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CoolCanucks review of BuzzLush!

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013





Like many women, I am one who desires my acces­sories to be an exten­sion of my per­son­al­ity with them also being styl­ish, unique and func­tional. I have walked into the mall numer­ous times over the years in search of the per­fect purse or wal­let only to walk out with some­thing that is func­tional but very plain and “blah”. I have found that most stores have a very lim­ited selec­tion with colours and styles that are extremely bland. Now,  thanks to Buz­zLush those days are over! It is time to toss out those plain jane acces­sories and place an order at  Buz­zLush.





Buz­zLush is a Cana­dian owned, online acces­sories store that offers high qual­ity, unique, trendy items. The jew­ellery is styl­ish and funky; the purses/wallets/laptop bags are cute and fash­ion­able. They even have the pret­ti­est scarves to com­plete your out­fit and give it that extra bit of oomph. Once you look around Buz­zLush you will see the amaz­ing selec­tion of prod­ucts per­fect for you or for any woman lucky enough to be on your gift giv­ing list.  The selec­tions at Buz­zLush are end­less, you can choose the most adorable purse and then match it up with the same style of wal­let, change purse or makeup bag (I love that idea). All of the hand­bags, wal­lets, pass­port hold­ers and lug­gage tags are made of Vegan Leather which is durable and will not crack in cold weather. If you are look­ing for a lap­top, iPad, eReader or iPhone case you do not have to look any fur­ther, Buz­zLush offers the most incred­i­ble selec­tion to dress up your gear.





I was lucky enough to receive the Drag­on­fly — Shag­wear Wal­let — (Blue on Black) to review and I absolutely fell in love with it!! This wal­let is not big or bulky and it fits nicely in my purse. The flow­ers are pretty and vibrant with the embell­ish­ments mak­ing it stand out just a lit­tle bit more. All of my cards, money, coupons receipts fit per­fectly in it and I now look for­ward to tak­ing the wal­let out of my purse when hav­ing to pay for a pur­chase some­where. The com­pli­ments on this wal­let are sim­ply endless!!






There is a flat rate on ship­ping of only $7.00 and if you spend over $99.00 the ship­ping is free (Canada & USA). Also avail­able are gift cards in incre­ments of $20.00, that makes gift giv­ing even eas­ier. Make sure you join up for the Buz­zLush newslet­ter to keep up to date on upcom­ing prod­ucts and promos!!





All of these fash­ion­able items can be pur­chased online at Buz­zLush!


♥→I received prod­uct for review. The opin­ions within this post are of my own and I was not influ­enced in any way. Please do your own research before pur­chas­ing prod­ucts. Your opin­ions and results may dif­fer than mine.←♥




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CoolCanucks Review of Perky™ PLUS Stain Remover!

Saturday, August 25th, 2012


Being a huge ani­mal lover, I have a cou­ple of dogs. They WERE both house­bro­ken until my poor lit­tle Pomeran­ian turned 14 and is pretty much incon­ti­nent now. He can­not help it if he makes mis­takes by doing his duty in the house, as he just can­not seem to hold it any­more and it breaks my heart.

We have hard­wood on the main floor, but the upstairs as well as the base­ment is filled with car­pet­ing. I also have an area rug over the hard­wood in our liv­in­groom, and my lit­tle baby is known to have many acci­dents on that rug. He can­not get upstairs or down any­more, but my area rug sure takes a beat­ing! I want to go out and pur­chase a new one mind you, but there is no sense right now as it will only get soiled any­way … so when my dear lit­tle Pom “Beau” is called away to Rain­bow Bridge, (hop­ing not for a very long time) only then will I pur­chase a new rug.


I have tried lit­er­ally 10 or more prod­ucts that claim to get the tough stains out fast only to be dis­ap­pointed by the pretty much false adver­tis­ing. I would pur­chase bot­tle after bot­tle just pray­ing that that par­tic­u­lar one would work, only to find the stains still there, as usual.

I recently was intro­duced to Perky™ PLUS Stain Remover by Groom Indus­tries, (who has been man­u­fac­tur­ing pro­fes­sional clean­ing sup­plies for over 35 years and have just recently devel­oped these fan­tas­tic clean­ing prod­ucts and stain removers for the gen­eral pub­lic) and I was blown away by the results! The end results were fantastic!

I sim­ply applied the Perky™ PLUS Stain Remover onto a cou­ple of stains and then used the lit­tle handy brush that was included with the review prod­uct. Instead of just sit­ting on the sur­face, the Perky™ PLUS Stain Remover sank right in and actu­ally took care of the pesky lin­ger­ing stains that were on there pre­vi­ously!! I was hon­estly amazed on how great this worked! I truly rec­om­mend that every­one have a bot­tle on hand, espe­cially those with pets and/or childen! You won’t regret it, that’s for sure!

Perky™ PLUS Stain Remover scores a huge thumbs up from CoolCanucks!!

I received one or more of the prod­ucts men­tioned above for free using Regard­less, I only rec­om­mend prod­ucts or ser­vices I use per­son­ally and believe will be good for my readers.

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CoolCanucks Review of Yonanas Ice Cream Treat Maker!!

Friday, August 10th, 2012




I’ve loved ice cream for as long as I can remem­ber. I don’t think that I know a per­son who doesn’t love it! With all of those mouth­wa­ter­ing fla­vors, it’s hard for me to choose just one in par­tic­u­lar since they have so many scrump­tious kinds nowadays.

I would be the first one run­ning to the ice cream cart in the sum­mer months as a kid. As soon as those bells sounded, it didn’t take me long to talk my mom or dad into let­ting me have money to buy my favorite ice cream of all which was banana-fudge ice cream.

Bananas and choco­late seem to go hand in hand for some rea­son. The taste is amaz­ing and my mouth often waters just think­ing about this del­ish combination!





Bananas also seem to taste great when mixed with straw­ber­ries as well! I love all sorts of yummy treats in the sum­mer to be hon­est, and thank­fully my sum­mer crav­ings can be sat­is­fied right from my kitchen at home thanks to yonanas!!

What is yonanas you ask? Yonanas is a new, easy to use ice cream maker that uses frozen bananas and other ingre­di­ents to make low cost, healthy soft serve ice cream! Doesn’t that sound extremely appe­tiz­ing to the taste buds? Oh believe me, it is!!!!!






Yonanas turns frozen bananas into soft-serve ice cream. (No word of a lie!) You sim­ply insert frozen bananas (as well as other misc. fruits if you wish) and it tastes just like soft-serve ice cream. The most awe­some part is, you’re trick­ing your taste buds — it tastes just like real ice cream, but you’re really eat­ing pure fruit: a low cho­les­terol, antioxidant-rich treat that is actu­ally great for your body!

It tastes absolutely heav­enly,  and the com­bi­na­tions are end­less! Break­fast, lunch, din­ner, late night snack? Yes, Yonanas treats are a quick and easy fix for any­time at all!

What an excel­lent invention!



Here is a quick sneak-peek at how it works:




Isn’t that great? I rec­om­mend that every­one own one of their own Yonanas machine!!

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CoolCanucks Review of TOM BIHN Bags!!

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012




I absolutely love bags that hold a lot of items! It seems these days I’ve got more to carry when I leave the house. My com­puter comes with me of course! I can’t leave my house with­out my water, either! I gotta have my makeup bag! My cell phone! Snacks! My life is in my bag. That’s why I was so happy to find TOM BIHN Bags!!

With air­line lug­gage restric­tions and costs sky­rock­et­ing, many peo­ple are opt­ing for tak­ing only a carry-on bag when they can get away with it. Trav­el­ing only with a carry-on greatly increases ease of travel, as you don’t have to worry about bag­gage claim at the other end, or the has­sles of lost lug­gage. The high­est qual­ity carry-on bags com­bine max­i­mized space, ease of trans­port, and sturdy construction.




Ready for a bet­ter trav­el­ing com­pan­ion? TOM BIHN bags—ranging from carry-ons to phe­nom­e­nal backpacks—will make you won­der how you ever left home with­out them.

We do an awful lot of trav­el­ing as many of you already know, and I don’t want to pay the extra charges to check-in a sec­ond piece of lug­gage on my flight. I bring one good sized suit­case for my clothes and per­sonal items, and then I stuff what­ever I can into my carry on bag. I mean those prices for extra checked bag­gage is absurd nowa­days! I pay enough for my flights and hotels to begin with, so am cau­tious when pack­ing to ensure that I do not exceed my lug­gage weight.





I was absolutely ecsta­tic to have been able to review an awe­some TOM BIHN Bag called “West­ern Flyer”. Take the jour­ney to go with the West­ern Flyer.  This has more com­part­ments, func­tion­al­ity and access into one bag than ever before. It has tons of stor­age options, includ­ing a large main com­part­ment! It’s holds every­thing that I need, and does not acquire that over-stuffed bulky look. This bag exceeded my expec­ta­tions!! It was just the per­fect heigh and width for me!

If you are ready for a bet­ter trav­el­ing com­pan­ion, these bags—ranging from carry-ons to even backpacks—will make you won­der how you ever left home with­out them!!




TOM BIHN has a ton of other great bags too! And all at rel­a­tively inex­pen­sive prices! You’re sure to find a great gift for your­self, or any­one on your list this year!

TOM BIHN bags cer­tainly gets a huge thumbs up from Cool­Canucks, and I rec­om­mend this great com­pany to every­one out there!

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CoolCanucks Review of ToiletTree Products Toiletry Bag with Travel Accessories!!

Saturday, July 21st, 2012



I have reviewed an awe­some prod­uct from Toi­let­Tree Prod­ucts in the past called the Fog­less Shower Mir­ror and it was phe­nom­e­nal! This time around I had the oppor­tu­nity of review­ing the Toi­let­Tree Prod­ucts Toi­letry Bag with Travel Acces­sories and as usual, Toi­let­Tree Prod­ucts did not disappoint.

The Toi­let­Tree Toi­letry Bag is absolutely per­fect for my vaca­tions! As you know, we travel quite a bit. It’s not always easy find­ing small con­tain­ers to carry our trav­el­ling needs in. Now that this new Toi­let­Tree bag has come along, I can rest easy know that there is a lot less weight in our bag­gage as this cer­tainly cuts down on hav­ing to bring full-size bot­tles of sham­poo, con­di­tioner, pill bot­tles, etc. You can con­ve­niently pack every­thing that you require to have on board with you all in one awe­some bag!






“Toi­let­Tree Prod­ucts makes trav­el­ing eas­ier then ever! This toi­letry bag is designed to orga­nize all of your toi­letries in one place while trav­el­ing. This heavy duty bag has a large dou­ble zip­per com­part­ment for easy access. The bag also con­tains a sep­a­rate com­part­ment on the bot­tom of the bag for stor­ing included acces­sories.  Each toi­letry bag comes with 3 TSA approved travel bot­tles – indi­vid­u­ally marked as Sham­poo, Con­di­tioner and Body Wash. A tooth­brush case and col­lapsi­ble cup with pill holder makes trav­el­ing easy. Bag can also be used as a makeup or med­i­cine bag. The bag is designed with a fully water resis­tant, easy to clean nylon fab­ric inte­rior. The exte­rior fea­tures rein­forced dou­ble stitch­ing with pip­ing trim that is designed for easy cleanups.”


  • Designed to orga­nize all of your toi­letries while traveling.
  • Large dou­ble zip­per com­part­ment for easy access. Sep­a­rate zip­per com­part­ment located on the bot­tom of bag.
  • Bag comes with 3 TSA approved travel bot­tles, col­lapsi­ble cup with pill holder, and tooth­brush case.
  • Designed with a fully water resis­tant interior.
  • Can also be used as a makeup and/or med­i­cine bag.





I give the Toi­let­Tree Prod­ucts Toi­letry Bag with Travel Acces­sories a huge thumbs up and rec­om­mend that every­one own one!!

I received one or more of the prod­ucts men­tioned above for free using Regard­less, I only rec­om­mend prod­ucts or ser­vices I use per­son­ally and believe will be good for my readers.

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CoolCanucks Review of the Dyson DC35 Digital Slim Vacuum for Dad ~ Just in time for Father’s Day!!

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012




Ok read­ers. You all know that I am absolutely infat­u­ated with Dyson Canada, and their phe­nom­e­nal vac­u­ums. I can­not tell you enough that Dyson sells the very best vac­u­ums in the world, period.

The suc­tion on these Dyson’s are totally amaz­ing and they pick up basi­cally any­thing on any floor whether it is ceramic, vinyl, car­pet or hard­wood! I have yet to have some­one dis­agree with me about my opin­ion of Dyson Canada. They are, in my own per­sonal opin­ion, the best vac­u­ums that have ever been invented!!







Dyson is the most rec­og­nized and most pop­u­lar brand of vac­u­ums across the world. When one men­tions vac­uum clean­ers, Dyson imme­di­ately comes to mind.

It’s defi­nitely not a secret that Dyson pro­duces and sells stand-out vac­uum clean­ers both upright and can­is­ter style. Dyson aims to con­tinue their suc­cess­ful line of vac­u­ums, and just recently I was able to review their awe­some Dyson DC35 Dig­i­tal Slim Vacuum!

Father’s Day (June 17, 2012) is fast approach­ing and the search for the per­fect gift is on. By pur­chas­ing the new Dyson DC35 Dig­i­tal Slim Vac­uum for Dad, you will hon­estly make his life a whole lot simpler!!







The DC35 (also known as the Dig­i­tal Slim) is Dyson’s lat­est hand­held vac­uum cleaner for multi-floor with a detach­able long-reach wand and a motor­ized cleaner head.

The Dyson DC35 is also bag-less. All dust and dirt can be seen inside a trans­par­ent can­is­ter and with a press of a but­ton, you can eas­ily open the can­is­ter to dump all of that crap right into the garbage.

The power-efficient Dyson dig­i­tal motor makes this cord­less vac­uum amaz­ingly powerful!!







The Dyson DC35 Dig­i­tal Slim Vac­uum is a great pet hair picker upper, extremely con­ve­nient to store, is bag-less, cord­less, has enough suc­tion that a single-pass does the job, it has a no slip grip, and it is very easy to charge.

As you know, it’s always dif­fi­cult find­ing dad some­thing for Father’s Day that he does not already have. But now that the Dyson DC35 Dig­i­tal Slim Vac­uum for Dad has arrived, it’s here just in time for Father’s Day! This is the best Father’s Day gift by far!






“Dyson DC35 Multi floor is a Dyson Dig­i­tal Slim™ cord­less vac­uum cleaner for mul­ti­ple floor types– car­pet, ceramic, vinyl and wood.
It fea­tures a detach­able long-reach wand and a motor­ized cleaner head. Pow­ered by the Dyson dig­i­tal motor, it is the most pow­er­ful light­weight cord­less vac­uum.“




Father’s love sim­ple and hate hav­ing to med­dle with every­thing. The sim­pler, the bet­ter! This would be the per­fect gift for dad this Father’s Day 2012!!




“Father’s Day.  Make dad’s life eas­ier (and cleaner) with the ulti­mate guy gift — Dyson DC35 Dig­i­tal Slim cord­less Vac­uum cleaner.
Unlike tra­di­tional cord­less vac­u­ums that have a poor bat­tery life, no pick up and are dif­fi­cult to use — the Dyson DC35 Dig­i­tal Slim has been engi­neered for max­i­mum suc­tion. In fact, it’s the most pow­er­ful cord­less handheld.

Its motor­ized head uses car­bon fil­a­ments to remove fine dust from hard sur­faces any nylon brushes to remove dirt from car­pets. The detach­able long reach wand reaches up top, into awk­ward gaps and down below.”







The Dyson DC35 Dig­i­tal Slim:

•Boasts a light­weight ver­sa­tile design that quickly con­verts to a hand­held (so it’s 2-in-1) to eas­ily clean the car, boat, and any­where in between

•Energy Star bat­tery charger with a fade-free lithium-ion bat­tery, which charges 3 times faster

•Click-in recharg­ing sta­tion that hangs ver­ti­cally to pre­vent clut­ter and save space in the man cave




As always, the Dyson DC35 Dig­i­tal Slim Vac­uum sucks dust and dirt like you just wouldn’t believe. I always boast about the Dyson vac­uum cleaner to my friends. They are some­what pricey, but hon­estly worth every sin­gle penny. I’m always amazed how much dust and dirt it col­lects from my car­pet, hard­wood floors, and area rugs.


I am sold on any­thing Dyson Canada car­ries, and hon­estly rec­om­mend Dyson to every­one out there. Believe me, you won’t be sorry!



The Dyson DC35 Dig­i­tal Slim Vac­uum (made just for Dad) can be found at many retail­ers at and major Cana­dian retail­ers: Future Shop, Best Buy, The Bay, Home Out­fit­ters, Sears, Cana­dian Tire, The Brick, Wal­mart, Home Depot, and inde­pen­dent retail­ers across Canada.

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CoolCanucks Review of So…? Fragrance Canada ~ Fragrance with Attitude!!

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012




So…? Fra­grance with Atti­tude is hon­estly one of the pret­ti­est scents that I have smelled in a very long time. I dis­like smelling a woman wear­ing strong scents where you feel like you are going to puke and your eyes start to water uncon­trol­lably! It’s like this per­son, (a per­fume whore) poured or sprayed half of a bot­tle on her­self prior to leav­ing the house and does not notice that she smells pretty disgusting!!





I per­son­ally wear only soft fra­grances. A soft fra­grance is one that mag­ni­fied a mil­lion times would still smell pleas­ant.
My idea of hell would be to be trapped in an ele­va­tor with a woman drenched in the old strong per­fumes that our grandma’s used to wear and I used to smell when I was a kid. Most per­fumes are so harsh they feel like an ice pick being dri­ven up my nose. Per­fume is so per­va­sive. It snakes its way right inside me. Sci­ence tells us the sense organs in the nose are actu­ally ten­drils of the brain reach­ing out like a snake’s tongue to sam­ple the gen­eral envi­ron­ment. I wish peo­ple would be more polite with perfumes.






As one get’s older, your sense of smell fades. This is why older peo­ple often over­douse them­selves with per­fume. Don’t trust your own sense of smell to decide how much is enough. It will always smell less intense to you than it does to oth­ers, and of course it will smell nicer to you than to oth­ers since you picked the fragrance.

The scent of woman’s per­fume should be sub­tle and pleas­ing. Per­fume is a very per­sonal state­ment. Catch­ing a whiff of a woman’s per­fume should turn heads and bring smiles to faces. Per­fume should be applied in just the right places for proper effect.



“So…? Fra­grances offer a per­fect com­bi­na­tion of four allur­ing, deli­cious yet tempt­ing scents to trans­form you into the girl you want to be.…

So…? Fra­grances are avail­able in Wal­mart, Zellers, Jean Coutu and Lon­don Drugs.”





I received 2 prod­ucts to review (one body spray, and one 30 ml bot­tle of gor­geous eau de toi­lette) from the fol­low­ing two So…? Fra­grance collections:


So…? Kiss me




So…? Eter­nal


Both of these fra­grances just blew me away. They hon­estly both smell heav­enly and are very pleas­ant to the nostrils!!





When apply­ing your per­fume, a dab of fra­grance to what are called the pulse points is usu­ally more than enough. Pulse points are where the blood ves­sels are clos­est to the skin, like the wrists, neck­line, behind ears, and behind the knee are the best places to apply a great scent!

I am so impressed with the So…? Fra­grance Canada scents that I was so blessed to review, and give this com­pany a huge thumbs up!!






Please fol­low the So…? Fra­grance Canada Face­book Fan Page to stay tuned for their fab­u­lous new scents! I have fallen in love with these phe­nom­e­nal scents and know that you will too!!




♥→I received prod­uct for review.  The opin­ions within this post are of my own and I was not influ­enced in any way.  Please do your own research before pur­chas­ing prod­ucts.  Your opin­ions and results may dif­fer than mine.←♥

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CoolCanucks Review ~ Mini Savers ~ The Baby Mama Saver kit!

Thursday, April 26th, 2012



Ok, like so many of you, I have this huge purse and it’s basi­cally filled with noth­ing that is impor­tant. I should be very well car­ry­ing with me the stuff that I require on hand most of the time, to save myself from a headache should any minor emer­gency occur.

I was totally blessed to be con­tacted by Mini Savers to review their newest prod­uct called The Baby Mama Saver kit. First of all, Mini Savers are com­pact kits that hold all that one really should be car­ry­ing on them at all times. Mini Savers’ mis­sion is to pro­vide you with all the things you need but never seem to have with you on hand. The orig­i­nal Mini Saver is called the Shame Saver, that is absolutely per­fect for a girl’s night out. No mat­ter what dis­as­ter your night may bring, the Shame Saver has every­thing you need but never seem to have with you, and it fits inside your clutch!


Included in the Shame Saver is:


Fold up flats: Whether it’s the night of, or the morn­ing after, throw these on to retire your stilet­tos and soothe your soles.

♥Fold up sun­glasses: To make it look like you meant to wake up that early and go for a walk, while actu­ally hid­ing your con­fused, what hap­pened, where am I, I don’t feel so good, walk of shame face.

♥Pain Reliever: a cure for the com­mon 6 shots of tequila.

♥Deodor­ant: Lets face it, we don’t all smell like roses after 3 hours of get­ting down on the dance floor.

♥Makeup Remover: if you aren’t sleep­ing at home, I rec­om­mend using these before pass­ing out, to avoid smudg­ing bronzer all over your friend’s pil­low. (I swear they think that tan is real!) … may be used the next morn­ing too.

♥Con­dom: Just in case…

♥Mint Drops: To dis­guise that late night pizza binge

♥Lip balm: just in case you meet the per­son of your dreams, and end up mak­ing out on the dance floor all night.

♥Hair band: Put away that lion’s mane that doesn’t always end the night as pretty as it first started.

♥Per­fume Bot­tle: Fill this baby up with your sig­na­ture scent. Spray it on your­self, spray it on your friends, spray it on your boyfriend’s pillow …






They also have a neat kit called the Fes­ti­val Saver! Inside this nifty lit­tle kit are all of the things you would no doubt require dur­ing an out­door fes­ti­val! Pretty neat right? Down­right bril­liant if you ask me!!

The awe­some Baby Mama Saver kit is ter­rific for those mom­mies on the go who are con­tin­u­ally for­get­ting everything!


The Baby Mama Saver kit includes:


For Baby:


♠Dia­per Rash Cream – You and baby will both regret for­get­ting this at home. No one likes a sore tushy.

♠Baby Wipes– Ever change a dia­per with­out one of these? … it isn’t pretty.

♠Scented Trash Bag – For when there is no appro­pri­ate place to toss that stinky dia­per, and you have no choice but to take it along.

♠Kids Hand San­i­tizer – Go ahead, let them play in the dirt, pick their friends nose, and suck on their thumb; just make sure to sanitize!

♠Boogy Wipes– Remem­ber that kid on the play­ground who had a huge slimy booger rest­ing on his top lip? (Why didn’t his mom wipe that off for him?) Don’t let your baby be the booger buddy.

♠Bib – When feed­ing baby with the “air­plane tech­nique” (we all know it), a bib can come in handy, just in case it’s a bumpy ride.

♠Spot Remover– The time will come when you’ll show up to a spe­cial occa­sion to find a fresh spit-up stain right on baby’s clean, pressed shirt (or yours). Worry no more with this on-the-go stain remover!

♠Sun­screen– Once upon a time, tan skin was all that mat­tered. Now you are pay­ing for those sunscreen-less hours in the sun, with wrin­kles, and sunspots, and chem­i­cal peels, oh my! Here’s your sec­ond chance: live vic­ar­i­ously through your baby, pro­tect­ing their flaw­less skin from those risky rays that have done you wrong!

♠Antibi­otic Oint­ment – We all know that kiss­ing it makes it bet­ter, but a lit­tle antibi­otic oint­ment might help too.

♠Ban­dage – Ban­dage that boo boo to keep the cries in and the germs out!


For Mama:
♣Lip Balm –You prob­a­bly can’t resist kiss­ing those soft cheeks. Whether they are on baby’s face or tush, make sure your lips don’t scratch that baby smooth skin.

♣Hair Tie –To keep your locks out of baby’s food, face, and dirty diaper.







I sug­gest that every­one own 1 or all 3 of the Mini Savers Kits! The Mini Savers are incred­i­ble and totally afforable!!

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CoolCanucks Review of PaigeLauren Baby Dream Collection

Sunday, April 15th, 2012




Paige­Lau­ren is def­i­nitely one of those com­pa­nies that really blows you away as soon as you see the baby clothes that they carry! Paige­Lau­ren has some really adorable cloth­ing. If you have never heard of Paige­Lau­ren, I am urg­ing you to check out their web­site. After brows­ing through all of their col­lec­tions and see­ing all of the lovely baby clothes, I now have a huge list that I am plan­ning to buy for my new lit­tle nieces!! The pic­tures really doesn’t do these pieces jus­tice at all, one has to see them up close and in per­son!! Sure the chil­dren look absolutely amaz­ing in these clothes but what you don’t see is the qual­ity, details, and the amaz­ing soft­ness that totally exceeded my expec­ta­tions when I was sent a cuddly-soft PAIGELAUREN baby — Clas­sic Dou­ble Layer Blan­ket to review, which came straight from their newest Dream Col­lec­tion! This blan­ket is awe­somely soft, and the mate­r­ial is like none other! If I could buy clothes and linens for myself from Paige­Lau­ren, I would absolutely do so!






Paige­Lau­ren recently intro­duced their Paige­Lau­ren Baby Dream Col­lec­tion which each piece of cloth­ing being even nicer than the next! I was happy to know that the gor­geous baby cloth­ing in the new Dream col­lec­tion are offered in new and trendy colours for spring, and can also be found in sizes new­born to 24 months. The very best baby cloth­ing can be found right here at PaigeLauren!





Paige­Lau­ren Baby out of Los Ange­les is an excit­ing new brand in the layette and baby clothes world. These baby clothes are so soft and fea­ture vibrant, lively col­ors, always using unique com­bi­na­tions of fab­ric, like pima cot­ton and micro modal. These are hands down, the most styl­ish baby clothes on the mar­ket today and they are also ultra, super soft! To boot, they are actu­ally pro­duced in down­town Los Ange­les! Paige Lau­ren her­self, super­vises the pro­duc­tion of these baby clothes to ensure they meet her high stan­dards of con­struc­tion and style. These clothes are so styl­ish, fash­ion­able and funky,  I am hon­estly wish­ing she makes an adult ver­sion of these clothes in the future!!





Be sure to ‘like’ the Paige­Lau­ren Face­book Fan Page, and fol­low paige­lau­ren­baby on twit­ter!






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CoolCanucks Review of Nutra Luxe MD Nutra Face Lift Micro-current!

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012




Nutra Luxe MD is a highly trusted and rep­utable com­pany with many sat­is­fied cus­tomers all over the world. Based in Florida, USA, Nutra Luxe MD offers an exten­sive array of All Nat­ural Anti-Aging Skin Care Prod­ucts. Founded by Mr. Peter von Berg with the objec­tive of devel­op­ing sci­en­tif­i­cally advanced, clin­i­cally proven anti-aging skin ther­a­pies, Nutra Luxe MD prod­ucts are the most advanced indus­try tech­nol­ogy with extremely afford­able pric­ing! These clin­i­cally proven anti-aging skin ther­a­pies were for­mu­lated for both men and women!





It is never too early to begin tak­ing care of your skin. Pre­ven­tion is always the best way to ensure that you don’t ever have to really search for a cure for fine lines and wrin­kles in your later years. When you do find an anti aging skin prod­uct that can help your skin to pro­duce the col­la­gen it needs, pre­vent­ing the loss of elastin and hyaluronic acid, this is a great way to ensure that you hold onto a more youth­ful look­ing appear­ance, longer.

There are actu­ally numer­ous rea­sons for why it is ben­e­fi­cial to keep­ing a more youth­ful, glow­ing appear­ance. The main rea­son is that this will assist you to ensure that your own nat­ural col­la­gen pro­duc­tion is con­tin­u­ous. As we age, the skin’s abil­ity to pro­duce ker­atin, which in turn pro­duces col­la­gen begins to get a lit­tle slower. This then leads to a loss of elas­tic­ity, which can cause the dreaded sag­ging. When we use Nutra Luxe MD nat­ural anti aging skin prod­ucts, they pre­vent dam­age to the skin cells them­selves, and the loss of hyaluronic acid. Col­la­gen fibers need hyaluronic acid in order to be able to con­tinue to remain elastic.






Anti-aging skin­care prod­ucts can make your skin look smoother. One of the main rea­sons it is so impor­tant to use nat­ural skin care prod­ucts when you can is because about 60% of what you apply to your skin will be absorbed into your body and into your blood­stream. As many of you know, I am always encour­ag­ing every­one to go green and use nat­ural prod­ucts. When I say nat­ural skin care prod­ucts, I mean using prod­ucts that will not leave a foot­print on mother earth. Choose the best nat­ural skin­care prod­ucts like those from Nutra Luxe MD Nat­ural Skin Care Prod­ucts.









I was ecsta­tic to be able to review one of the hottest sell­ing phe­nom­e­nal prod­ucts that Nutra Luxe MD car­ries, called the Nutra Face Lift Micro-current! I hon­estly do not know how I got along with­out this fab­u­lous life­saver, but now this is some­thing that I can­not do with­out!! Hit­ting my 40’s was no easy task for me, and I took it very hard. It was a big blow to my sys­tem! I know that we all age in time and it’s inevitable, how­ever I was one that used to think that 30 was old!! I am now def­i­nitely notic­ing the fine lines, the crows feet, and the slight wrin­kles form­ing here and there on my face which are truly not wel­comed. This Nutra Face Lift Micro-current was a com­plete God-send, and I can totally notice the dif­fer­ence around my eyes in just one week’s use!








  • Ton­ing device pro­vides facial reju­ve­na­tion for a youth­ful look
  • Firms and tones due to smooth con­trac­tion of mus­cle fibers
  • Look radi­ant and rede­fine your youth­ful, nat­ural complexion
  • Strength­ens skin tex­ture and nat­ural elasticity
  • Accel­er­ates col­la­gen pro­duc­tion to pre­vent skin from get­ting thin­ner and


This is anti-aging treat­ment made easy, safe, and afford­able. Erase years in only 5 min­utes per day. Micro-current tech­nol­ogy is used as a treat­ment to lift, firm, tone, and tighten the skin and vis­i­bly dimin­ish fine lines and wrin­kles. This has been used for years in doc­tor offices, spas, salons, and med-spas around the world, but now you can get the same treat­ment at home at only a frac­tion of the price!!

Over time, your mus­cles respond to repeated mus­cle ges­tures and “mem­o­rize famil­iar actions. Using a tech­nol­ogy that has been avail­able for years in doc­tor offices, the Nutra Face Lift device deliv­ers a gen­tle micro cur­rent to the cells, lead­ing to the firm­ing of facial mus­cles and strength­en­ing of the skin tex­tures.  This sooth­ing, pain-less stim­u­la­tion restores the nat­ural skin bal­ance and gen­tly tones your face from the com­forts of your home.

Sim­ply apply the Nutraluxe VITAMIN C/ STEM CELL on your face (you can also use the optional enclosed con­duc­tiv­ity gel).  Turn the device ON by push­ing the but­ton in the mid­dle of the dial and choose your inten­sity with the UP/ DOWN but­ton.  Sim­ply glide your two elec­trodes as described in the user man­ual over your skin. You will love the results just as I did and still do!! I will NEVER stop using this awe­some prod­uct, and totally rec­om­mend that every­one have one, woman or man!!










♥→I received prod­uct for review.  The opin­ions within this post are of my own and I was not influ­enced in any way.  Please do your own research before pur­chas­ing prod­ucts.  Your opin­ions and results may dif­fer than mine.←♥


Buy It!! Avail­able online at Nutra Luxe MD

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