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CoolCanucks ~ Bee Free Honee Review!!

Sunday, May 6th, 2012



Bee Free Honee is a small com­pany and it is amaz­ing! Bee Free Honee tastes phe­nom­e­nal! It is made from apples and lemons and lightly sweet­ened, but it is 80% apples and the apples used are of very top qual­ity! This com­pany is still small but grow­ing so it isn’t sold in a whole lot of places yet, but you can pur­chase it on Ama­zon. You will also find it in a few stores in a few states. It is deli­cious driz­zled on a piece of toast with some cin­na­mon, or even bet­ter you can sim­ply tilt your head back and squeeze it right from the bot­tle into your mouth! Superb!





Bee Free Honee is a unique sweet­ener with a slightly tart fla­vor. It is “apple honey” in that it is made from apples rather than by bees! Only three all-natural ingre­di­ents are used: apple, pure cane sugar, and lemon juice. There is noth­ing arti­fi­cial, no added colour and no corn syrup.

Bee Free Honee can be used in BBQ sauces, hot and cold bev­er­ages, vinai­grettes, gra­nola, cakes, breads, and more! Basi­cally, if you use tra­di­tional honey in the recipe, you can use Bee Free Honee interchangeably.

Pour it on your pan­cakes, waf­fles, or french toast; it makes won­der­ful apple syrup. It’s “apple honey” on your morn­ing toast, yogurt, or oat­meal. Use Bee Free Honee any way you can imagine…but most impor­tantly, enjoy it.

Made in Min­nesota, using strictly Mid­west apples. The bot­tles and caps, labels, boxes that they are cased in are all from the Twin Cities. It’s as local as you can get!

12 oz squeeze bottle.

It con­tains Apple juice made from con­cen­trate (water, apple juice con­cen­trate), pure cane sugar, lemon juice.



Nutri­tional Infor­ma­tion:

Serv­ings:  1 Tbsp
Serv­ings per con­tainer:  16
Calo­ries:  60
Car­bo­hy­drates:  16g
Total Fat:  0g
Sat­u­rated Fat:  0
Trans Fat:  0g
Sodium:  0mg
Sug­ars:  16g
Fiber:  0g
Pro­tein: 0g



“Just as you would have more than one fla­vor jam in your refrig­er­a­tor, this gives you a new fla­vor for your pantry.  It is an apple syrup for your pan­cakes as well as an all nat­ural sweet­ener.  It is great for kids and it is Min­nesota made while strictly using Mid­west apples.  It is Bee Free Honee and if your co-op or gro­cery doesn’t carry it, then please be sure to ask for it!”








My all time favorite thing to put on toast is peanut but­ter and honey. Just prior to doing this review I had my toast. I spread on the peanut but­ter and squeezed the Bee Free Honee on top.

The taste? Incred­i­ble!! I could not notice the dif­fer­ence between the reg­u­lar honey and Bee Free Honee! Spec­tac­u­lar!!!!! Do I pre­fer this over reg­u­lar honey? Absolutely!! And the rea­son? It is an all-natural prod­uct that will sup­ple­ment the honey short­age! All nat­ural vs. loaded with ingre­di­ents that one rarely hears of? All Nat­ural please!! It is made from only the best mid­west apples instead of bees! What an excel­lent inven­tion by Katie Sanchez of Min­nesota! The funny is, that Bee Free Honee was born after a sim­ple error that Katie made in the kitchen one day!

One day in 1999, while try­ing to make a less sweet ver­sion of apple jelly and being a novice with jelly, Katie acci­den­tally cre­ated some­thing that was def­i­nitely not jelly.  Not want­ing to be waste­ful, she ‘canned’ it only to dis­cover in the morn­ing, that what she had was honee!  How cool is that??






Bee Free Honee gets a huge thumbs up from this Cool­Canuck, and I rec­om­mend this phe­nom­e­nal tast­ing prod­uct to every­one out there!!

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