Feb. 01

CoolCanucks Review of the Skoy Cloth!!




The Skoy cloth is a com­plete God-send at my house! We go through so much paper towel it’s ridicu­lous! Hubby even uses the paper towel to blow his nose, so for the amount that I am buy­ing weekly is  extremely costly and unnec­es­sary! The price of paper prod­ucts nowa­days is through the roof and pulls at my purse-strings. I mean who knew that these prices would sky-rocket? It is a neces­sity in everyone’s home, there­fore I guess they can charge what they darn well please because they know that every­one needs and buys paper prod­ucts on a reg­u­lar basis. Unbelievable!!



Skoy cloths are an alter­na­tive to clean­ing with paper tow­els and sponges, con­sid­er­ing 2.5 mil­lion TONS of paper tow­els are fill­ing up land­fills annu­ally … that is dreadful!

The Skoy cloth is good for the envi­ron­ment. It cuts down on the amount of garbage you throw away and it means fewer trees have to be chopped down by con­tin­u­ally using paper.


If you find you are using paper tow­els every day or even once a week, that’s too much. Switch to the Skoy cloth. Paper tow­els have lim­ited util­ity when using them to clean up messes anyhow.

Using a Skoy cloth is really basic and easy. You sim­ply wet it with water prior to using. Doing this makes it go from almost a card­board like feel­ing, to feel­ing just like strong and durable paper towel. Now go ahead and get clean­ing! Once you’re done, just allow it to air dry (note: it will dry in what­ever way you lay it. If you lay it flat, it will dry flat. If you lay it hang­ing over a bot­tle of cleaner, it will dry in a ‘hang­ing’ U shape). The Skoy cloth is a per­ma­nent sta­ple in our house now, and I vow not to use any­thing else! They’re that great!!

Click here to see how to pur­chase your very own, you won’t be sorry! You can also pur­chase the Skoy Cloths inex­pen­sively at your local Lon­don Drugs, so be sure to watch for them!!



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