Dec. 30

CoolCanucks Blog Contests ~ List Of Current Contests On The CC Blog. Enter Now For Your Chance To Win!!

Tons of great give­aways are going on right now!! Enter now for your chance to win all kinds of cool prizes. You can’t win if you do not enter so get busy and good luck!!! A very spe­cial thanks to all of our won­der­ful spon­sors who were won­der­ful enough to  pro­vide prizes for these give­aways. Click the links below to enter each indi­vid­ual give­away. And do not for­get to check the rules before you enter.


Go–Nat­ural All In One Cos­metic Give­away Ends Jan 16 Give­away Ends Jan 16 Review & Give­away Ends Jan 18

 Planet For­ward Give­away Ends Jan 18

 Yoga Paws Review & Give­away Ends Jan 20

 Afford­able Scarves Give­away Ends Jan 21

 Coastal Scents Give­away Ends Jan 21 Review & Give­away Ends Jan 22

 Golden Moon Tea Review & Give­away Ends Jan 22

 Read­ing Glasses Shop­per Review & Give­away Ends Jan 23 $75 Gift Cer­tifi­cate Give­away Ends Jan 25

 Aunt Sadie’s Can­dles Review & Give­away Ends Jan 26

 Spa Bou­tique Give­away Ends Jan 27

 Nature’s Path Organic Review & Give­away Ends Jan 28

 T– Review & Give­away Ends Jan 30

 DECYPHER Tat­too Sleeve Review & Give­away Ends Jan 30

 Herbal Hugs Review & Give­away Ends Jan 30

 STONZ Baby Booties Review & Give­away Ends Jan 30

Pacific Jew­elry Designs Review & Give­away Ends Jan 31

Cool­Canucks Blog Con­test – Jan­u­ary Give­away! Ends Jan31

 Win a $25 Gift Card (Can Only) Cour­tesy of Roxxy Ends Jan 31

 Win a $25 Gift Card (Can Only) Cour­tesy of Bil­ly­Jack Ends Jan 31 $75 Gift Cer­tifi­cate Give­away Ends Feb1

 Bare­foot Books Review & Give­away Ends Feb3

 Outside/In Cos­met­ics Review & Give­away Ends Feb 5

 The Cream Per­fume Com­pany Review & Give­away Ends Feb 9

 Cool­Canucks Blog Con­test ~ Agoo clothes for active kids $50 Gift Cer­tifi­cate Give­away!! Ends Feb.11

Aunt Else’s Aebleskiver Review & Give­away Ends Feb 13

Cool­Canucks Blog Con­test ~ Bud­dy­Tops Children’s Plush Hats Review & Give­away!! Ends Feb.15

 Cool­Canucks Blog Con­test ~ Eleven Col­lec­tion Kid’s Shoes Review & Give­away!! Ends Feb.16

LuxLeaf Tea Review & Give­away!! Ends Feb16

Cool­Canucks Blog Con­test ~ Dezign with a Z Review & Give­away!! Ends Feb17

Cool­Canucks Blog Con­test ~ Sprout­Baby Review & Give­away!! End Feb19

Cool­Canucks Blog Con­test ~ IsABelt Review and Give­away!! Ends Feb 21

 Cool­Canucks Blog Con­test ~ Min­eral Makeup by Mon­avé Review & Give­away!! Ends Feb 21

Cool­Canucks Blog Con­test ~ Olive-Green Goods for Mod­ern Dogs Review & Give­away!! End Feb 23


Cool­Canucks Blog Con­test ~ Israel Bless­ing Jew­elry Review & Give­away!! Ends Feb25

Cool­Canucks Blog Con­test ~ Life With­out Plas­tic Review & Give­away!! Ends Feb25

 Cool­Canucks Blog Con­test ~ White Sands Hair Prod­uct Review & Give­away!! Ends Feb 28

  Cool­Canucks Blog Con­test ~ Scholas­tic Trea­sury of 50 Sto­ry­book Clas­sics ANIMAL ANTICS…and more! Ends Feb 28

Cool­Canucks Blog Con­test ~ Hug-E-Gram Review & Give­away!! Ends Feb 27 Cool­Canucks Blog Con­test ~ Scholas­tic Trea­sury of 25 Sto­ry­book Clas­sics FAIRYTALES, MAGIC…and more! Ends Mar2

  Cool­Canucks Blog Con­test ~ Lip pods Review & Give­away!! Ends Mar5

Cool­Canucks Blog Con­test ~ Citra Clean Review & Give­away!! Ends Mar7

Cool­Canucks Blog Con­test ~ Ran­dom­Line Game Give­away Ends Mar9

Cool­Canucks Blog Con­test ~ PAINTLESS design Review & Give­away  Ends Mar10


Cool­Canucks Blog Con­test – Bebè Dulce Adorable Beanie Hat Review & Give­away!! Ends Mar11

Cool­Canucks Blog Con­test ~ Kim Hunter Canada Keep­sake Box Give­away!! Ends Mar13

Cool­Canucks Blog Con­test ~ Thermo-Pad Review & Give­away!! Ends Mar15

Cool­Canucks Blog Con­test ~ Ven­era Store Review & Give­away!! Ends Mar16

Cool­Canucks Blog Con­test ~ Sweaters by Lee Give­away!! Ends Mar17

Cool­Canucks Blog Con­test ~ Green­Pan Review & Give­away!! Ends Mar18

Cool­Canucks Blog Con­test ~ The Lady of Bath Review & Give­away!! Ends Mar19

Cool­Canucks Blog Con­test ~ Min­eral Basics Review & Give­away!! Ends Mar20


Cool­Canucks Blog Con­test ~ Designs by Mimi & Lola Review & Give­away!! Ends Mar21


Cool­Canucks Blog Con­test ~ “Flush the Fat All-Natural Inter­nal Flush Cleanse” PLUS Dynamic Health Organic Acai Juice Blend from Give­away! Ends Mar22


Cool­Canucks Blog Con­test ~ JOJEWKAH T-shirt Give­away!! Ends Mar23

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