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Canadians Puzzled by Probiotic Health Benefits — Jump-Start Your Intestinal Health with Swiss Natural Probiotic Age



Cana­di­ans have likely heard that pro­bi­otics are good to have in our diet but do we really under­stand the impor­tance of this gut friendly bac­te­ria and how it helps our diges­tive organs func­tion prop­erly?  New research* from Swiss Nat­ural™, Canada’s trusted provider of vit­a­mins, min­er­als, herbals and sup­ple­ments for more than 40 years and the mak­ers of Probiotic Age®, reveals that 42% of Cana­di­ans are unfa­mil­iar with what pro­bi­otics do.  Fur­ther­more, 65% of Cana­di­ans say they have not taken pro­bi­otic supplements.


Swiss Nat­ural Probiotic Age is avail­able in Child, Adult and Adult 50+.  They have been sci­en­tif­i­cally for­mu­lated to take the con­fu­sion out of pro­bi­otics by com­bin­ing the right strains of friendly bac­te­ria with the right num­ber of active cells, specif­i­cally designed for each life stage.  Just one cap­sule con­tains the right amount of pro­bi­otics your sys­tem needs.






Rec­om­mended for peo­ple suf­fer­ing from gas­troin­testi­nal upset includ­ing con­sti­pa­tion and diar­rhea, pro­bi­otics help to restore the nor­mal lev­els of good bac­te­ria in the intesti­nal tract that might have been depleted by antibi­otic treat­ments or med­ica­tions.
Pro­bi­otics have also been known to help chronic yeast infec­tions and uri­nary tract infections.


“Research shows that we need to have friendly bac­te­ria in our bod­ies to remain healthy and one such type of ben­e­fi­cial bac­te­ria is pro­bi­otic bac­te­ria,” says Dr. Elvis Ali, ND, Natur­o­pathic Doc­tor, Swiss Nat­ural™.  “Pro­bi­otic bac­te­ria are live microor­gan­isms that help rebal­ance our intesti­nal tract and inhibit the growth of bad bac­te­ria, par­tic­u­larly those respon­si­ble for gas­troin­testi­nal upset.”


Be Pro-active to lead a Healthy Lifestyle

While the best-known source of pro­bi­otics is yogurt that con­tains live bac­te­ria cul­ture, the experts at Swiss Nat­ural sug­gest com­ple­ment­ing your diet with a pro­bi­otic sup­ple­ment.  Swiss Nat­ural Probiotic Age has 7 times more active cells than the lead­ing pro­bi­otic yogurt brand and con­tains spe­cific strains and colony form­ing units (c.f.u.) for opti­mum intesti­nal health for each spe­cific age range.


“As we age, our bod­ies change.  Our intesti­nal flora is made up of dif­fer­ent strains that change from child­hood to adult­hood to seniors,” says Dr. Elvis.  “It’s impor­tant to use pro­bi­otics that are designed with a spe­cific age group in mind to ensure the most ben­e­fi­cial strains are included in the product.”





A Whole Lot of Pro­bi­otics in a Con­ve­nient Capsule

The sur­vey also revealed that 39% of all Cana­di­ans are not sure if they are get­ting enough pro­bi­otics in their diet and close to half of all Cana­di­ans (47%) do not con­sciously choose foods that con­tain probiotics.


“Our busy on-the-go lives some­times make it dif­fi­cult to find the time to con­sume foods that con­tain friendly bac­te­ria.  Almost 40% of Cana­di­ans are unsure if they get enough pro­bi­otics in their diet from eat­ing cer­tain foods and, as a result, may not be get­ting enough (pro­bi­otics) to help main­tain healthy intesti­nal flora.” says Dr. Elvis.  “Swiss Nat­ural Pro­bi­otic Age is a healthy and con­ve­nient way for Cana­di­ans to con­sume mul­ti­ple pro­bi­otic strains and the right num­ber of active cells to rebal­ance their intesti­nal tract.”


Swiss Nat­ural Probiotic Age is offered in Child, Adult and Adult 50+ and avail­able at all major retail­ers ($18.99 MSRP).  With no refrig­er­a­tion required, the easy-open cap­sules are ideal for those who have dif­fi­culty swal­low­ing pills and are blister-packed for fresh­ness and convenience.


Top Five Pro­bi­otic Foods to Add to Your Diet

In addi­tion to tak­ing a pro­bi­otic sup­ple­ment such as Swiss Nat­ural Probiotic Age, Cana­di­ans can also con­tribute to their well­ness by eat­ing good food sources of pro­bi­otics that are fer­mented, cur­dled or churned to guar­an­tee live deliv­ery to the gut:

  1. Yogurt – one of the best pro­bi­otic foods
  2. Dark Choco­late – a high-quality dark choco­late has 4x the amount of pro­bi­otics as many forms of dairy
  3. Sauer­kraut – Rich in healthy live cul­tures includ­ing Vit­a­mins B, A, E and C
  4. Miso Soup – A pro­bi­otic rich Japan­ese soup
  5. Pick­les – the com­mon green pickle is an excel­lent food source of probiotics





Sur­vey Says…

The sur­vey also revealed the fol­low­ing insights into Cana­di­ans’ point-of-view on probiotics:

  • Of those Cana­di­ans who have taken probiotics:
  • 52% say they take them to help main­tain over­all health
  • 54% say they take pro­bi­otics to help with digestion
  • 41% say they take them to help improve immune system


  • Res­i­dents of Saskatchewan and Man­i­toba are most unfa­mil­iar with the health ben­e­fits of pro­bi­otics (49%) com­pared to peo­ple in British Colum­bia at 39%


  • Only 49% of Cana­dian males are famil­iar with the health ben­e­fits of pro­bi­otics com­pared to females at 67%


  • Only 17% of peo­ple liv­ing in Atlantic Canada have taken pro­bi­otic sup­ple­ments com­pared to 23% of Ontar­i­ans and 30% of Albertans


  • 45% of Cana­di­ans aged 55+ are not sure if they get enough pro­bi­otics in their diet from eat­ing cer­tain foods and 13% know they do not





About Swiss Natural

Swiss Herbal Reme­dies Ltd. was estab­lished in 1965 and is Cana­dian owned and oper­ated. The com­pany began with nat­ural health food stores located in Toronto. After much suc­cess, the com­pany began import­ing, man­u­fac­tur­ing, whole­sal­ing and dis­trib­ut­ing nat­ural sup­ple­ments. Since then the com­pany has grown to include over 400 vit­a­mins, min­er­als and sup­ple­ments under the Swiss Nat­ural™ brand name. Today, Swiss Nat­ural™ employs over 140 peo­ple across the coun­try sup­ply­ing nat­ural health prod­ucts to retail part­ners and dis­trib­ut­ing many prod­ucts inter­na­tion­ally. Swiss Nat­ural™ pil­lar brands include, Nat­ural HRT®, Total One® Multi Vit­a­mins and Pro­bi­otic Age®. For more infor­ma­tion, visit



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