Dec. 10

Lingerie ~ How do you choose the best?



Choos­ing the cor­rect sexy lin­gerie that is per­fect for you may take a bit of prac­tice. Since there is such a tremen­dous range of colours, sizes and styles avail­able today, one does not have to be wor­ried about not find­ing lin­gerie that is made just for them!

For those curvy divas, find­ing the right type of lin­gerie for your body is not dif­fi­cult nowa­days either as plus size lin­gerie is def­i­nitely included in the exten­sive array out there today!! The plus size lin­gerie styles are just as sexy as the reg­u­lar sizes, and you can feel erotic in these sen­sual pieces!






You have to feel extremely comfy with your own body before you can totally feel at ease with your­self. Empha­siz­ing the cor­rect body parts, (which is not nec­es­sar­ily show­ing more skin) will make you feel bold and desir­able. Always accen­tu­ate your pos­i­tive fea­tures and play down the neg­a­tive. If your body shape is straight ~ with bust, waist and hips almost the same, choose a style that will drape over your fig­ure and stay away from tight fit­ting lin­gerie. Com­fort is just as impor­tant as the way you look. Nobody wants to feel inse­cure like they are being restricted in the wrong places.


Lin­gerie should nei­ther be too tight nor too loose. It is avail­able in sev­eral dif­fer­ent styles made of dif­fer­ent fab­rics. You can pur­chase lin­gerie in mate­ri­als like flan­nel, linen, satin, cot­ton, silk, leather, lace, and vel­vet. Pas­tel coloured lin­gerie claims to look best on fair com­plex­ioned wear­ers, while darker shades would look best on slightly tanned women. Dark skinned females look their best in pas­tel or in bright shades, as these colours form a good con­trast with their skin colour.



Coloured lin­gerie suit the brunettes the best, while pas­tel shades suit blondes the best. Red haired wear­ers look best in earthy shades, and com­mon colours like black, white and red would suit absolutely every­one! You can try and find a match between your skin color and color of the lin­gerie also.

To build the per­fect lin­gerie wardrobe, con­sider orga­niz­ing it by all dif­fer­ent themes! Pur­chase Valentine’s Day lin­gerie, Christ­mas lin­gerie (which usu­ally comes com­plete with Santa Hat) or Hal­loween lin­gerie, and all with match­ing shoes. Col­lect bridal night­gowns or for those who enjoy role play­ing, dress up like a nurse or as a sexy French maid that is sure to turn any guy on! And for more mod­est but fun night fash­ions, explore retro lin­gerie styles!



Sim­ply pur­chase the right lin­gerie that can give you a stun­ning look, and this will fill you with loads of con­fi­dence to face the crowd every time!!


Thoughts or sug­ges­tions? I cer­tainly wel­come them!

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