Nov. 14

Insect eggs found in Applebee’s Canada Coleslaw Mix!!

Recently I made a post on our Cool­Canucks blog, from Applebee’s Canada as to which you could receive a free entree on Remem­brance Day. To view this post, click here.

Well tonight I received an email from a Gen­tle­man who wrote me through our CoolCanuck’s ‘con­tact us’ form, as he prob­a­bly assumed that we were tied to Apple­bees Canada in some way.

Here is the email from a gen­tle­man via our Cool­Canucks con­tact us form which stated the following:

“The fol­low­ing mes­sage was sent to you via the — Canada Con­tact Us form by Brian Thomas”

“The reg­u­lar web­site appears to be down.  I stopped at the Apple­bees in Bran­don last Sat­ur­day and had the trio plat­ter.  Part of my meal used a coleslaw mix at the veg­etable.  I was nearly done my meal when I saw some­thing strange on the  red cab­bage.  I found insect egg cases or feces.  I stopped our server and showed this to her, she took it to the man­ager who said “the prod­uct comes pre­washed” and did noth­ing about the grossed out cus­tomer.  I would have refused to pay for the meal, but my wife’s aunt grabbed the bill and paid it.  Now you have an upset ex cus­tomer, it was my idea to go to Apple­bees, who is pass­ing on the story of the won­der­ful cus­tomer ser­vice to all of my aquaintences.”

I as a con­sumer find this very dis­turb­ing to say the least! This gen­tle­man was extremely upset, as I too would have been!! Ugh­h­h­h­h­h­hhh! Doesn’t that just sound extremely appetizing??




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