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CoolCanucks Donates to the Community!!

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

Not too long ago, I left a mes­sage in our Cool­Canucks forum here stat­ing that I was in a giv­ing mood this year, and asked all of my mem­bers from Cool­Canucks if they would be inter­ested in giv­ing to the less-fortunate this year dur­ing the Christ­mas 2009 Season.

Well the response that I got from my won­der­ful group was overwhelming!!

I asked the mem­bers that instead of send­ing me cash — that it would be bet­ter if they sent me gift­cards, because as sadly as it is, unfor­tu­nately alot of par­ents out there would just take the cash and buy booze and/or cig­a­rettes instead of spend­ing it on food/toys for them­selves or their chil­dren. I am not try­ing to be mean, how­ever it is reality.

Nor am I clas­si­fy­ing this as every­one, but sadly there are cer­tain par­ents out there such as that who exist and self­ishly think of their own needs and addic­tions before the kids. This really breaks my heart.


The Cool­Canucks fam­ily raised just shy of $500.00 as to which we donated to our Sault Ste. Marie Ontario Soup Kitchen!

You can see the web­site here.

I really have grown to love all of my Cool­Canucks mem­bers and con­sider each and every one of them as my fam­ily — my many broth­ers and sisters.

They are so lov­ing and car­ing, the best group of peo­ple EVER!


Thanks every­one at Cool­Canucks for mak­ing alot of less for­tu­nate peo­ples lives so much brighter and hap­pier this Christ­mas sea­son, 2009. I sin­cerely LOVE YOU ALL!


You don’t know how much you have all touched me for help­ing out. Home­less­ness and star­va­tion breaks my heart so badly. I feel for each and every­one out there liv­ing on the streets hun­gry with no place to call ‘home’. We seri­ously don’t know how for­tu­nate we really are!


Also, mccorda21 sent me a pri­vate mes­sage the other day and said that we will surely dou­ble this amount next year in 2010!! I was so excited when he sent me that mes­sage, we can do it, and WE WILL!! Mark our words!!




Merry Christ­mas Cool­Canucks, and may Karma come back at you ten-fold for help­ing the less for­tu­nate! God Bless us All!



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