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CoolCanucks Review of the Dyson DC35 Digital Slim Vacuum for Dad ~ Just in time for Father’s Day!!

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012




Ok read­ers. You all know that I am absolutely infat­u­ated with Dyson Canada, and their phe­nom­e­nal vac­u­ums. I can­not tell you enough that Dyson sells the very best vac­u­ums in the world, period.

The suc­tion on these Dyson’s are totally amaz­ing and they pick up basi­cally any­thing on any floor whether it is ceramic, vinyl, car­pet or hard­wood! I have yet to have some­one dis­agree with me about my opin­ion of Dyson Canada. They are, in my own per­sonal opin­ion, the best vac­u­ums that have ever been invented!!







Dyson is the most rec­og­nized and most pop­u­lar brand of vac­u­ums across the world. When one men­tions vac­uum clean­ers, Dyson imme­di­ately comes to mind.

It’s defi­nitely not a secret that Dyson pro­duces and sells stand-out vac­uum clean­ers both upright and can­is­ter style. Dyson aims to con­tinue their suc­cess­ful line of vac­u­ums, and just recently I was able to review their awe­some Dyson DC35 Dig­i­tal Slim Vacuum!

Father’s Day (June 17, 2012) is fast approach­ing and the search for the per­fect gift is on. By pur­chas­ing the new Dyson DC35 Dig­i­tal Slim Vac­uum for Dad, you will hon­estly make his life a whole lot simpler!!







The DC35 (also known as the Dig­i­tal Slim) is Dyson’s lat­est hand­held vac­uum cleaner for multi-floor with a detach­able long-reach wand and a motor­ized cleaner head.

The Dyson DC35 is also bag-less. All dust and dirt can be seen inside a trans­par­ent can­is­ter and with a press of a but­ton, you can eas­ily open the can­is­ter to dump all of that crap right into the garbage.

The power-efficient Dyson dig­i­tal motor makes this cord­less vac­uum amaz­ingly powerful!!







The Dyson DC35 Dig­i­tal Slim Vac­uum is a great pet hair picker upper, extremely con­ve­nient to store, is bag-less, cord­less, has enough suc­tion that a single-pass does the job, it has a no slip grip, and it is very easy to charge.

As you know, it’s always dif­fi­cult find­ing dad some­thing for Father’s Day that he does not already have. But now that the Dyson DC35 Dig­i­tal Slim Vac­uum for Dad has arrived, it’s here just in time for Father’s Day! This is the best Father’s Day gift by far!






“Dyson DC35 Multi floor is a Dyson Dig­i­tal Slim™ cord­less vac­uum cleaner for mul­ti­ple floor types– car­pet, ceramic, vinyl and wood.
It fea­tures a detach­able long-reach wand and a motor­ized cleaner head. Pow­ered by the Dyson dig­i­tal motor, it is the most pow­er­ful light­weight cord­less vac­uum.“




Father’s love sim­ple and hate hav­ing to med­dle with every­thing. The sim­pler, the bet­ter! This would be the per­fect gift for dad this Father’s Day 2012!!




“Father’s Day.  Make dad’s life eas­ier (and cleaner) with the ulti­mate guy gift — Dyson DC35 Dig­i­tal Slim cord­less Vac­uum cleaner.
Unlike tra­di­tional cord­less vac­u­ums that have a poor bat­tery life, no pick up and are dif­fi­cult to use — the Dyson DC35 Dig­i­tal Slim has been engi­neered for max­i­mum suc­tion. In fact, it’s the most pow­er­ful cord­less handheld.

Its motor­ized head uses car­bon fil­a­ments to remove fine dust from hard sur­faces any nylon brushes to remove dirt from car­pets. The detach­able long reach wand reaches up top, into awk­ward gaps and down below.”







The Dyson DC35 Dig­i­tal Slim:

•Boasts a light­weight ver­sa­tile design that quickly con­verts to a hand­held (so it’s 2-in-1) to eas­ily clean the car, boat, and any­where in between

•Energy Star bat­tery charger with a fade-free lithium-ion bat­tery, which charges 3 times faster

•Click-in recharg­ing sta­tion that hangs ver­ti­cally to pre­vent clut­ter and save space in the man cave




As always, the Dyson DC35 Dig­i­tal Slim Vac­uum sucks dust and dirt like you just wouldn’t believe. I always boast about the Dyson vac­uum cleaner to my friends. They are some­what pricey, but hon­estly worth every sin­gle penny. I’m always amazed how much dust and dirt it col­lects from my car­pet, hard­wood floors, and area rugs.


I am sold on any­thing Dyson Canada car­ries, and hon­estly rec­om­mend Dyson to every­one out there. Believe me, you won’t be sorry!



The Dyson DC35 Dig­i­tal Slim Vac­uum (made just for Dad) can be found at many retail­ers at and major Cana­dian retail­ers: Future Shop, Best Buy, The Bay, Home Out­fit­ters, Sears, Cana­dian Tire, The Brick, Wal­mart, Home Depot, and inde­pen­dent retail­ers across Canada.

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CoolCanucks Blog Contest ~ Dyson DC 43 Animal Vacuum Review & Giveaway!!

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012




Dyson is the most rec­og­nized and most pop­u­lar brand of vac­u­ums across the world. When one men­tions vac­uum clean­ers, Dyson imme­di­ately comes to mind.

It’s defi­nitely not a secret that Dyson pro­duces and sells stand-out vac­uum clean­ers both upright and can­is­ter style. Dyson aims to con­tinue their suc­cess­ful line of vac­u­ums, and even came out with a model geared towards pet-owners, and the chal­lenges of dreaded pet hair!!






Hav­ing the plan of buy­ing a new vac­uum cleaner for months now, I was so ecsta­tic when the great folks over at Dyson Canada con­tacted me to do a review and give­away with them here at CoolCanucks!!

I am assum­ing that the DC 43 Ani­mal Vac­uum was lit­er­ally flown here by a leer jet because it hon­estly arrived shortly after being asked to review it! I give Dyson a huge Kudos right there for the fact that their deliv­ery time was phenomenal!

I put this vac­uum together with­out the help from my hus­band, as it comes with very easy instruc­tions. If I can put it together, any­one could! They let me choose from the newest stan­dard Dyson Vac­uum, or a spe­cial one specif­i­cally for ani­mal own­ers. With hav­ing 3 dogs, the Dyson DC 43 Ani­mal Vac­uum it was!






The Dyson DC 43 Ani­mal Vac­uum is a Dyson Ball™ upright vac­uum with the lat­est Radial Root Cyclone™ tech­nol­ogy. It gen­er­ates the strongest suc­tion power at the cleaner head, to pow­er­fully remove dust, dirt and pet hair from the home. Includes a Mini tur­bine head to clean pet hair and stub­born dirt from uphol­stery, stairs and the car.

I am very proud to boast that the Dyson DC43 Ani­mal Ball is a Bag­less Upright Vac­uum, which means no more hav­ing to run for bags unlike on most other vac­u­ums. To me this also means a greener world, as they no longer con­tinue to use bags!





Watch this short video to see it in action:







I had a short list of pros and cons on this vac­uum, so I called for­ward an expert for the con:


The Pros:


~ The DC 43 Ani­mal Vac has EXCELLENT suc­tion, I was impressed by this.

~ Who­ever invented the ball was a com­plete genius! I love how easy it maneu­vers so eas­ily and turns on a dime!!

~ I find it very light­weight for car­ry­ing it up and down the stairs

~ The floor tool piv­ots great and gets down low under beds, furniture

~ Tur­bine tool is made well and doesn’t power out

(Tur­bine tool is used to clean pet hair and stub­born dirt from uphol­stery, stairs and the car)

~ Another thing that impressed me is that the Dyson Ani­mal uprights and can­is­ter are cer­ti­fied asthma and allergy friendly™ by the Asthma Soci­ety of Canada.

~ I have three dogs, and my other vac­uum would just basi­cally roll over the hair and pick up a lit­tle here and there — the Dyson DC 43 Ani­mal vac hon­estly removed the dirt and pet hair that was on my liv­in­groom area rug, as well as the upstairs and down­stairs car­pet like noth­ing! I was amazed to see all of the gross stuff in that clear cup (that also comes off to empty into the garbage and re-attaches very eas­ily by the way)


The 1 Con:


~ The price. Very expen­sive and dif­fi­cult for a lot of peo­ple to buy although many many peo­ple want one! :)


{Answer from the Expert:}


“Per the cons – yes, you do get what you pay for.


  • For many allergy suf­fer­ers vac­u­um­ing means tak­ing dust out of the rug and back into the air they breathe = health hazard!


  • Dyson Vac­u­ums actu­ally leave  the ambi­ent air 150% cleaner than it was before you vacuumed!


  • Dyson full sized vac­u­ums come with a com­plete 5 year door-to-door  war­ran­tee  (they pick it up and deliver it back to you for free – and if the unit can­not be fixed, they send you a new one – all within a few busi­ness days!)


  • Also – with a Dyson there are no bags to buy and the fil­ters are all wash­able in cold water = never need to be re-purchased.


So, the added cost of a DYSON pays for itself in benefits.”







Only in Canada. Dyson has selected Canada as the first global mar­ket to roll out all Ball tech­nol­ogy.  This June, the com­pany is intro­duc­ing its new, lighter third gen­er­a­tion Ball tech­nol­ogy – and its first ever Ball can­is­ter that glides effort­lessly along behind.

James Dyson did away with bags, replac­ing them with cyclone tech­nol­ogy.  Now, Dyson is doing it with wheels, too.  They’re gone, gone for good, replaced by lighter, more manoeu­vrable and pow­er­ful Dyson Ball™ tech­nol­ogy that’s suited to uprights and – for the first time – can­is­ters.


James Dyson

“Cana­di­ans love inven­tion.  They’ve backed Ball tech­nol­ogy so much so that Canada will be the first coun­try in the world to wave good­bye to wheeled vac­uum clean­ers.  No more shuf­fling back and forth with fixed wheels, now we’re turn­ing on a dime, all the time.”


Dyson’s Ball™ tech­nol­ogy – on both uprights and can­is­ters – is about manoeuvrability.


Dyson’s first can­is­ter vac­uum clean­ers with Ball™ tech­nol­ogy – the DC36 and the DC37 – are engi­neered to fol­low faith­fully. The machines use an artic­u­lat­ing chas­sis and cen­tral pivot point for nego­ti­at­ing tight turns.  They don’t snag on fur­ni­ture.  They don’t drift on hard floors.  And they don’t top­ple. The uprights – DC42 and the big­ger DC43 – ride on a ball and turn on a dime. They nip into cor­ners. They dart around sofas.  And, with their instant tele­scopic hoses, stretch up stairs.

Motors, elec­tron­ics, duct­ing and air­ways are all neatly com­pressed within the ball, bal­anc­ing the vac­uum clean­ers around their low cen­tre of grav­ity, mak­ing can­is­ters that are eas­ier to pull, and uprights that are eas­ier to push. Dyson has 223 Ball™ tech­nol­ogy patents and patents pending.


New Ball tech­nol­ogy™ replaces the tra­di­tional wheels with a smooth, free flow­ing and light­weight ball that steers into dif­fi­cult places. The new Dyson ball vac­uum clean­ers took 6 years, 497 engi­neers and 2496 pro­to­types to develop. The result? Can­is­ters and uprights with greater maneu­ver­abil­ity. No awk­ward moves. And of course, there’s no loss of suction.


Cleaner Heads
The DC36 cleaner head has ultra-fine car­bon fibre fil­a­ments to remove dust from hard floors and nylon bris­tles for car­pets. DC37 has the Trig­ger­head; a sim­ple fin­ger trig­ger acti­vates the brush bar – on for car­pets, off for hard floors.

Cana­dian homes have mul­ti­ple floor types; hard wood, tile and car­pet.  Dyson Ball uprights self adjust to any floor sur­face, ensur­ing the strongest suc­tion at the cleaner head. Long bris­tles pen­e­trate car­pet to remove ground-in dirt, while shorter bris­tles remove sur­face dust and pet hair.  A pro­tec­tive seal tack­les dust on hard floors.


Radial Root Cyclones
Other vac­uum clean­ers still rely on bags or fil­ters to trap dust, los­ing suc­tion over time. Dyson has been con­tin­u­ally refin­ing vac­uum cyclone tech­nol­ogy since invent­ing it more than 20 years ago. Dyson’s Radial Root Cyclone™ tech­nol­ogy cap­tures more micro­scopic dust than any other cyclone.  Every angle of each air­way is honed to ensure micro­scopic par­ti­cles – as tiny as 0.5 microns or 1/5,000th of a pin head – are spun out of the air­flow and cap­tured in the bin.



All Dyson Ball™ vac­uum clean­ers are avail­able at and major Cana­dian retail­ers: Future Shop, Best Buy, The Bay, Home Out­fit­ters, Sears, Cana­dian Tire, The Brick, Wal­mart, Home Depot, and inde­pen­dent retail­ers across Canada.











Dyson Vac­uum clean­ers come with a five year parts and labour guarantee.


  • Inside the ball: DC37 has 112 com­po­nents crammed in a per­fect con­fig­u­ra­tion into the ball, includ­ing the motor, duct­ing and 6.5m cable.
  • Patents: There are 106 patents and 117 pend­ing patents relat­ing to tech­nol­ogy used in Dyson Ball™ vac­u­ums. An addi­tional 39 patent appli­ca­tions and 18 reg­is­tered design appli­ca­tions have been filed for the new floor tools.
  • Hygienic bin emp­ty­ing: The new machines all have a trigger-bin emp­ty­ing sys­tem. So with the press of a but­ton, dust and dirt can be emp­tied directly into the waste bin.
  • Robotic and peo­ple test­ing: Myr­iad tests were devel­oped for the new ball cylin­ders; from a com­plex steer­ing track to a laser for map­ping tra­jec­tory. One test involved 50,000 rep­e­ti­tions of pulling the machine around cor­ners to ensure its stability.






  • Malms­bury, Wilt­shire is Dyson’s research and devel­op­ment hub with 650 engi­neers con­ceiv­ing, design­ing and devel­op­ing new technologies.
  • Dyson machines are now sold in over fifty countries.
  • Dyson is recruit­ing 300 peo­ple across the busi­ness, of which 200 are engi­neer­ing roles. The aim is for at least half the roles to be taken up by grad­u­ates includ­ing mechan­i­cal engi­neers, fluid dynam­ics engi­neers, aero­dy­nam­ics engi­neers, and acoustic engineers.


Dyson engi­neers are cur­rently devel­op­ing the next gen­er­a­tion of fans, hand dry­ers, vac­uum clean­ers, dig­i­tal motors and other – cur­rently secret – technologies.







This Dyson DC 43 Vac is much lighter than my other vac­uum and a lot eas­ier to han­dle for tight spots! The ball makes it amaz­ingly easy to maneu­ver on all floor sur­faces. It lit­er­ally turns on a dime with the twist of the wrist!! Design and ergonom­ics are top notch, so is the pull-out hose which is very handy. Emp­ty­ing the can­is­ter is sim­ple, just pull the can­is­ter out and press a but­ton, the bot­tom opens and every­thing falls right out into your garbage. This is the best vac­uum for ani­mal hair!

I truly adore this vac­uum for both car­pet and solid sur­face floors. It works excel­lent on all floors. It works so good at pick­ing up dog hair and dirt we never actu­ally knew we had. The Dyson Canada DC 43 Ani­mal Vac­uum sucks up pollen and aller­gens as well. Words can’t even express how phe­nom­e­nal this machine really is! Just be care­ful about where you empty the dirt can­is­ter. Dust and dirt does tend to fly when emp­ty­ing it so be sure to empty it out­side or in the garage.





Dyson Canada never dis­ap­points. I will never use another vac­uum in my life other than Dyson! Dyson sells the best vac­u­ums, period. Not only are their vac­u­ums amaz­ing, but their cus­tomer ser­vice skills as well as deliv­ery time were also above outstanding!

Dyson Canada gets a huge thumbs up from Cool­Canucks, and I rec­om­mend them to everyone!!!!!



♥→I received prod­uct for review.  The opin­ions within this post are of my own and I was not influ­enced in any way.  Please do your own research before pur­chas­ing prod­ucts.  Your opin­ions and results may dif­fer than mine.←♥



Win It!! Enter my sweep­stakes give­away below for a chance to win a Dyson DC 43 Ani­mal Vac­uum! Open to Cana­dian res­i­dents only.



How to enter: All entries must be sub­mit­ted using the Raf­fle­copter form below. After you com­plete the easy manda­tory entry, you can do as many bonus entries as you’d like to increase your chances of win­ning. I will be check­ing for dupli­cate entries to make sure it’s fair, and no cheat­ing will be tolerated!



a Raf­fle­copter give­away

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Spring Clean Giveaway ~ Win a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner!! CLOSED

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

Why not Get a leg-up on your Spring Clean­ing and enter to win a Dyson Vac­uum Cleaner!!!!

It’s Free At Last has teamed up with many other AMAZING blog­gers to bring you this AWESOME Give­away for a nice Dyson Vac­uum Cleaner!!!!

These FABULOUS blog­gers have teamed up to bring you this unique and awe­some Giveaway:

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This con­test will run from March 1, at 12:01am EST through March 15, at 12:01EST. This con­test is open to the US & Canada. Win­ner will be cho­sen at the end of the con­test via the Raf­fle­copter form.


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CoolCanucks Review of Dyson DC25 Animal Ball-Technology Upright Vacuum Cleaner!!

Sunday, July 4th, 2010


It’s defi­nately not a secret that Dyson pro­duces and sells stand-out vac­uum clean­ers. Dyson’s addi­tion to their higher-end DC25 line, the “Ani­mal”, aims to con­tinue their suc­cess­ful line of vac­u­ums with a model geared towards pet-owners, and the chal­lenges of dreaded pet hair.

Hav­ing planned to buy this vac­uum cleaner for months, I was ecsta­tic when the great folks over at Dyson Canada agreed to the review! I was con­cerned that it might not live up to my exceed­ingly high expec­ta­tions. I was not dis­ap­pointed at all, the DC25 Ani­mal got so much dirt and pet hair from my car­pets! If you have a pet it is def­i­nitely worth it!

This vac­uum does every­thing. We had two vac­u­ums prior, One for large areas and another for  stairs. We got rid of both and can eas­ily use our Dyson for every­thing. It’s true, it never loses suc­tion. We have two dogs and can do the entire 3000 SF house with­out emp­ty­ing, and that’s a lot of hair!




Equipped with Dyson’s sig­na­ture Ball tech­nol­ogy, this upright vac­uum cleaner eas­ily twists and turns around fur­ni­ture and obsta­cles for thor­ough clean­ing through­out the house–no more missed angles or tire­some back-and-forth vac­u­um­ing. Its ball design encap­su­lates the machine’s pow­er­ful motor, cre­at­ing a low cen­ter of grav­ity for even eas­ier maneu­ver­abil­ity. Designed for homes with pets, the unit’s motor­ized brush­bar fea­tures pow­er­ful bris­tles that remove dirt and pet hair from car­pets, while its mini tur­bine head thor­oughly cleans con­fined spaces such as uphol­stery, stairs, and the car. It also sup­plies a quick-draw Tele­scope Reach wand, which expands to offer 16 feet of reach for stairs, drapes, uphol­stery, and more. The vac­uum cleaner uses Root Cyclone tech­nol­ogy to sep­a­rate dirt from the air by cen­trifu­gal force, which ensures effi­cient clean­ing with no clog­ging or loss of suc­tion.
For cleaner expelled air, the unit comes with a wash­able life­time HEPA fil­ter that traps micro­scopic aller­gens such as pollen and bac­te­ria. In fact, the air expelled from a Dyson has up to 150 times less bac­te­ria and mold than the air you breathe, and all Dyson uprights are cer­ti­fied asthma friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foun­da­tion of Amer­ica. The unit’s hygienic 1/3-gallon bin quickly emp­ties with­out ever hav­ing to touch the dust–just press the but­ton and dust emp­ties from the bot­tom; the clear poly­car­bon­ate bin also allows for eas­ily view­ing the clean­ing progress and gaug­ing when it needs to be emp­tied. Other high­lights include fin­ger­tip con­trols, a con­stant suc­tion power of 220 air watts, a 24–3/5-foot cord, a max­i­mum reach of 40–2/7 feet, and a light­weight design at only 16–1/8 pounds. On-board acces­sory tools include a com­bi­na­tion tool and a stair tool attach­ment. The vac­uum cleaner mea­sures 12–1/5 by 15–2/5 by 42–2/5 inches and car­ries a five-year parts-and-labor war­ranty.


The Dyson DC25 Ani­mal is a pow­er­ful upright vac­uum cleaner that works great on pet hair and other tough clean­ing tasks. This lat­est model in the Dyson Ball series allows you to vac­uum smoothly around fur­ni­ture and other obsta­cles with the sig­na­ture Dyson Ball technology.

Three pow­er­ful cyclones spin pet dan­der, hair, dirt, dust, and other aller­gens out of car­pet, and the life­time HEPA fil­ter traps micro­scopic aller­gens. You can rec­og­nize the Dyson Ani­mal vac­u­ums by their dis­tinc­tive and fash­ion­able pur­ple colour.

The Dyson DC25 Ani­mal is a lit­tle pricey, but worth every penny. It’s suc­tion cleans every­thing. The ball tech­nol­ogy is great. Vac­u­um­ing around tables, chairs and other fur­ni­ture is a breeze. The wand makes clean­ing ceil­ing cor­ners and base boards so easy to do. My only regret is not being able to review this vac­uum sooner. Even peo­ple who don’t like vac­u­um­ing will love it! Trust me, if you have pets, go buy the thing and never worry about pet hair again!


Vac­uum your home eas­ily with this upright vac­uum that fea­tures a motor­ized brush bar to remove dirt and pet hair from car­pets and a Tele­scope Reach wand.


I give this Dyson DC25 Ani­mal Ball-Technology Upright Vac­uum Cleaner a huge thumbs up, and rec­om­mend it to everyone!!

A huge thank you to Dyson Canada for giv­ing me the oppor­tu­nity to review this great vacuum!!



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Friday, October 2nd, 2009


Win a Dyson Ani­mal Vacuum!

And…for or all you need to know about your furry and feath­ered com­pan­ions sign-up for the Paws for Thought newslet­ter which deliv­ers advice from ani­mal experts across the coun­try! You can enter daily until Novem­ber 30th! Much Cool­Canuck Luck!! :)
Win a Vac­uum with Dyson!
A BIG thank you goes out to cqueen2 for post­ing this awe­some Contest!!

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