Oct. 23

CoolCanucks Review of Wholesalekeychain.com Flashlight Keychain with Laser Pointer!


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I was sent a cool Flash­light Key­chain with Laser Pointer to review, and it has been on my key chain ever since. Both the laser and LED light have came in handy dozen of times at home and at work. Recently the LED light help me find a drop cell phone in a dark movie the­ater and both the laser & light comes in handy if doing repair job on a home fur­nace or at work, etc. The laser has an extremely long range, and is now my favorite flash­light ever!

The LED light is very use­ful in pitch dark­ness or to see inside of some­thing. I have had no trou­ble with the key chain at all!

This is a heavy duty lit­tle flash­light that also has a red laser pointer option. The key­chain is sub­stan­tial. Although it has a nice weight, it is still very portable. It mea­sures about 7cm and can eas­ily be slipped into your pocket or hand­bag. What a use­ful idea!! How many times have you come home after a long day and end up stand­ing at your door out­side  fum­bling around in the dark try­ing to unlock it? With this handy LED flashlight-laser pointer key­chain you can eas­ily light up the area and see clearly to unlock the door. As you know, the days are get­ting shorter and it is get­ting dark ear­lier in the evening, and I detest this time of the year! This is cer­tainly going to be very use­ful walk­ing through the park­ing lot at night. It cer­tainly gives me a feel­ing of hav­ing added security.


I want to thank Whole­salek­ey­chain for giv­ing me the oppor­tu­nity to review this won­der­ful prod­uct! If you would love to pur­chase your own — which also would make excel­lent stock­ing stuffers this year, sim­ply head on over to Wholesalekeychain.com and order them for only $7.99 each! Quite the deal, don’t ya think??

This Prod­uct Was a Free Giveaway

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