Oct. 27

Kraft Canada ~ New Various Kraft Coupons on Save.ca!



Click here to order the fol­low­ing new coupons from Kraft Canada that are now avail­able on the Save.ca Canada web­site! This is part of Face­book, so be sure to click the ‘like’ tab to have access to these great coupons!

Coupons include:

$1.00 off Kraft Mooza Snacks
$1.00 off Kraft Din­ner Smart
$1.00 off Kraft Cheez Whiz
$1.00 off Cool Whip
$1.00 off Mousse Jello
$1.00 off Kraft Philadel­phia Dip

Thanks mas­ter­rocker for shar­ing these awe­some coupons with us in our CoolCanucks.ca coupon thread!



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» One Response to “Kraft Canada ~ New Various Kraft Coupons on Save.ca!”

  1. Marty
    March 5th, 2011 at 5:09 am

    Hi there I was won­der­ing if you could send me any coupon you have on hand. I do use the coupons most times, but now it’s more impor­tant than ever for me as I was in a bad car acci­dent Jan 3rd 2011 and I’m not able to return to work yet and I didn’t have proper insur­ance so I’m strug­gling a bit for this year, but I work hard so I’ll be back on track soon but the coupons will be a big help right now. I have kids in school so I use a lot of lunch items, etc. So what ever you can send me will be great. Thank you so much!!!!
    Marty wasyl­ciw box 2037 veg­re­ville Alberta Canada t9c1t2