Mar. 16

Coupons ~ They are a MUST today!!



For me, gro­cery shop­ping has become a much bet­ter expe­ri­ence since I started using coupons. I do feel that I’m beat­ing the store and it gives me such a rush.
I used to dread going shop­ping any­where because I was always spend­ing a lot of money and walk­ing out with just a cou­ple of bags of basi­cally noth­ing, really. For too many years we ran out of pretty much every­thing, and there was no money for a week, two weeks, or even a month to replace what­ever it was that we were out of.  I am now so happy and thank­ful now that my cup­boards, my pantry, my freezer run­neth over thanks to the use of the mighty coupons!

Coupons can be found in your local news­pa­per, inside weekly leaflets, mag­a­zines, and even online. You can find a zil­lion coupon codes and print­able coupons online as well as the lat­est steals and deals! One can also use up these coupon codes to save a per­cent­age of money at check­out when shop­ping online, as well as even sav­ing money on ship­ping! Some stores even offer free ship­ping after spend­ing X amount of money, which is super help­ful to say the least!! I have def­i­nitely saved a lot this way, and it feels oh so good!!




As many of you already know, you can find a huge array of Cana­dian coupons at places like and At either place you will find lit­er­ally thou­sands of print­able coupons, coupon codes, and huge sav­ings for a count­less amount of retail­ers and gro­cery stores. From Amer­i­can Eagle to Macys or order­ing flow­ers or even find­ing big­time sav­ings on vaca­tions, you will def­i­nitely find every coupon that you require and more!!

We have recently become a one income fam­ily so I started get­ting seri­ous about coupon­ing. I always want to make sure that we don’t fall behind and always have plenty of sta­ples in case some­thing unex­pect­edly cuts right into our budget.

Tons of fam­i­lies today are liv­ing pay­check to pay­check, so they really have to make the money stretch. Before coupon­ing, there were many times when gro­cery shop­ping would almost bring me to tears because I had to fig­ure out how to spend $25 on food that would last me 2 weeks, and any health and beauty aids came from the dol­lar store. Now with the secu­rity of a stock­pile behind us, I rarely ever pay­ing a dime for dol­lar stores items, and we have cut our gro­cery bills WAY down.



I also coupon because I love to save money and I hate pay­ing retail for any­thing!! Even if we could afford to pay full price if we wanted to, why would I? I con­sider coupons paper­money. If I can pay with paper money why would I want to spend my cash?

Isn’t it strange how lit­tle pieces of paper can make shop­ping FUN again and change your gro­cery shop­ping atti­tude from “what food can I get with $25 that will last me 2 weeks?” to “How much free stuff can I get this week?!” I so love that feel­ing, it is such a rush like no other!!




Another rea­son to coupon is to save money on things we use, and stock­pile to feel secure. I per­son­ally think we are headed for some very rough times as a nation, as far as unem­ploy­ment and infla­tion, so I like know­ing we could eat well for a few months with­out buy­ing gro­ceries if we ever find our­selves com­pletely broke or if food prices get crazy high which you see already! The gas prices on both sides of the bor­der are absolutely unreal!!!!!

Start sav­ing on your gro­cery bill, util­i­ties, and more by find­ing coupon deals in your neigh­bor­hood. Stay con­nected with local and online busi­nesses that are eager to help you save. Shop smart by using coupons both in store and online. Coupons ~ They are a MUST today!!!!! It is hon­estly silly to pay full price for any­thing nowa­days! Be smart, and save big. There are no regrets when using coupons, period.





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