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Canadian Freebie ~ Review Squad ~ Dove ClearTone Antiperspirant

Friday, March 2nd, 2012



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Try and Review Dove® ClearTone™ Anti-Perspirant!
When it comes to dress­ing up for a night on the town, there is major beauty prep to be done from head to toe. Shav­ing is an inte­gral part of the process, and that includes your under­arms. How­ever, con­stant con­tact with a razor can cause dry and dam­aged skin, which leads to dis­coloura­tion. Luck­ily, the new Dove® ClearTone™ Anti-Perspirant has an effec­tive solution.
Dove® ClearTone™ Anti-Perspirant is specially-formulated with Cal­en­dula and Sun­flower Seed extract to help tone the top layer of under­arm skin, which can lose up to 50% of its nat­ural mois­ture due to shav­ing. The result is under­arms that are hydrated, healthy-looking, and pro­tected against dis­coloura­tion when used reg­u­larly over time—and, it still per­forms the trusted task of deliv­er­ing 24-hour odour and wet­ness protection.

wants to give 100 read­ers the chance to try the new ClearTone™ Anti-Perspirant (avail­able in Sheer Touch and Skin Renew scents) for free in exchange for their com­ments. Will you notice health­ier under­arm skin that is free of dis­coloura­tion? Will it keep you dry when you need it most? You tell us!

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