Jul. 31

CoolCanucks Review of TOM BIHN Bags!!




I absolutely love bags that hold a lot of items! It seems these days I’ve got more to carry when I leave the house. My com­puter comes with me of course! I can’t leave my house with­out my water, either! I gotta have my makeup bag! My cell phone! Snacks! My life is in my bag. That’s why I was so happy to find TOM BIHN Bags!!

With air­line lug­gage restric­tions and costs sky­rock­et­ing, many peo­ple are opt­ing for tak­ing only a carry-on bag when they can get away with it. Trav­el­ing only with a carry-on greatly increases ease of travel, as you don’t have to worry about bag­gage claim at the other end, or the has­sles of lost lug­gage. The high­est qual­ity carry-on bags com­bine max­i­mized space, ease of trans­port, and sturdy construction.




Ready for a bet­ter trav­el­ing com­pan­ion? TOM BIHN bags—ranging from carry-ons to phe­nom­e­nal backpacks—will make you won­der how you ever left home with­out them.

We do an awful lot of trav­el­ing as many of you already know, and I don’t want to pay the extra charges to check-in a sec­ond piece of lug­gage on my flight. I bring one good sized suit­case for my clothes and per­sonal items, and then I stuff what­ever I can into my carry on bag. I mean those prices for extra checked bag­gage is absurd nowa­days! I pay enough for my flights and hotels to begin with, so am cau­tious when pack­ing to ensure that I do not exceed my lug­gage weight.





I was absolutely ecsta­tic to have been able to review an awe­some TOM BIHN Bag called “West­ern Flyer”. Take the jour­ney to go with the West­ern Flyer.  This has more com­part­ments, func­tion­al­ity and access into one bag than ever before. It has tons of stor­age options, includ­ing a large main com­part­ment! It’s holds every­thing that I need, and does not acquire that over-stuffed bulky look. This bag exceeded my expec­ta­tions!! It was just the per­fect heigh and width for me!

If you are ready for a bet­ter trav­el­ing com­pan­ion, these bags—ranging from carry-ons to even backpacks—will make you won­der how you ever left home with­out them!!




TOM BIHN has a ton of other great bags too! And all at rel­a­tively inex­pen­sive prices! You’re sure to find a great gift for your­self, or any­one on your list this year!

TOM BIHN bags cer­tainly gets a huge thumbs up from Cool­Canucks, and I rec­om­mend this great com­pany to every­one out there!

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