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CoolCanucks Review ~ ToiletTree Products — Fogless Shower Mirror Review!!



I was recently given the chance to review a prod­uct that I’ve always wanted  - a fog­less mir­ror for the shower! This Toi­let­Tree mir­ror adheres to the wall with­out suction-cups that will fall off! It fea­tures a reser­voir behind the mir­ror (which eas­ily slides off the wall-adhered base) that you fill with water to make the mir­ror fog­less. I wanted to see how well it worked, so I tried adding water halfway through my shower, and the mir­ror became fog­less instantly! Also, for another test, I filled the water only halfway, and I saw that the half with water was fog­less. The squeegee comes in pretty handy, and so does the lit­tle shelf under the mirror!



It’s ideal for close shaves, cleans­ing and exfo­li­at­ing, remov­ing make-up, tweez­ing and more.

No chem­i­cals or spe­cial coat­ings required. Our shower mir­ror is designed to remain fog­less and maintenance-free for a lifetime.

No more clean­ing up messy, hair-filled sinks.

No more stand­ing over your sink drip­ping wet while you shave, tweeze, or remove your make-up. Get it all done in the shower and be done!

Truly Fog­less:
Using an easy fill reser­voir, the water neu­tral­izes the mir­ror and air tem­per­a­ture to elim­i­nate fogging.

Easy Fill Reser­voir:
Mir­ror con­ve­niently detaches so reser­voir is easy to fill.

Adheres To Vir­tu­ally Any Wall Sur­face:
Soft sil­i­cone adheres to many wall sur­faces. It is strong, easy to remove, and will not dam­age tiles or other surfaces!

Adjustable Frame:
Frame pivot allows the mir­ror to be adjusted, accom­mo­dat­ing mul­ti­ple users and angles.

Con­ve­nient Shelf:
Place your razor, sponge or tweez­ers so they are always acces­si­ble.

Squeegee Included:
Self-stored squeegee included to wipe away water drops

Shat­ter Proof And Rust Proof:
Durable, acrylic mir­ror will not rust, dis­color or dam­age bath­room tiles

Mea­sures 6.5in x 8.5in x 1.5in and weighs less than 1lb



This was such a bless­ing in my house! I have a kid who likes to do all her facial cleans­ing in the shower and a hus­band who likes to shave in the shower instead of in the sink! Less mess right? Perfect!!

I am really impressed with this prod­uct. It sticks to the wall,  has an adjustable frame and a neat lit­tle shelf to put your razor or what­ever you need right there in front of you.

This will surely make a great gift this hol­i­day sea­son! I would rec­om­mend putting this on your hol­i­day shop­ping list for sure this year as it is great for all the many needs of your family.


A HUGE thank you to Toi­let­Tree Prod­ucts for giv­ing me the chance to review their won­der­ful Fog­less Shower Mir­ror!

This Prod­uct Was a Free Giveaway

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