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Fire-up the Grill with BIC™ FlameDisk®

Friday, June 7th, 2013

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Simplify Your Life with Erica Ehm and BIC Velocity Bold! ($100 Giveaway!!)

Monday, August 20th, 2012

Study Reveals Cana­di­ans Choose the Power of the Pen to Help Orga­nize Hec­tic Lifestyles

BIC Inc. part­ners with multi-faceted mom, Erica Ehm to offer tips and advice on how to sim­plify our lives with hand­writ­ten notes and doable to-do lists

Life is busy.  Work. Gro­cery Shop­ping.  Errands.  House­hold chores.  More errands. Add a child or two and life gets even busier.  Some­times, there’s the need to take a moment, grab a pen and paper, and write a to-do list!

Reliance on tech­nol­ogy for many every­day tasks is at an all-time high, yet a recent national study of adults by BIC, con­ducted by Cana­dian Omnibus, reveals that 85% of Cana­di­ans most often hand­write notes or lists to stay orga­nized.  A global leader and dis­trib­u­tor of ball­point pens, BIC has part­nered with founder/publisher of, Erica Ehm, to help pro­vide sound advice on how to orga­nize our lives with effec­tive hand-written notes and to-do lists.

“From my own expe­ri­ence, I face multi-tasking chal­lenges every day, so I under­stand all too well the impor­tance of hand­writ­ing notes and lists to help sim­plify my life,” says Erica Ehm, an author, actress, jour­nal­ist, busi­ness­woman, mom and wife who jug­gles it all.  “No doubt tech­nol­ogy is impor­tant – but the fact remains that when you write some­thing down such as a to-do list, you seem to get it done!  This leads to a hap­pier more pro­duc­tive and less stress­ful lifestyle within both the work place and home.”


How to Make Your To-Do List Doable

Do you often feel over­whelmed by the amount of work or chores you have to do or do you some­times just for­get to do some­thing impor­tant?  All of these are symp­toms of not keep­ing a proper “to-do list.” There’s no bet­ter feel­ing than check­ing some­thing off your list — Fin­ished! Com­plete! Mis­sion Accom­plished!   To ensure your to-do list guides you through your day, Erica has these time-saving tips!

  • Set aside 10 to 15 min­utes before you go to bed or as soon as you wake up in the morn­ing to jot a to-do list for the day;
  • Keep your list short (under 20 items) and ensure it is on one page and can be car­ried with you wher­ever you go;
  • Try assign­ing tasks to hourly slots, even if exact tim­ing isn’t crucial;
  • Fig­ure out when you are most pro­duc­tive and alert. Sched­ule the more demand­ing tasks dur­ing these times;
  • Sched­ule an easy job after a dif­fi­cult one or a long task after a short one to keep your­self stimulated.
  • Use spe­cific, active verbs when you tell your­self to do some­thing and include as much infor­ma­tion as pos­si­ble (i.e. Phone the den­tist at 555‑1235 to book an appoint­ment the first week of October)
  • Keep a pen and pad of paper by your bed at night.  Write down any ideas or tasks you think of thru the night so you can clear your mind and have a rest­ful, worry-free sleep.
  • Log your com­pleted tasks and revel in your own productivity!

“The process of putting pen to paper for impor­tant notes and lists makes it a per­sonal com­mit­ment and helps retain the tasks more firmly in our minds,” says Erica. “I also believe a person’s hand-writing is expres­sive and very spe­cial and I love receiv­ing hand writ­ten lists and notes from my chil­dren.  Know­ing they took the time to hand­write a note or card for me is very inti­mate and shows thought and care.  Those take pride of place in my office!”

Cana­di­ans Want Hand­writ­ten Praise!

The study also revealed many Cana­di­ans pre­fer to receive a hand­writ­ten note of praise or thanks from each of the fol­low­ing peo­ple com­pared to an email – espe­cially from our family!

Hand­writ­ten Note vs. Email

  • From our Spouse/Partner 64% 7%
  • From our daughter/son 54% 9%
  • From a Fam­ily Mem­ber 49% 17%
  • From a Close Friend 44% 20%
  • From our Boss 37% 25%

Reduce emails and con­nect with fam­ily & friends by send­ing them hand­writ­ten notes, birth­day cards, flow­ers and thank you notes through­out the year, you can read more on this at luxi­rare.  Include a hand­writ­ten note in your husband’s suit­case before a busi­ness trip and your child’s lunch­box or overnight bag for their first sleep­over.  The sim­ple act of writ­ing a note of thanks and appre­ci­a­tion speaks volumes!

Make a Smooth Tran­si­tion Back to School and Work!

The sur­vey also indi­cates that 90% of Cana­di­ans feel writ­ing smooth­ness and over­all qual­ity are impor­tant fea­tures when using a pen to hand­write a note.  Hand­writ­ing should be smooth and pol­ished and a good qual­ity writ­ing instru­ment is key!  To help Cana­di­ans make a smooth tran­si­tion back to school and work after a lazy, warm sum­mer sea­son, BIC offers the Smoothest Pen in the Uni­verse™ — the Veloc­ity® Bold ball pen.

This retractable pen fea­tures the Easy-Glide Sys­tem® — BIC’s exclu­sive ink tech­nol­ogy, for smoother writ­ing and a more vivid line. Its moulded rub­ber grip and 1.6 mm bold point gives the user writ­ing con­trol when putting pen to an impor­tant con­tract or exam with a more bold, vivid line of ink. Veloc­ity Bold ball pens are avail­able at major retail­ers. Manufacturer’s sug­gested retail price is $4.49 for a pack­age of four.

I received some for review and I love them so much!! I love the way they feel in my hand while writ­ing, the glide so smooth and do not smear, and they come in a gor­geous array of colours!!

About BIC Inc.

BIC Inc. (Canada) is a sub­sidiary of BIC Cor­po­ra­tion (, a lead­ing dis­trib­u­tor of sta­tionery prod­ucts, lighters and shavers.  Since it’s found­ing more than 50 years ago, BIC has hon­ored the tra­di­tion of pro­vid­ing high-quality, afford­able prod­ucts to con­sumers every­where.  Through this unwa­ver­ing ded­i­ca­tion, BIC has become one of the most rec­og­nized brands in the world.

♥→I received prod­uct for review. The opin­ions within this post are of my own and I was not influ­enced in any way. Please do your own research before pur­chas­ing prod­ucts. Your opin­ions and results may dif­fer than mine.←♥

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