Dec. 08

Sweet Libertine Cosmetics Review!


Sarah Waller started Sweet Lib­er­tine Min­eral Cos­met­ics on Feb­ru­ary 14th, 2009. Unsat­is­fied with the qual­ity and price of high-priced cos­met­ics, she spent months try­ing to find a bet­ter option. It wasn’t long until Sarah was mak­ing her own eye­shad­ows, blend­ing col­ors and micas and oxides. Her friends heard about it and asked her to list some in her Etsy shop and she did – and the entire store sold out within an hour. Sweet Lib­er­tine con­tin­ued to grow over time and is now run by Sarah Waller and her hus­band, Justin.



What I like about Sweet Lib­er­tine is that they blend  most of her own colours. The names of the prod­ucts are absolutely awe­some.  I love the humour and wit behind the business!!

I had the oppor­tu­nity of being able to review Sweet Lib­er­tine Shad­ows, I really liked the shad­ows. A prob­lem I have with a lot of min­er­als is that they tend to get muddy/cakey on my lids right away. These colours kept an excel­lent level of iri­des­cence and  clar­ity  through the work­day. As with any min­eral shadow, primer is a must!


I give Sweet Lib­er­tine a huge thumbs up! Shop­ping online with them is a com­plete snap as every­thing you are look­ing for is so neatly categorized!

You can shop inex­pen­sively by click­ing here for their website.

You may also join their face­book fan page here, or fol­low them on twit­ter: @sweetlibertine

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