Jul. 09

Fondue Makes a Comeback!



Velata: new inno­va­tion makes it quick, easy and convenient.



Food trends expert Chris­tine Cou­ve­lier reveals all the biggest trends for summer




Toronto, ON – Fash­ion trends, beauty trends… food trends? Have you ever won­dered how food items become so pop­u­lar that you start to see them every­where? One of Canada’s lead­ing food tren­dol­o­gists Chris­tine Cou­ve­lier projects food trends five years in advance. She says fon­due is a fun and inno­v­a­tive dessert idea for sum­mer and aligns with some of the biggest trends in food: small bites – big tastes, food on a stick, and food mem­o­ries. Intro­duc­ing the next gen­er­a­tion of dessert fon­due: Velata. Velata warm­ers trans­form the fon­due expe­ri­ence into a family-friendly, hassle-free afford­able lux­ury. It fea­tures a sil­i­cone dish that keeps one of four sig­na­ture flavours of pre­mium Bel­gian choco­late at the per­fect tem­per­a­ture for dip­ping with no flame, scorch­ing, com­pli­cated instruc­tions, or messy clean up.




“Stay­ing ahead of global food trends is imper­a­tive to devel­op­ing timely food prod­ucts that peo­ple want and need over the long term,” says Chris­tine Cou­ve­lier, Food Trends Expert, Culi­nary Concierge. “Velata takes fon­due to the next level with unprece­dented con­ve­nience, over­com­ing the chal­lenges of old-fashioned, high-maintenance fon­due sets. Velata is so easy to use with such sim­ple setup and cleanup – you just plug-in the elec­tric warmer, microwave the choco­late in its pack­age, pour into the dish, and dip your favorite foods. When your fon­due expe­ri­ence is over, just pop the dish in the dish­washer – it’s that simple!”




Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Velata warm­ers use a 25-watt light bulb to melt your choice of Bel­gian choco­late in the sil­i­cone dish that pre­vents heat from escap­ing, keep­ing the melted choco­late at the per­fect tem­per­a­ture and con­sis­tency with no stir­ring required. The dish goes from the refrig­er­a­tor to the microwave to the dish­washer with ease and elim­i­nates all the has­sle of tra­di­tional fondue.



“The big trends this sum­mer are small bites — big tastes because indi­vid­u­als are becom­ing more health con­scious but still want their sweet indul­gences in mod­er­a­tion; food on a stick because con­sumers often seek nov­elty items that make food more fun; and food mem­o­ries because nos­tal­gia cre­ates com­fort,” says Couvelier.





No Work, Big Impact – Sweet!

All of these trends can be brought to life in your own kitchen with Velata! Whether host­ing guests, hav­ing fam­ily night, or even on a roman­tic date, Velata adds an inter­ac­tive, deli­cious dip­ping expe­ri­ence to any event. Since sum­mer is high sea­son for fresh local fruit in Canada, Cou­ve­lier iden­ti­fied sea­sonal fruits along with dessert ideas that you can grab from your local gro­cery store that per­fectly com­ple­ment the deca­dent Bel­gian choco­late flavours:


Velata Milk Chocolate:

Pre­mium milk choco­late as it is meant to be: sweet, smooth, and creamy. Velata Milk Choco­late is clas­sic, com­fort­ing, ver­sa­tile, and unde­ni­ably deli­cious. Pairs well with straw­ber­ries, bananas, short­bread cook­ies and straw­berry shortcake.




Velata Dark Chocolate:

Savor the moment with a com­plex, full-bodied fla­vor. Deep, lush, and bold, this full-bodied choco­late is ele­gance itself. Pairs well with black­ber­ries, rasp­ber­ries, cher­ries and marsh­mal­low and gra­ham wafer crack­ers for s ‘mores.




Velata White Chocolate:

A con­fec­tion of bil­lowy but­ter­cream infused with del­i­cate notes of vanilla. Sub­tle and dreamy, Velata White Choco­late ele­vates any moment into the sub­lime. Pairs well with dried papaya, pineap­ple, bite-sized brown­ies and un-coated cake pops.




Velata Caramel Milk Chocolate:

Silky milk choco­late com­bined with toasted brown sugar caramel for an over-the-top rush of sweet­ness. Smooth and unex­pected, Velata Caramel Milk Choco­late is designed to delight. Pairs well with apples, pears, cheese­cake squares and rice crispy squares.





About Chris­tine Couvelier:

Chris­tine has been involved in many aspects of the food indus­try: from a restau­rant chef to own­ing her own cater­ing com­pany to guid­ing food exec­u­tives on culi­nary tours of food-focused cities around the globe. She has served as Exec­u­tive Chef for President’s Choice, Direc­tor of Culi­nary & Bev­er­age & Exec­u­tive Chef for Cara Oper­a­tions, Chair of the Chef School at George Brown Col­lege (Canada’s largest Culi­nary Col­lege), Global Inno­va­tion for Unilever, and Direc­tor of Culi­nary Strat­egy for Maple Leaf Foods. Now based in Vic­to­ria, BC, Chris­tine has her own con­sult­ing com­pany – Culi­nary Concierge – where she works with clients to develop trend watch reports, ideation ses­sions, prod­uct recipes, menu devel­op­ment, food styling and much more. For more infor­ma­tion on Chris­tine, visit www.culinaryconcierge.ca.


About Velata:

Velata is trans­form­ing the fon­due expe­ri­ence into a family-friendly, hassle-free afford­able lux­ury. Velata fon­due warm­ers fea­ture a patent-pending sil­i­cone dish that keeps Velata Pre­mium Bel­gian Choco­late at the per­fect tem­per­a­ture for dip­ping — no flame, no scorch­ing, no com­pli­cated instruc­tions or messy clean up. Velata is one of the asso­ci­a­tion of brands owned by Scentsy, Inc., a rapidly grow­ing, inter­na­tional party plan com­pany ded­i­cated to cre­at­ing a social shop­ping expe­ri­ence that gives Con­sul­tants and cus­tomers vari­ety, value, and a level of per­son­al­iza­tion they can’t find any­where else. Velata prod­ucts are sold through a net­work of Inde­pen­dent sales Con­sul­tants run­ning home-based busi­nesses in the United States, Puerto Rico, Guam, and Canada. Visit us at www.velata.net.










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  1. Becca
    July 11th, 2012 at 8:14 pm

    I tried the caramel milk choco­late and dark choco­late fla­vors the other night. The dark choco­late was amaz­ing! :)