Nov. 06

Gojane Review


I recently stum­bled across a Web­site on the Inter­net called “” and I was com­pletely Flab­ber­gasted when I saw all of the hot items that they sell on their site, at REALLY CHEAP prices to boot!!

Go is an Inter­net retailer of fash­ion for­ward apparel for pro­gres­sive young women.  We spe­cial­ize in offer­ing unique and dar­ing styles that can’t be found else­where.  The web site is designed to pro­vide the most dynamic selec­tion of cloth­ing on the Inter­net by con­stantly intro­duc­ing new styles and prod­ucts.   We add over 100 new styles every week to keep you at the fore­front of fash­ion.  Why wait for the next cat­a­log of the same old pic­tures?  Find some­thing new at

They sell all kinds of cloth­ing for women in the lat­est styles and colours. You can find any­thing from Tops to dresses to pants to skirts to swimwear to even footwear!

***GoJane adds over 300 new items every Fri­day evening!***

I con­tacted the owner, who let me review any­thing that I wanted from their website!

Wow WAS IT HARD to choose just one item!!

I nar­rowed it down to 10 items, and then slept on it.

The next morn­ing, I went for the boots since I need new boots for walk­ing the dogs out­side this winter.

They sent me these boots, and I am com­pletely ecsta­tic and floored to say the least.

These boots are the most comfy pair of boots that I have ever owned in my life. They are lined, win­ter ready, and keep your ten­der toot­sies extremely toasty-warm! Not only do they keep your feet warm, they are extremely sharp look­ing and styl­ish to boot!


Fur pom pom boot go jane


Are these boots not won­der­ful?? I love them so much! I want to thank GoJane for this won­der­ful oppor­tu­nity for let­ting me review them!

Check out every­one! They hon­estly have the cheap­est prices for cloth­ing and footwear for women that I have ever seen. I will be order­ing a Christ­mas gift or 10 from them!


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  1. sherry nickerson
    November 6th, 2009 at 1:20 pm

    wow they look nice..going to check out the site now:):)