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Canadian Contest ~ Caramilk Canada Can You Keep a Secret?


Can you keep a secret? What if you were told that there was lots of money involved if you could? Say $250,000?? Would you be able to keep that secret safe? What about the Caramilk secret? This sum­mer 2010 you could be the lucky one who is the keeper of the Caramilk secret and win up to $250,000 of cool sweet cash!




The gist: Across Canada, 10 ran­dom bars of Caramilk choco­late con­tain a golden key. If you’re one of the 10 lucky choco­late lovers who stum­ble upon the key, you win an auto­matic trip to the Cad­bury Choco­late Fac­tory in Toronto to see if your key fits the vault’s lock! How­ever, only one key will actu­ally open the vault and unearth the Caramilk Secret. (It’s like a cross between Willy Wonka and the Choco­late Fac­tory and The Sword in the Stone!) If you’re the lucky pos­ses­sor of the key, you auto­mat­i­cally receive $125,000!



“Pro­fes­sor Robert Lloyd has been search­ing for the Caramilk* Secret ever since he was a child.
When he found out that there were keys hid­den across Canada, one of which would unlock the Caramilk* Secret, his hunt went in to over-drive. Upon dis­cov­er­ing that the keys were in fact inside Caramilk* bars, he refo­cused his hunt to stores across Canada.”

The catch: Along with the money, you will also be awarded the enve­lope con­tain­ing the Caramilk Secret. If you can resist temp­ta­tion, and return the enve­lope untouched and unopened after six months, you will receive an addi­tional $125,000! If you can’t, well, say good-bye to that extra money!

Cadbury is con­fi­dent that Cana­di­ans can keep a secret. The con­fec­tionery com­pany is giv­ing con­sumers the chance to guard the secret of how it gets the soft, flow­ing caramel inside its Caramilk bar, and the chance at $250,000 through its Key to the Secret Program.

To qual­ify, con­sumers need to find one of 10 golden keys that have been placed within Caramilk bars across the coun­try. Each key finder must call a des­ig­nated hot­line to report the key.

At the end of the con­test (Aug. 22), each of the 10 key find­ers will get a chance to unlock the Caramilk Vault at the Cad­bury Choco­late Fac­tory in Toronto.

The per­son with the work­ing key becomes the “Pro­tec­tor of the Secret” for six months and will be given $125,000 along with an enve­lope that con­tains the mys­te­ri­ous method.

At the end of the six months the win­ner will be given an addi­tional $125,000 if the enve­lope is still “unharmed, untouched, unopened,” said Laura Hen­der­son, asso­ciate brand man­ager, Caramilk

“We don’t think any­one will let down a nation of Caramilk lovers,” added Stephanie Minna Cass man­ager, cor­po­rate com­mu­ni­ca­tion Canada for Cadbury.

Cad­bury will place a key on a bill­board at Yonge-Dundas Square in Toronto, and on a mural in Mon­treal to rep­re­sent each golden key that has been found. It will also make the announce­ments in Metro, on Face­book, Twit­ter, the con­test microsite and through PR.

While the con­test opened yes­ter­day, a teaser cam­paign first launched last month on Twit­ter and Face­book to chal­lenge Cana­di­ans to guess what the Caramilk Secret is all about, said Henderson.

The pro­mo­tion was hid­den behind a “vir­tual cur­tain” that opened bit by bit, and then on May 31 revealed the Caramilk Key to the Secret promotion.

The Hive devel­oped the cre­ative and pro­mo­tion, Cos­sette han­dled the media buy, Rocket XL cre­ated the social media ele­ments, and Strate­gic Objec­tives man­aged media and blog­ger relations.

Cad­bury has guarded the secret for over 40 years, but last year decided to “explain” how it gets the caramel into its Canadian-born choco­late bar.



Fol­low this sweet con­test on the Caramilk web­site, their Face­book page and Twit­ter.



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  1. V
    July 13th, 2010 at 8:43 pm

    Is it a solid key? Or is it printed on paper? How big is it? If you Break the bar can you tell if there is one inside? :D

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    August 4th, 2010 at 5:31 pm


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  5. nathan basal
    December 2nd, 2010 at 9:31 pm

    i really want to win