May. 18

CoolCanucks Review of bioME 5 organic baby and children’s apparel Clothing!

The name bioME 5 was inspired by the Earth’s var­i­ous nat­ural bio­mes (com­mu­ni­ties of organ­isms adapted to a par­tic­u­lar envi­ron­ment) such as: desert, grass­lands, aquat­ics, forests, and tun­dra. All of the ani­mals fea­tured on the tees exist in one of these envi­ron­ments. Now, back to the fact these tees were devel­oped by archi­tec­tural design­ers, the word of the ani­mal printed on the shirt is inverse so that your child can read the word from their van­tage point. This con­cept is bril­liant. Not only have they encour­aged chil­dren to learn through let­ter recog­ni­tion, they learn about the ani­mals that exist in the world around them.

These t-shirts are 100% organic and are made in the USA. bioME 5 incor­po­rates eco friendly pack­ag­ing with using biodegrad­able plas­tic bags or recy­cled and post-consumer waste paper packaging.


“The bioME 5 Ani­mal Alpha­bet Project was cre­ated and inspired by our intrigue of a child’s visual learn­ing process. Chil­dren, like sponges, absorb sounds, shapes, and col­ors in a con­stant process of play and dis­cov­ery. Vibrant col­ors, large let­ters, and eas­ily rec­og­niz­able ani­mals cre­ate intrigu­ing graph­ics but also serve as recog­ni­tion and learn­ing cat­a­lysts for chil­dren. This inspi­ra­tion com­bined with a fas­ci­na­tion and appre­ci­a­tion of nature’s beauty and diver­sity has devel­oped into prod­ucts that act as both an exer­cise in imag­i­na­tion and learn­ing tools.”



I was sent a really cute lit­tle body­suit one­sie to review from bioME 5 and it is just the most adorable and soft­est lit­tle one­sie that I have saw in so long! I rec­om­mend this com­pany to everyone!



A huge thank you to bioME 5 for giv­ing me the plea­sure of review­ing their won­der­ful organic baby and children’s apparel!

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