Aug. 25

CoolCanucks Review of Perky™ PLUS Stain Remover!


Being a huge ani­mal lover, I have a cou­ple of dogs. They WERE both house­bro­ken until my poor lit­tle Pomeran­ian turned 14 and is pretty much incon­ti­nent now. He can­not help it if he makes mis­takes by doing his duty in the house, as he just can­not seem to hold it any­more and it breaks my heart.

We have hard­wood on the main floor, but the upstairs as well as the base­ment is filled with car­pet­ing. I also have an area rug over the hard­wood in our liv­in­groom, and my lit­tle baby is known to have many acci­dents on that rug. He can­not get upstairs or down any­more, but my area rug sure takes a beat­ing! I want to go out and pur­chase a new one mind you, but there is no sense right now as it will only get soiled any­way … so when my dear lit­tle Pom “Beau” is called away to Rain­bow Bridge, (hop­ing not for a very long time) only then will I pur­chase a new rug.


I have tried lit­er­ally 10 or more prod­ucts that claim to get the tough stains out fast only to be dis­ap­pointed by the pretty much false adver­tis­ing. I would pur­chase bot­tle after bot­tle just pray­ing that that par­tic­u­lar one would work, only to find the stains still there, as usual.

I recently was intro­duced to Perky™ PLUS Stain Remover by Groom Indus­tries, (who has been man­u­fac­tur­ing pro­fes­sional clean­ing sup­plies for over 35 years and have just recently devel­oped these fan­tas­tic clean­ing prod­ucts and stain removers for the gen­eral pub­lic) and I was blown away by the results! The end results were fantastic!

I sim­ply applied the Perky™ PLUS Stain Remover onto a cou­ple of stains and then used the lit­tle handy brush that was included with the review prod­uct. Instead of just sit­ting on the sur­face, the Perky™ PLUS Stain Remover sank right in and actu­ally took care of the pesky lin­ger­ing stains that were on there pre­vi­ously!! I was hon­estly amazed on how great this worked! I truly rec­om­mend that every­one have a bot­tle on hand, espe­cially those with pets and/or childen! You won’t regret it, that’s for sure!

Perky™ PLUS Stain Remover scores a huge thumbs up from CoolCanucks!!

I received one or more of the prod­ucts men­tioned above for free using Regard­less, I only rec­om­mend prod­ucts or ser­vices I use per­son­ally and believe will be good for my readers.

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