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CoolCanucks Blog Contest ~ If You Care Kitchen And Household Products Review & Giveaway!!

For as long as I can remem­ber I have been try­ing to use prod­ucts that are bet­ter envi­ron­men­tally. I have bot­tles upon bot­tles in our cup­boards for water and juices, snack sized plas­tic con­tain­ers for work/school snacks and we also make sure to recy­cle. Until recently I had never paid that much atten­tion how much fur­ther I could take it by using kitchen and house­hold prod­ucts that are good for the envi­ron­ment too.


I found a won­der­ful com­pany that offers a wide range of kitchen and house­hold prod­ucts that are bet­ter for the envi­ron­ment and I am so happy that I found them. If You Care car­ries a wide range of prod­ucts for your bak­ing, cook­ing and house­hold needs. Paper Cake/Pie, loaf pans, recy­cled alu­minum foils, cof­fee fil­ters, house­hold gloves, trash bags and waxed paper is the tip of the ice­berg of all of the prod­ucts that they have to offer. If You Care kitchen and house­hold prod­ucts are care­fully and delib­er­ately crafted to have the least envi­ron­men­tal impact and the light­est car­bon foot­print pos­si­ble, while at the same time, deliv­er­ing to the con­sumer, the high­est qual­ity and most effec­tive results. All If You Care paper prod­ucts are unbleached and totally chlo­rine free. Since no chlo­rine is used for bleach­ing, no chlo­rine is dumped into our lakes, rivers and streams


If You Care prod­ucts are pro­duced with a view to reduc­ing the amount of waste in our waste streams. If pos­si­ble, noth­ing should remain after the prod­uct has been used and prop­erly dis­posed of. The pack­ag­ing of every prod­uct is made from unbleached and when­ever pos­si­ble, recy­cled card­board or paper which should be recy­cled again. The cof­fee fil­ters, parch­ment paper, bak­ing cups, waxed paper and sand­wich bags are 100% biodegrad­able and should be com­posted. The alu­minum foil is made from recy­cled alu­minum and can be recy­cled again.


I received a great pack­age full of If You Care prod­ucts and they even included a t-shirt for me to wear! I have used all of the prod­ucts and love know­ing that I have taken one more step in reduc­ing my family’s car­bon foot­print on the world. I found the qual­ity of all of the prod­ucts that I tested to be as good, if not bet­ter than other prod­ucts I have used in the past that are not so good for the envi­ron­ment. I tested out the bak­ing cups by mak­ing my cup­cakes and they were per­fectly yummy!! Below are the prod­ucts that I was lucky enough to test out and I have pro­vided the info for each of them.



Paper Snack & Sand­wich Bags


Made inSwe­den­from the unbleached pulp of Scan­di­na­vian spruce trees – a nat­ural, renew­able resource – If You Care Snack and Sand­wich Bags are grease­proof, and pro­vide a nat­ural bar­rier which pre­vents grease or fat from pen­e­trat­ing. They are not treated with petro­leum based paraf­fin wax or any other wax. Like all of our If You Care paper prod­ucts, these snack and sand­wich bags are totally chlorine-free, as a result of which, no chlo­rine is dumped into our lakes, rivers and streams. Per­fect for snacks, cook­ies, muffins, nuts, chips, sand­wiches and much more.


FSC Cer­ti­fied Parch­ment Bak­ing Paper


These pre­mium qual­ity FSC cer­ti­fied unbleached, grease­proof papers are per­fect for a wide vari­ety of bak­ing and cook­ing needs. While some bak­ing papers are coated with Quilon, which con­tains heavy met­als like chromium that can be toxic when incin­er­ated, If You Care Parch­ment Paper uses Sil­i­cone, derived from a nat­ural ele­ment. It’s a much more expen­sive process, but one we feel is worth it for every­one. But per­haps most impor­tantly, our bak­ing papers use no chlo­rine in their pro­duc­tion. And that means no chlo­rine is dumped into our lakes and streams.


Sponge Cloths


If You Care 100% Nat­ural Sponge Cloths are made in a patented process from a three dimen­sional blend­ing of cel­lu­lose, non-GMO umbleached cot­ton and mirabilite – a nat­ural min­eral salt. Dur­ing the pro­duc­tion process, the mirabilite is washed out, leav­ing the remain­ing blend (70% cel­lu­lose & 30% cot­ton) extremely porous, which makes the sponge cloth extra­or­di­nar­ily absorbent. It can absorb up to 20 times its own weight in water.



Large Bak­ing Cups


Made from the same mate­r­ial as our FSC cer­ti­fied parch­ment papers, If You Care FSC Cer­ti­fied Bak­ing Cups use pre­mium qual­ity unbleached grease­proof paper. Our bak­ing cups use no chlo­rine in their pro­duc­tion. And that means no chlo­rine is dumped into our lakes, rivers and streams. Avail­able in three sizes – Mini (90 cups; 1.625in/4.14cm), Large (60 cups; 2.5in/6.35cm), and Jumbo (24 cups; 3.5in/8.89cm)



If You Care prod­ucts are avail­able at gro­cery super­mar­kets, nat­ural & health food stores and food co-ops almost every­where.  You can pur­chase If You Care prod­ucts online at places like amazon.com, My Brands and LuckyVitamin.com


~~I received prod­uct for review.  The opin­ions within this post are of my own and I was not influ­enced in any way.  Please do your own research before pur­chas­ing prod­ucts.  Your opin­ions and results may dif­fer from mine.~~


Buy It!!  Pur­chase your very own If You Care Prod­ucts at Amazon.com or find them in your local super­mar­ket, nat­ural & health food stores .


Win It!! Enter my sweep­stakes give­away below for a chance to win the same If You Care Pack­age I received.  Open to Cana­dian and USA residents.



How to enter: All entries must be sub­mit­ted using the Raf­fle­copter form below. After you com­plete the easy manda­tory entry, you can do as many bonus entries as you’d like to increase your chances of win­ning. I will be check­ing for dupli­cate entries to make sure it’s fair, and no cheat­ing will be tolerated!

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