Rub your part­ner slowly and deeply; and always remem­ber to be con­tin­u­ously sen­sual. Take your time and rub them in a way that makes them feel like you’re will­ing to devote all the time in the world to only them. Let your lover know that they have the option of reach­ing out and touch­ing you when­ever they please. With just the right mas­sage oils and lotions, the sex can become absolutely explo­sive and surely make it an event that one will never soon forget!

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Online Sex Shops ~ Complete Discretion Assured!

Friday, December 9th, 2011



Let’s face it, sex is more open and talked about today than it was when our par­ents were our age! When I was grow­ing up it seemed that just the word sex alone was taboo to say or even talk about around my par­ents, or any grown adults at all! Sex was a very pri­vate thing, and not com­monly talked about out­side of the bed­room. I am cer­tain that they enjoyed it back then just as much as we do today, how­ever every­thing was a huge “hush-hush” type of ordeal.


For some peo­ple, it is a very open and talked-about sub­ject nowa­days whether it’s talk­ing to your own best friend or even your mom! For other’s, they have cer­tain beliefs that sex should only be dis­cussed between the two part­ners involved. I per­son­ally love to dis­cuss my sex life with my besties, and love to explore all of what a healthy sex life has to offer!!




I am com­fort­able dis­cussing my sex life with most peo­ple, how­ever it is still wrong for me to even bring up these types of con­ver­sa­tions in front of my par­ents out of respect, and mostly apply­ing the thought to the way that they were raised them­selves where these types of convo’s were not permitted.

While I don’t think that it is fair for the entire world to know what is going on in my bed­room, I do love explor­ing all of the won­der­ful toys that can make a bor­ing bed­room turn into a wild place! With the right toys and the right part­ner, find­ing the best sex toys can turn a very bor­ing love­mak­ing ses­sion into a plea­sur­able and naughty explo­sion, Totally ani­mal­is­tic!!



I have seen many rela­tion­ships go right down the tubes and end for­ever due to a very rou­tine sex life where no excite­ment was added into their love­mak­ing. I don’t know about you, but the thought of doing the same sex­ual posi­tion day after day would hon­estly drive me right out of the house and into the arms of another lover in total search of that sex­ual excite­ment not given to me at home!

Sex toys are the key, and sex toys are dis­crete! Sex toys are excit­ing, plea­sur­able, and a very wel­comed addi­tion into the bed­room. Rela­tion­ships often end from lit­tle or no com­mu­ni­ca­tion between lovers not dis­cussing the things that actu­ally make them tick in the bed­room, and if your sex life is bor­ing right now and you are read­ing this, then I sug­gest that you try some sex toys or even some arous­ing body lotions or mas­sage oils! I will guar­entee that the bore­dom will end com­pletely. The best thing about order­ing these sex toys online is that you don’t have to be embar­rassed of actu­ally going into a sex store to pur­chase them, and they arrive at your doorstep in a reg­u­lar box with no indi­ca­tion of what is really inside!




You don’t even have to be in a rela­tion­ship to enjoy the use of vibra­tors, dil­dos, or what­ever tick­les your fancy! The best part is, that you can use an exten­sive array of these sex toys and mas­tur­ba­tors from the best online sex stores all by your­self, and reach the cli­max that you would if you even had a part­ner!! There are times where I would rather indulge in my sex toys alone, as these toys do exactly what you want them to do, they are always ready and will­ing, and best of all, don’t ever whine or talk back! lol  :)


I cer­tainly sug­gest that every­one check out Eden­Fan­ta­sys online sex store, you will hon­estly find every­thing and more!


Online Sex Shops ~ Com­plete Dis­cre­tion Assured!






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