CoolCanucks Product Review/Giveaway Policy:

Prod­uct Review:


My fam­ily per­son­ally tries out and tests each and every prod­uct sent to us for review, there­fore I do require full sized prod­ucts  for test­ing and the prod­ucts will not be returned.
Cool­Canucks is not respon­si­ble for any ship­ping fees,  includ­ing any fees asso­ci­ated with ship­ping give­away wins. I will not pay duties or bro­ker­age fees on ANY review prod­ucts. Please arrange with your courier to cover any addi­tional fees.

Cool­Canucks is a Cana­dian Blog and I  per­son­ally reserve the right to decline any  give­away requests that are not open to Cana­dian Citizens.



Give­away Win­ning Disclaimer:

The spon­sor of the give­away is respon­si­ble for ship­ping all win­ning items. I (Heather Diotte from can­not and will not be held liable for lost or unsent items.



Unso­licited Items:

Please do not send me any prod­uct with­out prior approval from me. If per­haps I am sent Unso­licited items, they are mine to do with what I choose.



Ad Space:

If per­haps you are inter­ested in pur­chas­ing ad space on my Cool­Canucks blog, then please email me directly for my rates. (



A unique and inter­est­ing way to part­ner with Cool­Canucks is through a spon­sor­ship oppor­tu­nity. Blog­ging con­fer­ences hap­pen mul­ti­ple times a year and can be costly. I am always inter­ested in work­ing with numer­ous brands to help off­set these costs and work on a more per­sonal and long term level with you.



Media Events:
With appro­pri­ate notice I may be able to travel to attend your media events, please con­tact me with details on your event.