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CoolCanuck Blog Review ~ TW-S7 Olasonic Speakers (And Upcoming Giveaway!)



The com­puter speak­ers that I have been using for the last few years were a very kind hand me down from a co-worker (Thanks Lisa!!). They were free, served their pur­pose and were meant to be tem­po­rary. They were very big, bulky and took up too way much space on my desk. When I was con­tacted by Ola­sonic to do a review of the TW-S7 Ola­sonic Speak­ers I was absolutely thrilled. I was going to have a more fash­ion­able, styl­ish set of speak­ers to call my very own!

When they arrived I could not wait to get them out of the box and all set up on my desk. My first task was to weed through all of the wires behind my desk and fig­ure out which belonged to my old speak­ers so I could dis­con­nect them. That part actu­ally took me longer than the whole process of set­ting up the Olasanic Speak­ers. It was so sim­ple and easy do. I only had to plug one USB ter­mi­nal into a USB port on my com­puter, and then con­nect the mini jack attach­ing the two speak­ers together. A few clicks of the mouse was all that it took to set up the sound con­fig­u­ra­tion. Vol­ume con­trol for the Ola­sonic Speak­ers is adjusted right on the con­trol panel set­tings of your PC or Mac com­puter. The cool egg shape makes these speak­ers look very styl­ish as they find their new home on my desk.


I have spent the last few weeks test­ing out the Ola­sonic Speak­ers and I have to say that really do love them. For gen­eral com­puter use while brows­ing the net the sound qual­ity is great. I also watched a few tv shows on my com­puter and the sound qual­ity was very ade­quate, no com­plaints at all. I cranked the tunes a time or two while doing the clean­ing and I was very happy with the sound qual­ity that they pro­duced (a bit of danc­ing may have happened…)



A few facts about the TW-S7 Ola­sonic Speak­ers:

- They come in Bril­liant White or Noble Black

- Ola­sonic speak­ers are com­pat­i­ble with Mac­in­tosh com­put­ers and with PC’s. They can with used with Win­dows 7, Vista and XP.

- The TW-S7 installs auto­mat­i­cally with­out the need for spe­cial dri­vers or software

- Requires no elec­tri­cal out­let; deliv­ers 10W+10W out­put on USB power alone

- MSRP is $129.99


Buy your own ~ TW-S7 Ola­sonic Speak­ers can be pur­chased on Amazon.com, Sears.com and Buy.com

Be sure to fol­low Ola­sonic on Face­book too!


Watch for a fan­tas­tic give­away here at Cool­Canucks in the very near future for the chance to win your very own set of Ola­sonic Speak­ers.

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