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Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

You all pretty much know by now how much sav­ing the Envi­ron­ment means to me, and find­ing eco-friendly com­pa­nies is extremely impor­tant to me!

I was delight­fully over­whelmed when I stum­bled across all of the eco-friendly prod­ucts that carries!!

We are now hear­ing it every where – the rea­sons to go eco-friendly, green prod­ucts, save the envi­ron­ment and recy­cle. But what does it all really mean and why do we need to become more eco friendly?

One obvi­ous rea­son is so that we can save our planet. Just think­ing about the enor­mous stash of plas­tic bot­tles that are thrown away every year which can­not dis­in­te­grate into the land.

Another big thing is Sav­ing ani­mals from extinc­tion! So many of the var­i­ous breeds of ani­mals and insects and all man­ner of liv­ing crea­tures are becom­ing threat­ened because of our habits.

And thirdly, Greener, envi­ron­men­tally friendly prod­ucts are much more kinder to our own health!

With that being said, Otter­Bot­tle is cer­tainly a Cana­dian Green com­pany who con­tributes greatly to the well being of our­selves, the envi­ron­ment, as well as the safety of our animals!

By recy­cling we can save energy, land space, money, and at the same time cre­at­ing new jobs, reduce air and water pol­lu­tion and keep our for­est green. Just a  lit­tle bit of everyone’s help can be a big thing!

By recy­cling, our home’s can be clean and we can reuse the same stuff again, and it can save us a lot of money each year.

By work­ing together, we can save our planet and keep it greener.

About Otter­Bot­tle, a blurb from their website:

“Since a very young age, Shan­non Andrukow has been a health enthu­si­ast and envi­ron­men­tal­ist keen on pre­serv­ing the planet for her fam­ily and future gen­er­a­tions. Advo­cat­ing the impor­tance of small steps to sav­ing the envi­ron­ment to friends and fam­ily (reduc­ing con­sumerism, reusing prod­ucts and avoid­ing per­ish­able ones, dri­ving less, recy­cling, turn­ing out lights, reduc­ing water use, seek­ing renew­able energy sources, encour­ag­ing green prod­ucts for the house­hold, buy­ing local, and so on), Andrukow has always prided her­self on her ded­i­ca­tion to help­ing Mother Earth.

After hav­ing kids, she became even more health-conscious and her inner-environmentalist emerged in full force.  Andrukow had been research­ing Bisphe­nol A (BPA) for a num­ber of years (long before Health Canada’s announce­ment to ban BPA) and after test­ing a cou­ple of “sus­tain­able” water bot­tles Shan­non found that she was not sat­is­fied with the look and per­for­mance of those bot­tles. Always a major pro­po­nent of reusable con­tain­ers, the options for a safe and styl­ish bot­tle at the time were extremely limited.

Shannon’s eco-chic diva sur­faced and she not only wanted to make a dif­fer­ence but she also wanted a bot­tle that spoke to her indi­vid­ual style.  Not to men­tion that she also wanted to pur­chase from a Cana­dian com­pany that sup­ported our envi­ron­ment – some­thing that was harder to do than she thought it would be!  There was no such com­pany out there, so she decided to make it her per­sonal mis­sion to cre­ate one.

She finally decided to cre­ate Otter­Bot­tle Inc. when she explored the idea with her hus­band and good friends.  Her close friend pro­vided her with the final nudge that she needed by encour­ag­ing her to pro­ceed with the thought of start­ing a com­pany that addressed all her concerns.

Andrukow devel­oped Otter­bot­tle Inc.– the name was born out of her desire to find a name that rep­re­sented some­thing pure, healthy and, of course, Cana­dian.  The otter, an ani­mal that lives in the water that we all need to pro­tect, was a per­fect fit.  What bet­ter than to have a com­pany name that is vir­tu­ally impos­si­ble to forget!

For Shan­non, found­ing Otter­Bot­tle Inc. has allowed her to do what she loves most in life; spend her days at home with her kids and make a dif­fer­ence for the earth that she wants to preserve.”

I was sent to review one of their won­der­ful new Insu­lated Tote Bags — no more using aim­less amount of plas­tic bags! They are intended to be reused repeat­edly to replace the use of hun­dreds of HDPE plas­tic bags.

Prac­ti­cal, Col­lapsi­ble, Com­pact and Reusable — Shop­ping and Reusable Insu­lated Tote Bags are styl­ishly durable and come in a vari­ety of colour­ful multi-patterns and designs.

I totally love mine and know that you will too! The very kind and gen­er­ous folks over at Otter­Bot­tle have gra­ciously offered to give 1 very lucky Cool­Canucks reader the chance to win an Insu­lated Tote as well! SWEET!!

Manda­tory Entry – ***This is a MUST!! Those who don’t ful­fill the very first entry will be dis­qual­i­fied! Also, any com­ments such as ‘enter me’ or ‘love to win’ will be deleted.***

1) Head on over to Otter­Bot­tle and check out all of the fab­u­lous prod­ucts! Please let me know what you would love to own from there?

————->The Above is MANDATORY before any extra entries count. <—————

*****EXTRA ENTRIES: (Optional, these are there for you just in case you would like more chances of win­ning!!)********** Leave com­ments all in one com­ment box, or in sep­a­rate boxes, that is totally up to you! Note: All entries left in one box only counts as one entry so your choice!****************

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A HUGE thank you to Otter­Bot­tle for spon­sor­ing us with this GREAT Con­test here at CoolCanucks!!




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