Mar. 10

CCFC and Abbott Announce new IBD Initiative in Support of Students



Crohn’s and Col­i­tis Foun­da­tion of Canada and Abbott Announce new IBD Ini­tia­tive in Sup­port of Students

New Schol­ar­ship Pro­gram Empow­ers Stu­dents with IBD


A recent sur­vey of Cana­di­ans liv­ing with or affected by inflam­ma­tory bowel dis­ease (IBD), car­ried out by the Crohn’s and Col­i­tis Foun­da­tion of Canada (CCFC), found that a major­ity of youth feel that they could have achieved more at school if they did not have the dis­ease. Nearly 70 per­cent of respon­dents were delayed in com­plet­ing their post-secondary edu­ca­tion due to their illness.

Unfor­tu­nately, a major­ity of IBD patients endure many chal­lenges when it comes to their edu­ca­tion. With inten­sive med­ical treat­ments, debil­i­tat­ing symp­toms and lengthy hos­pi­tal stays, keep­ing up with school can become extremely difficult.


Inflam­ma­tory bowel dis­ease (Crohn’s dis­ease and ulcer­a­tive col­i­tis) causes intesti­nal tis­sue to become inflamed, form sores and bleed eas­ily. Patients suf­fer from symp­toms includ­ing abdom­i­nal pain, cramp­ing, fatigue and diar­rhea that are often urgent and unexpected.


·         Dur­ing an active flare-up of the dis­ease, 86 per cent of suf­fer­ers have more than five bowel move­ments or “false urges” a day, and 14 per cent of those have more than 20 per day;

·         Dur­ing an active flare-up of the dis­ease, 44 per cent of suf­fer­ers described their pain as ago­niz­ing and debil­i­tat­ing or steady pain that lasts for hours;

·         66 per cent expe­ri­enced depres­sion and anx­i­ety dur­ing an active flare of their disease.*

To sup­port Cana­dian stu­dents liv­ing with IBD, empower them and to raise aware­ness about this chronic dis­ease, CCFC and Abbott Canada are launch­ing the new Abbott IBD Schol­ar­ship Pro­gram, designed to help encour­age stu­dents to live well with IBD so that they can excel at their per­sonal and aca­d­e­mic goals.


Through an unre­stricted edu­ca­tional grant by Abbott in Canada, CCFC will extend seven one-time schol­ar­ships of up to $5,000 CAN to stu­dents liv­ing with IBD who are enter­ing into or cur­rently attend­ing a post-secondary edu­ca­tional insti­tu­tion. Stu­dents of all ages are wel­come to apply and the schol­ar­ship can be used for any Cana­dian post-secondary institution.


“The Abbott IBD Schol­ar­ship Pro­gram sup­ports stu­dents with Crohn’s and col­i­tis dur­ing a crit­i­cal time in their lives, help­ing ensure their dis­ease doesn’t pre­vent them from achiev­ing their full poten­tial,” says Dr. Kevin Glas­gow, CCFC’s Chief Exec­u­tive Officer.


“Due to the iso­lat­ing nature of the dis­ease, peo­ple liv­ing with IBD too often miss out on the great life expe­ri­ences many of us take for granted, includ­ing com­plet­ing their edu­ca­tion. While the search for a cure con­tin­ues, we believe this part­ner­ship with Abbott will open many doors, and help lift some of the bur­den of liv­ing with IBD,” he added.


“We are very pleased to be part­ner­ing with the CCFC on this impor­tant ini­tia­tive. Enabling and encour­ag­ing those liv­ing with IBD to get back to what is impor­tant in their lives, like con­tin­u­ing their edu­ca­tion, is essen­tial in tak­ing charge of their ill­ness and not let­ting it stop them,” adds Felipe Pas­trana, Gen­eral Man­ager, Pro­pri­etary Phar­ma­ceu­ti­cals, Abbott Canada.


The Abbott IBD Schol­ar­ship Pro­gram – The A, B, C’s

The Abbott IBD Schol­ar­ship Pro­gram, in sup­port of CCFC, is designed for appli­cants of any age enter­ing into or attend­ing a Canadian-based post-secondary insti­tu­tion. Appli­cants must be:

·         A legal and per­ma­nent res­i­dent of Canada

·         Diag­nosed with inflam­ma­tory bowel dis­ease by a physician

·         Seek­ing an associate’s, under­grad­u­ate, or grad­u­ate degree or enrolled in a trade school edu­ca­tional program

·         A stu­dent who demon­strates aca­d­e­mic ambi­tion and embraces a way of life that goes above and beyond the bound­aries of liv­ing with Crohn’s dis­ease and ulcer­a­tive colitis

·         Enrolled in or await­ing accep­tance from a Canadian-based post– sec­ondary insti­tu­tion for fall semes­ter of 2012

Visit for full appli­ca­tions details.


About CCFC

·         The Crohn’s and Col­i­tis Foun­da­tion of Canada is a volunteer-based reg­is­tered char­ity ded­i­cated to find­ing the cure for Crohn’s dis­ease and ulcer­a­tive col­i­tis, com­monly referred to as inflam­ma­tory bowel disease.

·         The Foun­da­tion is com­mit­ted to edu­cat­ing IBD patients, their fam­i­lies, health pro­fes­sion­als and the gen­eral pub­lic about the diseases.

·         Since its found­ing, CCFC has invested more than $71 mil­lion in IBD research, mak­ing the foun­da­tion a world leader in non-governmental fund­ing of IBD research

·         Cana­dian researchers funded by CCFC are con­duct­ing cut­ting edge research and are sus­tain­ing the hope for a cure worldwide.


For more infor­ma­tion about CCFC, please visit


About Abbott

Abbott is a global, broad based health care com­pany devoted to the dis­cov­ery, devel­op­ment, man­u­fac­ture and mar­ket­ing of phar­ma­ceu­ti­cals and med­ical prod­ucts, includ­ing nutri­tion­als, devices and diag­nos­tics. The com­pany employs approx­i­mately 91,000 peo­ple and mar­kets its prod­ucts in more than 130 countries.


Abbott has been oper­at­ing in Canada since 1931 and its Cana­dian oper­a­tions are head­quar­tered in Mon­treal, Que­bec. Abbott Canada employs more than 2,000 peo­ple. Abbott’s news releases and other infor­ma­tion are avail­able on the company’s web sites at and


Join the Gutsy Walk as it is the Crohn’s and Col­i­tis Foun­da­tion of Canada’s (CCFC’s) most ener­getic and fun fundrais­ing event! On June 10, 2012, thou­sands  of Cana­di­ans at almost 80 loca­tions across the coun­try will walk together to raise  money to find a cure for inflam­ma­tory bowel dis­ease (IBD), which is made up of  Crohn’s dis­ease and ulcer­a­tive colitis.


Teams  are the fastest grow­ing type of par­tic­i­pa­tion. There are so many ways to form a  team. Look around you and turn your friends, fam­ily, col­leagues and class­mates  into team­mates. There are many dif­fer­ent types of teams you can form:

Friends  and fam­ily team
Talk to your fam­ily and friends and ask them to join your team. These are the peo­ple who will care about your per­sonal life and  you’ll be sur­prised how sup­port­ive they can be.


Work­place  team
Gather your co-workers, busi­ness asso­ciates, clients or  sup­pli­ers to form a work­place team, and don’t for­get to ask com­pa­nies about  their “Cor­po­rate Match­ing Program”


School/college  team

Ask your teach­ers, stu­dents, par­ents or sup­port staff from your  school or college.








Level Amount Raised Prize
A $50 *****Water bot­tle (You will receive at the event)
B $125 *****$10 Cana­dian Tire Gift Card + water bottle
C $250 *****$25 Cana­dian Tire Gift Card + water bottle
D $500 *****$50 HBC Gift Card + water bottle
E $1,000 *****$100 HBC Gift Card + water bottle
F $5,000 *****$500 Future Shop Gift Card + water bottle









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» 2 Responses to “CCFC and Abbott Announce new IBD Initiative in Support of Students”

  1. Ricki911
    March 10th, 2012 at 2:01 pm

    Glad to see they have this!. I have Ulcer­a­tive Col­i­tis and went through high school and part of col­lege with­out a diag­noses. Even after a diag­noses I was told to suck it up and if you dont want to go to col­lege then its your prob­lem (many pro­fes­sors said this). I think more aware­ness is needed within the class­rooms and teach­ing staff. I felt as if I was fight­ing a bat­tle with every­one else. I use to go to class bent over in pain oth­er­wise I would get a 0 in the class. I am now think­ing of going back to school and will look into this.

  2. 2
  3. roxxyroller
    March 11th, 2012 at 12:56 pm

    Ugh sounds scary! I am sorry Ricki911! I hope that you too will become involved in this awe­some event so no one else has to suf­fer and endure what you had to! :( Hugs!