Oct. 14

CoolCanucks 1st Member 2009 Christmas Gift Exchange!

This is our first Christ­mas exchange! (We would love to  do this with­out any trou­ble)

Please pm me your name (full) and addy and a list of your likes, dis­likes, favourite colours, if you col­lect any­thing … etc

I will sug­gest that every­one add on insur­ance for mail­ing, but again I will leave that up to you and your part­ner to discuss..But you should really get a track­ing num­ber!!!!!

1.Joining ends on Oct 31!

2.I will send out pm to all who join by Nov 3-8th

3.Novem­ber 30 will be the dead­line for mail­ing out gifts!

4.There is a gift limit of $10.00 before ship­ping.If you and your part­ner want to spend a lit­tle more that is up to you to decide on.


( If you do join and can’t send out a gift to your part­ner please please please let me know asap!)

Also I would like to add that if you join and don’t send , you will not be able to join next year!

Thanks and Merry Cool­canucks Christmas

Please pm cqueen2 for all of the details, or sign your­self up here if you would like to be a part of our 2009 Christ­mas Gift Exchange!




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