Nov. 25

CoolCanucks Review of Tetley Perk Tea!




Tet­ley Tea is a huge favorite among Cana­di­ans, and hav­ing the wide vari­ety of dif­fer­ent types and tastes to choose from makes Tet­ley that much more appealing.

I am not really a cof­fee drinker, and never really was. My friends say that this is the rea­son that my teeth are so white! :) I do how­ever lean towards tea to relax me, and tea is part of my nightly routine.



Now Tet­ley has come up with a truly neat inven­tion of tea called Tet­ley Perk.





Canada’s first and only Tea with the caf­feine of cof­fee, steeped in the good­ness of tea!

As the cold weather sets in, the morn­ings may be get­ting darker, but Tet­ley gives Cana­di­ans an all new way to rise and shine with Tet­ley Perk. Start­ing in Novem­ber, as the ket­tle whis­tle blows, Cana­di­ans will be the first in the world to wake-up to the only tea in Canada that con­tains the same amount of caf­feine as cof­fee. Steeped in Tetley’s 170 year old tea-making tra­di­tion, Tet­ley Perk quenches Cana­dian tea lovers’ thirst for a deli­cious cup of orange pekoe tea that tastes just like their beloved Tet­ley orange pekoe but has all the perk power of a coffee!

“Tet­ley is as com­mit­ted to inno­va­tion as it is to pro­duc­ing the finest qual­ity teas,” says Kathy Grant-Munoz, Senior VP– Mar­ket­ing and Sales  “We know that our con­sumers love to enjoy a deli­cious cup of Tet­ley tea through­out the day and that they appre­ci­ate all the health ben­e­fits tea has to offer. Our research shows that many Cana­di­ans also like the caf­feine they get from cof­fee and now they can get both with our new Tet­ley Perk.  It’s an inno­va­tion sparked by a con­sumer need and for the moment – it’s only avail­able here in Canada.”


Putting the Perk into Tet­ley Perk

Tet­ley Perk’s tasty Orange Pekoe blend is enhanced with nat­u­rally sourced caf­feine extract. The total amount of caf­feine in each 175 ml cup is 100 mg – the same as a cup of cof­fee. This com­pares to the orig­i­nal Tet­ley Orange Pekoe that con­tains a mod­est 34 mg of caf­feine. If you enjoy a Tet­ley Perk at break­fast, you could eas­ily con­sume an addi­tional eight cups of orig­i­nal Tet­ley Orange Pekoe and still stay under Health Canada’s rec­om­mended daily intake of caf­feine, which is 400 mg of caf­feine a day.


Tea is the most con­sumed bev­er­age in the world after water,” says Kathy. “It’s hugely pop­u­lar and experts agreed that it has many ben­e­fits such as con­tain­ing healthy antiox­i­dants and being great for hydra­tion. Tet­ley Perk offers the best of both worlds – all the ben­e­fits of tea with a greater caf­feine boost when you need it. Tea has been con­sumed for cen­turies and as far as we know this is the first time it’s been perked-up!”


Com­ing in Novem­ber to a Gro­cer Near You

Tet­ley Perk is packed in a 72 count box ($4.99) and will reach full dis­tri­b­u­tion from coast-to-coast in Novem­ber – just when Cana­di­ans need it most!



Tet­ley: Canada’s Tea Leader Naturally!

Tet­ley, Canada’s best sell­ing tea, offers more than 50 dif­fer­ent flavours and for­mats, includ­ing: new Tet­ley Perk as well a wide vari­ety of pure and nat­ural green teas, herbal teas, spe­cialty flavoured black teas, red teas as well as their  orig­i­nal orange pekoe tea.  For more infor­ma­tion on Tet­ley please  find us on face­book at Tetley.canada  or visit our web­site at


I tried the new Tet­ley Perk Tea and enjoy drink­ing it, not to men­tion that it con­tains all the caf­feine of cof­fee but its tea so it tastes  a lot bet­ter :)

I also passed along some to my mother and both sis­ters, as well as my friend Deb­bie. Their thoughts were of course the exact same thoughts as mine! Tet­ley did it again! They excelled in invent­ing such a great new tea for all of the die-hard tea drinkers out there, just like me!

Be sure to watch for it at your local gro­cery store soon. Tet­ley Perk is packed in a 72 count box ($4.99) and will reach full dis­tri­b­u­tion from coast-to-coast in Novem­ber – just when Cana­di­ans need it most!




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