Feb. 07

Canadian Coupons ~ L’Oreal Canada Coupons from WebSaver.ca


L’Oreal Canada has 3 new free coupons. These coupons are pro­vided by Websaver.ca which like Save.ca mails you the coupons. These L’Oreal coupons actu­ally seem pretty good and as always the secret is to use them on the prod­uct which is already on sale in a weekly flyer 

Flyer sale price + Coupons = Huge savings

The L’Oreal Canada coupons are:

•Save $4.00 on any Excel­lence to-Go hair­colour prod­uct.
•Save $4.00 on any Skin Gen­e­sis skin­care mois­tur­izer.
•Save $2.00 on any Ever­Pure™ hair­care product.

Click here to get them now!



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