Nov. 27

Airmiles Canada ~ 5 Tips To Redeeming Your Airmiles by our Guest, Jeff!



A big thank you to our Cool­Canucks guest Jeff for shar­ing this!

5 Tips To Redeem­ing Your Air­miles 

This is a guest post by Jeff from Best Air Mile Deals  Fol­low his web­site to find more ways to col­lect and redeem your air­miles.   


Over 10 Mil­lions peo­ple col­lect air­miles through­out Canada.  In fact, this year alone Cana­di­ans have redeemed up to 8 mil­lion air­miles!  That’s a lot of airmiles!  


How­ever, many peo­ple only know about col­lect­ing air­miles and not redeem­ing them.  Here are five tips to help with your air­miles redemption.  


1) You can redeem your air­miles online at for any of the mer­chan­dise or gift-cards here.  How­ever, for flights you must call air­miles directly (1–888-AIRMILES). 


2) Redeem­ing your air­miles for flights is not always the best option.  Often a flight will be on sale and you’ll actu­ally be spend­ing more by redeem­ing your points rather than pay­ing for it yourself.  


3) If you plan to travel dur­ing the busy sea­son travel sea­son book early!  Air­miles  will only let a cer­tain num­ber of peo­ple redeem for each flight.  Book Early!!!  


4) Air­miles has weekly redemp­tion spe­cials where they put flights, mer­chan­dise and gift­cards on sale.  All these can be seen on the web­site. 


5) When redeem­ing your air­miles you can ‘top’ up your aim­i­les at a rate of $0.30.  (note: I only rec­om­mend this if you want to redeem right away, oth­er­wise you’re bet­ter off just earn­ing the points) 


6) You can redeem your air­miles for char­i­ties. 170 airmiles = $20 dona­tion and you get a tax receipt for your dona­tion.  


Hope­fully those 6 tips (I know I said 5 but the last one is for char­i­ties) helped you redeem your air­miles eas­ier.  Also, since Cool­canucks is a free­bie, con­test and coupons web­site we’ll give a free­bie and a con­test! 


Free­bie = Get 100 air­miles just by sign­ing up for the Safe­way weekly email.   Any­one can do this regard­less if you have a safe­way in your area.   Get these here.


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About the Author:  Jeff is an avid col­lec­tor and shar­ing his air­miles knowl­edge so more peo­ple can travel for free!



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