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CoolCanucks Blog Contest ~ BlenderBottle® SportMixer™ Review & Giveaway!!




As many of you know already, I am a huge fan of try­ing to coax every­body that I know to live a greener life. Going green is not as hard as one thinks, it can be done very eas­ily. Less waste, less cost, and less of leav­ing a foot­print on mother earth. I find all of this very impor­tant, as should you.

Instead of uti­liz­ing dis­pos­able water bot­tles, get refill­able bot­tles for tap water and organic bev­er­ages. Break­ing the dis­pos­able bot­tled water habit reduces the use of fos­sil fuels and toxic green­house gases that result from man­u­fac­tur­ing plas­tic bot­tles, most of which end up as land­fill waste which is really sad.






When buy­ing refill­able water bot­tles, choos­ing bot­tles like the ones sold at Blender­Bot­tle® is really your best choice. Go for the ones that don’t con­tain bisphe­nol A (BPA) or phtha­late such as those at Blender­Bot­tle® which are 100% recy­clable and they are BPA Free prod­ucts! These are the best water bot­tles out there, and are avail­able in an exten­sive array of gor­geous sizes and colours!


Recy­cling is an action you must take right now and a vital one con­sid­er­ing we are cur­rently using our planet’s resources faster than they can be renewed. Today, tonight and tomor­row recy­cling is an ongo­ing aware­ness to improve our abil­ity to sus­tain life on Earth. Your role in recy­cling can be as small or large as you want it to be. Most things can be recy­cled today, even with our present pro­cess­ing systems.






When I came across the Blender­Bot­tle® on the inter­net, I had to know more as these bot­tles really intrigued me!!

What is a Blender­Bot­tle® you ask? The Blender­Bot­tle® Clas­sic™ shaker is the orig­i­nal — the one that rede­fined the cat­e­gory. Trusted by mil­lions, the the Blender­Bot­tle Clas­sic has quickly become the #1 best-selling portable mixer!! The rea­son for its unprece­dented suc­cess? It works!! The patented Blender­Ball® wire whisk makes light work of your mix­ing needs, bring­ing power and porta­bil­ity to your demand­ing lifestyle. No bat­ter­ies, no cord, no hassle!






I was blessed to be able to review the Blender­Bot­tle® Sport­Mixer™ , and this baby is so handy! I’ve tried it for scram­bling eggs, and it works like a charm!! Rel­a­tively any­thing in rea­son that you want mixed, sim­ply throw it into the Blender­Bot­tle® and save so much time and hassle!!

As the only portable mixer that con­tains the Blender­Ball® — a sur­gi­cal grade stain­less steel mix­ing ball —  Blender­Ball® ensures smooth, great tast­ing drinks by a unique mix­ing method for the thick­est of ingredients!

The patented Blender­Ball wire whisk is the secret behind the SportMixer’s power. Add your ingre­di­ents, drop in the Blender­Ball, and shake. The Blender­Ball whips around inside the bot­tle, mix­ing your drinks to a smooth and light con­sis­tency every time.

Made of 316 surgical-grade stain­less steel, the Blender­Ball is designed to remain in the bot­tle until you’ve enjoyed it’s con­tents. Just drink­ing water? Feel free to leave the ball inside — it’ll never rust, chip, or peel.









The Blender­Bot­tle® is avail­able in 2 dif­fer­ent sizes: the Blender­Bot­tle® Clas­sic, and the water bot­tle that can also be used as a portable mixer — the Blender­Bot­tle® Sport­Mixer™. Both bot­tles are avail­able in 28 oz size, and the 20 oz mini size, and are dish­washer safe!

Blender­Bot­tles® encour­age healthy eat­ing habits, by mak­ing it eas­ier for peo­ple to mix smoother, bet­ter tast­ing healthy drinks, and meal replacements.






“The new Blender­Bot­tle® Sport­Mixer™ fuses form and func­tion to deliver unpar­al­leled mix­ing in a sporty new bot­tle. Blend up pro­tein shakes, energy drinks, nutri­tion sup­ple­ments, and more, with ease.

Your life is about to get a whole lot smoother.”



Also, be sure to check out the cool Blender­Bot­tle recipe book to find 101 Quick & Easy Blender­Bot­tle® Recipes!!






I give the Blender­Bot­tle® Sport­Mixer™ a huge thumbs up, and rec­om­mend that every­one own at least one!!!!!



♥→I received prod­uct for review.  The opin­ions within this post are of my own and I was not influ­enced in any way.  Please do your own research before pur­chas­ing prod­ucts. Your opin­ions and results may dif­fer than mine.←♥



Buy It!! Avail­able online at Blender­Bot­tle® as well as a vari­ety of stores near you! Sim­ply do a search using their store finder fea­ture to find the one near­est you!!




Win It!! Enter my sweep­stakes give­away below for a chance to win a Blender­Bot­tle® Sport­Mixer™ as well! Open to Cana­dian and US residents.






How to enter: All entries must be sub­mit­ted using the Raf­fle­copter form below. After you com­plete the easy manda­tory entry, you can do as many bonus entries as you’d like to increase your chances of win­ning. I will be check­ing for dupli­cate entries to make sure it’s fair, and no cheat­ing will be tolerated!


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