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Saturday, June 4th, 2011


For some, it can be hard to imag­ine a world with­out plas­tic – espe­cially plas­tic bags.

The cons of using plas­tic bags are so over­whelm­ing I don’t think I can think of any pros. They are a huge pol­lu­tion prob­lem, their light­weight design allows them to blow away eas­ily. The fact that they are free gives them no value so peo­ple don’t think about how they dis­pose of them. They are made from petro­leum, which could be used for fuel or energy. They don’t biode­grade, instead they break­down and are mis­taken for food and are often eaten by both land and marine ani­mals which is fatal. They are found every­where and many ani­mals become fatally entangled.

They are not biodegrad­able, so they will per­sist pretty much for­ever, wher­ever they end up. Land­fills if we are lucky, but because of their wide­spread use and their abil­ity to fly away in the wind, they can be a big part of the trash along roads and fields. If they get into the water, they look like food and end up clog­ging the stom­achs of a vari­ety of ani­mals, most famously sea tur­tles look­ing for jellyfish.

The recy­cling of plas­tic bags, while prefer­able to other dis­posal meth­ods, is not cost-effective. Plas­tic bags have only existed for 25 years yet the bil­lions that have been pro­duced since then have caused immea­sur­able dam­age to the envi­ron­ment and to wildlife.

Thanks to ChicoBag Reusable Bags, there is no more need for this DREADFUL plastic!!

In 2004, ChicoBag Pres­i­dent Andy Keller went to his local land­fill after doing some back­yard land­scap­ing, and was shocked by the num­ber of plas­tic bags he saw. On the way  home, he noticed plas­tic bags caught in trees, stuck in fences, blow­ing along on the ground. He vowed that day to stop using plas­tic bags, and using a sec­ond hand sewing machine, began work­ing on what would become the first ChicoBag.

All of ChicoBag Reusable Bags are neatly cat­e­go­rized and also come in an exten­sive array of fash­ion­able designs and colours mak­ing shop­ping a com­plete snap! Not only are these bags eco-friendly, they are eco-chic to boot!!

ChicoBags are made from recy­cled mate­ri­als includ­ing pop bot­tles into bags that are both func­tional and stylish!

I was sent the CHICOBAG MESSENGER10 rePETe with a great waist strap to review, and one lucky Cool­Canucks reader will win one of these sweet bags as well, cour­tesy of the kind and gen­er­ous folks over at ChicoBag!! SWEET!!

To enter:

*Head on over to ChicoBag and tell me a prod­uct which you would REALLY love to try.

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**Give­away open to both Canada & US and expires on July 4th, 2011**

A HUGE thank you to ChicoBag for spon­sor­ing us with this GREAT Con­test here at CoolCanucks!!




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