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CoolCanucks Blog Contest ~ Blingtime.com Review & Giveaway!!




Blingtime.com excites me, period. I for one am a huge fan of glit­ter and bling, and the more it catches another’s eye, the better!

This Inter­change­able Jew­elry Col­lec­tion allows you to cre­ate the per­fect acces­sory for any look or style using beau­ti­ful stones and beads that is sure to com­ple­ment any out­fit at all!

Blingtime.com is com­mit­ted to bring­ing you the most unique, fun, and flex­i­ble inter­change­able jew­elry sys­tem in the world by help­ing you to cre­ate a cus­tom and one of a kind look with your jew­elry and accessories!





Blingtime.com’s has a huge pas­sion for colour, and they have an innate under­stand­ing of it. I love all that they have to offer, as well as their def­i­nite flair for colour and bling! They also have the per­fect com­bi­na­tion of style and afford­abil­ity that any per­son would truly appreciate!!





Blingtime.com has the per­fect com­bi­na­tion of style and afford­abil­ity that any per­son would truly appreciate!!

Bling Time Acces­sories was cre­ated by Annelise Brown who’s a stay at home mommy that makes and sells gor­geous inter­change­able beaded jew­elry that is so stun­ning. This is hon­estly the best inter­change­able jew­elry that I have ever seen by far!!





They sell awe­some bag bling, boot bling, bracelets, ear­rings, key chains, col­lege acces­sories, and much more!!

“I’m a stay at home mom with four ener­getic boys and I know how impor­tant it is to feel beau­ti­ful despite your hec­tic life. That’s why I cre­ated jew­elry that’s stun­ning in mul­ti­ple ways. I needed it to be sim­ple, func­tional and afford­able — some­thing that could be cute at the gro­cery store, trendy at the PTA meet­ing (you know how they judge) and then ele­gant when I’m out with my hus­band — all with very lit­tle effort and expense. I’ve cre­ated this line so that any woman can cus­tomize a unique look that fits their style because no mat­ter who you are or what you do — you deserve to look extraordinary.”





I chose a gor­geous pur­ple inter­change­able watch to review with a super pretty face­plate. It’s called “Pur­ple Pas­sion Watch Set” and sparkles with sil­ver and pur­ple beads which is sure to com­pli­ment any wardrobe! That’s the very best thing about inter­change­able jew­elry, you can mix and match with­out hav­ing to pay the super high prices of just any old ordi­nary jewelry!





Blingtime.com gets a huge thumbs up from Cool­Canucks, and I rec­om­mend them to everyone!!


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