Sep. 25

Kellogg’s All Bran — Throw Fibre into your Diet the Yummy Way!


The main func­tion of fibre is to keep the diges­tive sys­tem healthy and func­tion­ing prop­erly. Fibre aids and speeds up the excre­tion of waste and tox­ins from the body, pre­vent­ing them from sit­ting in the intes­tine or bowel for too long, which could cause a build-up and lead to sev­eral diseases.

Fibre passes through the body vir­tu­ally unchanged along with other digested food until it arrives at the large intes­tine. What hap­pens next depends on which type of fibre is present.

In the case of insol­u­ble fibre, it pro­motes the growth of a cer­tain friendly bac­te­ria that fer­ments and makes the waste mate­r­ial soft and bulky, which in turn helps it to pass through the intestines quicker to the bowel and out of the body.

Insol­u­ble fibre pre­vents con­sti­pa­tion, which con­sists of small, hard and dry fae­ces that are hard to pass, by adding bulk and liq­uid to aid move­ment, and pro­mote reg­u­lar bowel move­ments. A larger and softer stool is able to pass through the intestines and bowel more eas­ily and flu­idly and is eas­ier to evacuate.

As waste mate­r­ial passes through the body quickly and does not stay in the intestines or bowel for very long, tox­ins are not able to build up and accu­mu­late. This is impor­tant in the pre­ven­tion of dis­tress­ing dis­eases such as bowel can­cer or other can­cers, con­sti­pa­tion, irri­ta­ble bowel syn­drome, haem­or­rhoids and diver­ti­c­uli­tis. 

There are a whack of recipes out there using a secret ingre­di­ent — Kellogg’s All Bran!

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  1. Doreen Riopel
    September 25th, 2010 at 6:20 pm

    Hmmmm. Thanks so much. They are on my fave list now.