Nov. 17

Rexall™ Flu Ready Kit now only $12.99 (Regularly $20!) Canadian Deals

Rex­all™ Flu Ready Kit — Get yours today for only $12.99!!

The Rex­all Flu-Ready Kit has every­thing you need to be pre­pared for the flu and H1N1 influenza.
Pick up the Rex­all Flu-Ready Kit today at your local Rex­all™ fam­ily of phar­macy to help keep your fam­ily safe from the flu and the H1N1 influenza. The Flu Ready Kit, with items val­ued at over $20, is now avail­able for $12.99.

Here are the flu kit items:


Rex­all Vit­a­min C 250mg OrangeChews 100’s
Vit­a­min sup­ple­ments help boost your immu­nity.

Rex­all Extra Strength Day/Night Combo Flu Relief Caplets 20’s
If you become ill with the flu, this prod­uct con­tains ingre­di­ents to help reduce the sever­ity of your symp­toms (fever, cough & stuffy nose).

Rex­all Grip Assist Tooth­brush
It’s impor­tant to replace your tooth brush at least every three to six months and again when you are ill to pre­vent rein­fect­ing your­self.

Par­malat Yogurt Coupon
Recent stud­ies sug­gest that a sin­gle serv­ing of yogurt every­day can pro­tect you from colds and the flu. Yogurt’s pro­bi­otics are also impor­tant in recol­o­niz­ing the intes­tine dur­ing and after antibi­otic use by replen­ish­ing good bac­te­ria.

Rex­all Antibac­te­r­ial Liq­uid Soap 500mL
Stay healthy by wash­ing your hands, espe­cially after sneez­ing or cough­ing and after touch­ing sur­faces oth­ers may have touched.

Rex­all Facial Tis­sue 3 Ply Pocket Pack
Be sure to cough or sneeze in a tis­sue and dis­pose of tis­sues imme­di­ately after­wards.

Rex­all Nat­ural Cana­dian Spring Water 500mL
If you become ill, it’s impor­tant to drink plenty of flu­ids to keep your body prop­erly hydrated.

Rex­all Hand San­i­tizer 60mL
When you don’t have access to soap and water, be sure to use an alco­hol– based hand san­i­tizer.

Clorox® Dis­in­fect­ing Wipes Coupon

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