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Please Pray for Layla Grace!



This is a very sad and touch­ing story. If you are famil­iar with the blog­ging world, than I am almost cer­tain that you have heard about the sweet lil angel Layla Grace.

Layla Grace has Neu­rob­las­toma which is one of the most com­mon kinds of can­cer in chil­dren. It occurs most often in babies and very young chil­dren and is 70–90% cur­able if detected early.

She is a sweet lit­tle 2 yr old princess from Texas, and her days here on earth are soon com­ing to an end unfortunately.

I find it impor­tant that any­one who has Face­book to please join their Face­book Fan Page. For every new fan, they will donate $1 to fight for Layla Grace — to cover the fam­i­lies med­ical bills, etc as the fam­ily does not have insur­ance. The fam­ily faces huge med­ical bills not cov­ered by insur­ance, and in a twist of fate, just when her fam­ily was hope­ful that Layla’s con­di­tion was improv­ing, her father was laid off work and Layla received her ter­mi­nal diagnosis.

Read more about this touch­ing story here.

Please! Every­one who is read­ing this I solemnly beg you to become a Face­book Fan! They really do need the money, and all it takes is one FREE click to become a fan! You must do so before March 12th.

May God Bless Layla Grace and her entire fam­ily. We are all pray­ing for you! xo


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  1. Mom's Best Bets
    March 7th, 2010 at 12:51 am

    Oh, what a touch­ing stor­ing and brave fam­ily. I am praing for this child.

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  3. Sam
    March 7th, 2010 at 10:45 pm

    your prayer touched me. I’m pray­ing! I found this site help­ful Check it; maybe it gives you a relief. God bless.

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  5. Rest in Peace Layla Grace!
    March 11th, 2010 at 2:08 pm

    […] recently wrote a blog post here ask­ing every­one to pray for the 2 yr old lit­tle angel, Layla Grace, who was suf­fer­ing from a form […]

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  7. suzanne anctil
    March 11th, 2010 at 4:52 pm

    see web faustina-messages,and and a lot of catholics with lit­tle ester 4years have been pray­ing for all chil­dren and the whole world.Esther ask Jesus and Mother Mary to give Lala their kisses and take care of her.The Eter­nal Father in his Divine Will wanted his baby girl in his arms with Jesus and Mother Mary! When I prayed for Craig in front of him at hos­pi­tal in a coma God took him home at 3:33pm that very day! I love him so much said Jesus and the Holy Trin­ity that he was given con­fes­sion mass and straight to heaven! Your lit­tle one is now in the arms and kisses or God Almighthy of Mercy and Mother Mary our Queen of Mercy and Peace! with the rosary ‚Divne Mercy Chap­let and the confession,mass and Per­pet­ual Ado­ra­tion. Jesus say Mother Mary is at the right hand of the Most Pre­cious Eucharist and Most Pre­cious Blood Cup of Sal­va­tion. the Liv­ing God Almighty Body Blood Soul and Divin­ity the Sacred Hearts of the Holy Trin­ity there wait­ing with Mother Mary at his right hand and Archangel Micheal pro­tec­tion them at his left. and all saints,holy soul your Layla Grace with Pope John Paul Ii our fam­ily in heaven wait­ing for you to take God and Mother Mary tears away and He is wait­ing to take your tears and give you peace! He save a cou­ple from usa canada and another coun­try with 2kids after they for­gave the per­son that killed their fam­ily mem­ber in front of them.and now they are safe! You all will be safe ‚Don’t Worry about finance…to the rosary,Divine Mercy Chaplet..God will con­vert some­one in need of no idol­iza­tion and cov­et­ing of money but also the gift of love and th e10commandments in prac­tice God First with all prayers and Mother Mary’s inter­sses­sion prayers to God Almighthy“Save Us O Holy Queen by the Grace of Jesus” through Mary our prayer war­rior mother and queen to God..just a holy fam­ily with the Divine Fam­ily God Almighty prayers in love and mercy !love and God bless and all my prayers espe­cially the one at con­se­cra­tion at the mass where bread and wine because God in the Most Spe­cial Mir­a­cle the Holy of Holies in front of you Body Flesh Soul Blood and Divine­ity YOUR Divine Love,Peace,HOPE,your breath and life!