Dec. 16

CoolCanucks Review of OrganicaPure!!



As many of you know, I am always encour­ag­ing every­one to go green and use organic prod­ucts. When I say organic skin care prod­ucts, I mean using prod­ucts that will not leave a foot­print on mother earth. Choose awe­some organic skin­care prod­ucts like those from Organ­i­ca­Pure.

One of the main rea­sons it is so impor­tant to use organic skin care prod­ucts when you can is because about 60% of what you apply to your skin will be absorbed into your body and into your blood­stream. This is great news for those nutri­ents and ingre­di­ents that are healthy for us, but it is bad news for those chem­i­cals that we do not want inside our bodies.



Organ­i­ca­Pure car­ries an exten­sive array of phe­nom­e­nal prod­ucts, such as the 2 that I was sent to review!

The Cocoa & Honey Stretch Mark Pre­ven­tion Lotion works beau­ti­fully! I have been review­ing this for awhile now, and the smell is heav­enly! This left my skin soft and sup­ple, and faded some of my lines which impressed me!!



I was also able to review the awe­some Cocoa & Honey Body Wash which I am now sold on! Again it has such a heav­enly scent, it lath­ers beau­ti­fully, and it also leaves your skin feel­ing clean and refreshed!!




In my per­sonal opin­ion, I think that Organ­i­ca­Pure sells the very best organic skin care prod­ucts out there and I rec­om­mend this great com­pany to everyone!

You can ‘like’ the Organ­i­ca­Pure face­book page to keep on top of any new prod­ucts and/or pro­mos and be sure to also fol­low @OrganicaPure on twitter!




I would like to thank Organ­i­ca­Pure for let­ting me review their won­der­ful organic skin­care products!!

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