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Saturday, March 31st, 2012



Every­one loves to save money, espe­cially in this day and age. The cost of gas has sky­rock­eted, and many ‘extra’ items have been cut out of the fam­ily bud­get as there is just no room in that bud­get for any extra’s.

The price of food has risen, among so many other neces­si­ties which makes so many peo­ple sad and depressed. Liv­ing from pay­check to pay­check seems to be a must now for many families.

There are so many prod­ucts that you so badly want to pur­chase online, how­ever you only have $100 extra to part with, and you choose to spoil your­self this time as you are for­ever spend­ing this lit­tle extra money on your fam­ily. We all know that $100 today does not go far, but rest assured, $100 will get you a ton of items over at Eden­Fan­ta­sys! Be sure to shop their spring clear­ance sale to get mul­ti­ple items such as sexy lin­gerie, lux­ury items, and a whack of their best­sellers! You will be so excited to know that one can save 70% off of 1000+ items now!!!!!





Eden­Fan­ta­sys has slashed their prices big­time on items such as vibra­tors, dil­dos, sexy lin­gerie, adult sex games, cock rings, sexy panties, lubes, health and beauty prod­ucts, con­doms, mas­tur­ba­tors, body creams and bub­ble­bath, and lit­er­ally so much more!!





If you want to turn up the pas­sion ten fold in your sex life, Sex toys are the key, and sex toys are dis­crete! Sex toys are excit­ing, plea­sur­able, and a very wel­comed addi­tion into the bed­room. Rela­tion­ships often end from lit­tle or no com­mu­ni­ca­tion between lovers not dis­cussing the things that actu­ally make them tick in the bed­room, and if your sex life is bor­ing right now and you are read­ing this, then I sug­gest that you try some sex toys or even some arous­ing body lotions or mas­sage oils! I will guar­entee that the bore­dom will end com­pletely. The best thing about order­ing these sex toys online is that you don’t have to be embar­rassed of actu­ally going into a sex store to pur­chase them, and they arrive at your doorstep in a reg­u­lar box with no indi­ca­tion of what is really inside!





Be sure to stop by Eden­Fan­ta­sys to grab every­thing that you can pos­si­bly dream of, and all at low unbeat­able prices! You just can’t go wrong shop­ping online at the phe­nom­e­nal Spring Clear­ance Sale that is hap­pen­ing right now!! Your part­ner will hon­estly thank you for it!!








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Adult Sex Games ~ Do you play them in Your Bedroom?

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012



Let’s go back in time for a moment. I want you to visu­al­ize how awe­some your sex life used to be when you were a teenager, or even in your early twen­ties. Just think about how your sex life was before your kids came along. Unfor­tu­nately the real fact is that many cou­ples lose inter­est in main­tain­ing a healthy sex life as we grow older, or we skip sex entirely for sleep due to a crazily busy lifestyle.





When you enter into a solid rela­tion­ship in your 20’s or 30’s, it’s extremely easy to let all the grown-up stuff push play­time to the back of the line. (Bad idea!!)

Bring back the fun and excite­ment you two once shared by intro­duc­ing adult Sex games into your bed­room! You can find many excit­ing adult games at Eden­Fan­ta­sys! is your num­ber 1 online sex shop for all of your adult plea­sures, needs, and wants!

Sex games not only add spice and totally break up that nasty bed­room bore­dom, but they also open up the lines of com­mu­ni­ca­tion and give you an excuse to expand your sex­ual reper­toire!! Also, adult sex games add a new mean­ing to unlim­ited fun between the sheets!!




If you crave more spice in your love life, adult sex games are truly the way to go!

This is cer­tainly an excel­lent way to get that fire burn­ing bright again with the adult sex games that are intended for cou­ples to play in the pri­vacy of their bed­rooms. Put the “play” back in your fore­play with these erotic mind  blow­ing adult sex games!



Why not order up an exten­sive selec­tion of bed­room sex games and present them as a gift to your lover? Then let the games begin!

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