Apr. 26

CoolCanucks Review ~ Mini Savers ~ The Baby Mama Saver kit!



Ok, like so many of you, I have this huge purse and it’s basi­cally filled with noth­ing that is impor­tant. I should be very well car­ry­ing with me the stuff that I require on hand most of the time, to save myself from a headache should any minor emer­gency occur.

I was totally blessed to be con­tacted by Mini Savers to review their newest prod­uct called The Baby Mama Saver kit. First of all, Mini Savers are com­pact kits that hold all that one really should be car­ry­ing on them at all times. Mini Savers’ mis­sion is to pro­vide you with all the things you need but never seem to have with you on hand. The orig­i­nal Mini Saver is called the Shame Saver, that is absolutely per­fect for a girl’s night out. No mat­ter what dis­as­ter your night may bring, the Shame Saver has every­thing you need but never seem to have with you, and it fits inside your clutch!


Included in the Shame Saver is:


Fold up flats: Whether it’s the night of, or the morn­ing after, throw these on to retire your stilet­tos and soothe your soles.

♥Fold up sun­glasses: To make it look like you meant to wake up that early and go for a walk, while actu­ally hid­ing your con­fused, what hap­pened, where am I, I don’t feel so good, walk of shame face.

♥Pain Reliever: a cure for the com­mon 6 shots of tequila.

♥Deodor­ant: Lets face it, we don’t all smell like roses after 3 hours of get­ting down on the dance floor.

♥Makeup Remover: if you aren’t sleep­ing at home, I rec­om­mend using these before pass­ing out, to avoid smudg­ing bronzer all over your friend’s pil­low. (I swear they think that tan is real!) … may be used the next morn­ing too.

♥Con­dom: Just in case…

♥Mint Drops: To dis­guise that late night pizza binge

♥Lip balm: just in case you meet the per­son of your dreams, and end up mak­ing out on the dance floor all night.

♥Hair band: Put away that lion’s mane that doesn’t always end the night as pretty as it first started.

♥Per­fume Bot­tle: Fill this baby up with your sig­na­ture scent. Spray it on your­self, spray it on your friends, spray it on your boyfriend’s pillow …






They also have a neat kit called the Fes­ti­val Saver! Inside this nifty lit­tle kit are all of the things you would no doubt require dur­ing an out­door fes­ti­val! Pretty neat right? Down­right bril­liant if you ask me!!

The awe­some Baby Mama Saver kit is ter­rific for those mom­mies on the go who are con­tin­u­ally for­get­ting everything!


The Baby Mama Saver kit includes:


For Baby:


♠Dia­per Rash Cream – You and baby will both regret for­get­ting this at home. No one likes a sore tushy.

♠Baby Wipes– Ever change a dia­per with­out one of these? … it isn’t pretty.

♠Scented Trash Bag – For when there is no appro­pri­ate place to toss that stinky dia­per, and you have no choice but to take it along.

♠Kids Hand San­i­tizer – Go ahead, let them play in the dirt, pick their friends nose, and suck on their thumb; just make sure to sanitize!

♠Boogy Wipes– Remem­ber that kid on the play­ground who had a huge slimy booger rest­ing on his top lip? (Why didn’t his mom wipe that off for him?) Don’t let your baby be the booger buddy.

♠Bib – When feed­ing baby with the “air­plane tech­nique” (we all know it), a bib can come in handy, just in case it’s a bumpy ride.

♠Spot Remover– The time will come when you’ll show up to a spe­cial occa­sion to find a fresh spit-up stain right on baby’s clean, pressed shirt (or yours). Worry no more with this on-the-go stain remover!

♠Sun­screen– Once upon a time, tan skin was all that mat­tered. Now you are pay­ing for those sunscreen-less hours in the sun, with wrin­kles, and sunspots, and chem­i­cal peels, oh my! Here’s your sec­ond chance: live vic­ar­i­ously through your baby, pro­tect­ing their flaw­less skin from those risky rays that have done you wrong!

♠Antibi­otic Oint­ment – We all know that kiss­ing it makes it bet­ter, but a lit­tle antibi­otic oint­ment might help too.

♠Ban­dage – Ban­dage that boo boo to keep the cries in and the germs out!


For Mama:
♣Lip Balm –You prob­a­bly can’t resist kiss­ing those soft cheeks. Whether they are on baby’s face or tush, make sure your lips don’t scratch that baby smooth skin.

♣Hair Tie –To keep your locks out of baby’s food, face, and dirty diaper.







I sug­gest that every­one own 1 or all 3 of the Mini Savers Kits! The Mini Savers are incred­i­ble and totally afforable!!

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