Jun. 04

CoolCanucks Review of SoftBums!!




Soft­Bums con­sists of Sarah and Brian Van Bog­art who are hus­band and wife.

The two have been in busi­ness since 2008. Sarah Van Bog­art, founder, co-owner, and designer of Soft­Bums, has been sewing and design­ing dia­pers for over 10 years. She brings her unique expe­ri­ence as a mother of four, La Leche League leader and even train­ing as a mid­wife to her prod­ucts. She works extremely hard to pro­vide the best prod­ucts that she pos­si­bly can, because she knows how frus­trat­ing it is to have a dia­per that doesn’t fit right, leaks, or even wears out after just a few months of use.







Soft­Bums were a brand of cloth dia­per I wanted to try on my niece Andi. We were ecsta­tic when we were cho­sen for a review and give­away with Soft­Bums here at CoolCanucks!

I received the Soft­Bums Echo Sys­tem to try out in their vibrant pink colour and it is so pretty, just like baby Andi!! The Echo Sys­tem includes an awe­some shell as well as a Dry Touch Pod and a Dry Touch Mini Pod and with vel­cro clos­ing. This dia­per actu­ally grows with your baby! Soft­Bums even offers other insert options such as Super Pods for your heavy wet­ters and Organic Bam­boo Pods that are 70% Organic Bam­boo and 30% Organic Cot­ton! So with Soft­Bums, it’s easy to cus­tomize your dia­per exactly the way you want to. Take a look at all of the great fea­tures the Echo has to offer!

Soft­Bums Echo Features:

Soft­Bums Patent Pend­ing Slide²­Size is the ONLY vari­able adjust­ment of it’s kind
Fits all legs widths from 4″ — 14″ for NO red marks EVER. Made in the USA!
Choose your own Pods for a cus­tomized dia­per­ing sys­tem!
Soft­Bums Echo looks smaller than lead­ing brands, because it’s Ultra Trim
No Leaks, Thanks to Slide²­Size Tech­nol­ogy!
Soft­Bums Echo pro­tects against rash; up to 80% less rash than dis­pos­ables!
Indus­trial strength vel­cro clo­sures are long last­ing and won’t “wear out” like other vel­cro
Reusable Echo shell saves money, space, and resources








I give Soft­Bums a huge thumbs up, and rec­om­mend them to every­one out there look­ing for a new and friendly alter­na­tive to diapering!!



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