Feb. 15

I am Rewording “Wordless Wednesdays” to “Whiney Wednesdays”, well … because … I’m a Whiner at Times!!



Yes, I know what most of you are think­ing right now — there is pretty much noth­ing worse to lis­ten to than whin­ing. Do I enjoy lis­ten­ing to it? Not on your life!! Do I enjoy whin­ing myself on occa­sion? I damn well do!!

Grow­ing up in a fam­ily with 6 kids, my par­ents had the per­fect “Brady Bunch” fam­ily which con­sists of 3 boys, and 3 girls. Where do I fit in this lineup? I am the baby, and would not have it any other way!!

My 3 older broth­ers and 2 older sis­ters spoiled me rot­ten, as did my par­ents. What­ever I wanted, I basi­cally got on a sil­ver plat­ter while walk­ing on the long red car­pet that they rolled out for me. “Your hinus” is a term that my broth­ers and sis­ter used reg­u­larly, and it made me feel spe­cial! Did I ever get into trou­ble in my life? Oh yes I did!! Did I get spanked on the ass grow­ing up? Ouch yes!! Did I ever get the fly swat­ter across the butt? Mmmmm Hmmmm! Did I do that same thing again that ini­tially got me into trou­ble? No frig­ging way!! Need­less to say: whin­ing, cry­ing, and tak­ing temper-tantrums got me mostly any­thing that I desired, mate­ri­ally that is!

I hang my head in shame now for act­ing like this grow­ing up, and I don’t know how my par­ents actu­ally put up with me! I almost see myself as being a lit­tle devi­ous evil Nelly Olson when I was a kid, and am cer­tainly not proud of it by all means!!

My par­ents had nick­names for me, 1 being “Heather-Bells”, and the other being “Pet”. My older broth­ers still call me “Pet” to this day, and it doesn’t even dawn on me — it’s just like they are call­ing me Heather. I con­tinue to apol­o­gize to my now elderly par­ents (Mom 77, Dad 83) to this day, and they just laugh and tell me that it is alright, that I never got into any trou­ble with the law or pulled off any­thing harsh, (nor did my broth­ers or sis­ters for that mat­ter, so they obvi­ously did some­thing right when rais­ing our dys­func­tional fam­ily! lol). The worst part though? To this day I con­tinue on with this behav­iour but with my hus­band, and it works!!



If I were him, I would not stick around with a whiney per­son who only take fits when they can­not get their own way! I would have been long gone! He con­tin­u­ally tells me that I am just a spoiled brat who always got every­thing I wanted, and tries to tell me that this behav­iour won’t work with him, but he hon­estly gives in 95% of the time! At the time, I really don’t care. I want it, I need it, and I don’t care! I am get­ting it come hell or high water!! The thought of my child­hood plays over and over in my mind just like it was yesterday.

I am a suck-ass and I know it, and well frankly for him to put up with me obvi­ously means that he really truly does love me! I know deep down that I should not be act­ing like a 5 year old tak­ing tantrums, but when the time comes that my hus­band relays that dreaded word “NO!”, I will not have any­thing to do with that word, and NO means YES in my vocabulary!!




Well, there is my Whiney Wednes­day rant, and I am sure that there are unfor­tu­nately peo­ple just like me out there, and if so, I would love to hear your stories!!

Until then, Happy Whiney Wednesday!!






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  1. ursula b
    February 15th, 2012 at 12:34 pm

    Well grow­ing up I had this bff who was so whiney, demand­ing at times. But she was a good friend and a awe­some per­son. She had the most awe­some par­ents, we could do what­ever we wanted to do, cook, crank the tunes, run around and drive her broth­ers nuts, we could even crank the heater in my truck song and I don’t think I ever seen her get in trou­ble. All her broth­ers and sis­ters were so awe­some, I envyed that because I didn’t have any broth­ers or sis­ters, until I was 10. The whin­ing doesn’t mat­ter when your friend is hon­est, funny, happy and a awe­some per­son. Heather will always be my true friend…